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I make mistakes. I’m human.
But what really gets to me are the jerks that correct me in the comment section in a real snarky manner.
They like the attention. They like to be a show off. They like to embarrass me.
If I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I do my best to correct the error. I get corrections and as long as they are courteous, I have no problem with them. I welcome them.
I pump out a lot of reviews. Mistakes are bound to occur.

So this Carlos A. comments and is just the type I described above. I write him an email telling him it ain’t cool to do this to me in public. My email is available and out of courtesy a cool guy would let me know I screwed up. But no, this guy had to do it so he could feel important.

This is word for word what I wrote to him:
“Do me a favor and don’t correct me in public and embarrass me like that. My email address is on the home page and you could have told me privately that I fucked up.
Just not cool.”

This is what Carlos replied with..a threat:
“Ok. Do me a favor and do you’re homework before putting up a review. It’s you’re job to give accurate information to your readers and its also your job to refrain from using foul language when addressing one of your readers via e-mail. Is a matter a fact, I am actively involved in the cigar community and I will not tell you in what fashion or for who but I will make sure to post your your offensive e-mail on cigar blogs and also show it to other manufacturers who are BOTL.”
(The foul language he is referring to is me saying I fucked up.)

I wrote him back and told him I’ve had better and more powerful people try to take me down with their threats.
Carlos replied:
“Can you introduce me to your daughter? I’d love for you to be my father in law so you can give all your misguided information. Instead of sending harsh e mails worry about getting insurance for your wife you low life. If you were successful in your earlier life your wife would b in good hands right now. Stop spending money on cigars you cant afford and help your wife… low life.”

I get this shit from people that need to feel good about themselves by putting others down.
Low self esteem. Protection Status


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  1. fuck… you gotta love the internet.

    BTW, thanks for the stickers. I’ve shared them (and your web address) with a few of my smoking buddies.

    Keep up the good work! Mike

    • Your welcome, Mike.
      Yeah, this guy has me worried, man. If he bad mouths me, all my followers will leave. No one will read me. And the online stores won’t allow me to buy cigars.
      But don’t you think that bringing my daughter and wife into the brouhaha is a little much? Who does that?

  2. There will always be trolls on the internet. Perhaps if we put Carlos’ life under a microscope, we too could find ways to tear him apart but we aren’t that kind of hideous, are we? Stay strong my man and know you are appreciated by ten times as many that want to destroy you.

  3. It is a truism when it is said that anything you tell someone will at some point be used against you. So the little snippets of my life I apply to my reviews is fodder for people like Carlos. (His real name, it turns out, is Eric A.)
    He doesn’t know me.
    He is either young and immature with no life experience and no understanding of what life can throw at you any time during the journey.
    Or he is a crazy old coot.
    Either way he is an abhorrence.
    I’m worried I’ve gone too far with this because he continues to email me and he may be mentally unbalanced. Unlike the rest of us who are just fine. LOL.

    • Clearly, Eric A. is a wacko.
      I’m really surprised that something like this hasn’t happened sooner.
      So, having given this serious thought, I will end revealing certain personal aspects of my life to my readers.
      For him to single out my daughter, my wife, and my lifestyle is off limits for everyone that is decent and good.
      Just makes good sense.
      Of course, the rock n roll stories will continue. LOL!

  4. Phil, you give douchbags like Carlos the cross dressing child molester to much credit. Maybe that loser should point out your mistakes on his cigar review website, oh that’s right he doesn’t have one so I guess he should shut his dick holster. And Carlos if you’d like I’ll give you my address so you can run your mouth to my face about my daughter and see if I don’t crush your fucking eye socket, boy! But you won’t you’ll just hold up in your moms basement beating off to gay porn and insulting people from your keyboard.
    Just sayin

    • I wish I said that. LOL
      I was too easy on him when he brought my daughter and wife into it.
      But no worries, this lizard brain is reading every comment and shitting his pants.

  5. I love Shawn’s comment. The only low life here is this Eric A. he’s the total ass hole! If you find him, ship to good old NYC, there some good old boys that would love to meet him. No body FUCKS WITH FAMILY HERE !

  6. Uncle Katman,

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to each post. Just delete the fool. Bringing your wife and daughter into it shows he’s a wacko and a weak soul. Hope he chokes tonight.

  7. Hi Katman,
    You and your review blog must have led a charmed life so far. I’ve had death threats for suggesting people take their sick dog to the vet. Have you considered contacting some other reviewers and putting together a community blog of cigar review trolls? I’m sure it would be a massive hit, with Carlos as a permanent fixture on the first page.

    • That is a great idea except for the other reviewers dislike me intensely. I am an outcast.
      But still a good idea.
      Death threats for suggesting taking a dog to the vet? Yikes!

      • “other reviewers dislike me intensely. I am an outcast.”

        Must be because you have led an interesting and fascinating life outside of the cigar world.

        • Matt,
          I am not forced into a corner like the A List reviewers with sponsors up the wazoo. So I can speak freely, tell the truth about a cigar, and not worry about angering a sponsor. I have a few good sponsors, don’t get me wrong. But these are good dudes who enjoy what I do and don’t pass judgment.
          And the other reviewers, most of them anyway, don’t feel I am very professional.
          But thank you, Matt for the kind words.

  8. Patrick,
    Your last sentence made my heart glow. It’s good to finally realize that you are the king. And fuck everything else.
    We are not on the planet for a long time; we are on the planet for a good time.
    So why not enjoy being who you are. No one else is going to do it for you.
    Big smile!

  9. Therein lies one of the biggest fallacies of the internet. It allows trolls cowering in their mother’s basements open forums to proudly display and declare their endless mental deficiency.
    People that know me, know I have no shame, but I still need to turn off my decency meter to post as follows…
    Hey Carlos, I believe the only mistake that needs to be soundly called out was allowing your sister/mother and brother/father to participate in the breeding cycle that produced you!
    Could you not find a tire patch kit or was your air compressor broken and therefore you were not able to prep your “date” that night?
    Did you run out of cold beer and warm hand lotion before the clock ran out on your prerequisite time spying grandma in the shower
    You want to bring family members of people you do not know or have ever met into discussions on a civil blog,do you.
    How’s that ya effin douche?!
    PS. Unlike you I don’t need to hide behind a false name.

  10. You all leave Carlos alone. As the comments noted, it’s got to be hard living in a parents basement with no one but a blow-up girlfriend to talk to. Furthermore, he is a prime example of what happens to the mind after smoking too many cheap Gurkha bundles. I was put on suicide watch before discovering Katman’s list of excellent cigars in the $5-$6 range. Rabbi K, YOU’RE SAVING LIVES!

    • Oh how I look forward to your comments, Yo. You’re so much smarter than I. You should be doing this review thing.
      I have an idea. Why don’t you review a cigar and I will post it. Great idea, huh?