Boneshaker Full Body Cast | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 56 Belicoso
Strength: Full
Price: $3.70



Today we take a look at the Boneshaker Full Body Cast from JR Cigars.

From the JR Cigar web site:
“Boneshaker Full Body Cast is a beast of a cigar made to appeal to ultra-full bodied smokers. The blend features an Ecuadorian wrapper, a thick Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and perfectly aged filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. Although strong, Body Cast is refined, well balanced, and loaded with hearty notes of black pepper, chocolate, and plenty of spice. This seriously powerful follow up to the original full flavored Boneshaker blend will take your palate to a completely new level of intensity without hardly putting a dent in your wallet.”

4.5 x 60 $3.25
6 x 54 $3.75
5 x 56 $3.50
6 x 60 $4.00

This stick looks like it was dunked in 10-40. A beautiful chocolate/coffee bean wrapper…very smooth to the touch.
Seams are not visible. A few veins but nicely constructed. The belicoso tip is damn near flawless.
The one squirrely note, that may cause trouble down the line, is that the cigar is hard as a rock.

From the shaft, I can smell notes of chocolate, pepper, green veggies, espresso, dried fruit, cedar, and walnut honey.

From the clipped cap and the foot, I can smell chocolate, cream, red pepper, coffee, dried fruit, cedar, sweetness, raspberry jelly.

The cold draw presents flavors of chocolate rings with raspberry jelly inside, red pepper, cream, cinnamon, cedar, coffee, charred wood, and a slight touch of anise.

The draw surprises me by its fluid movement from foot to cap.

Out of the gate, come flavors of Cream, chocolate, malts, red pepper, dried fruit, sweetness, cedar, cinnamon, coffee ice cream, and salted pretzel.

This $4 cigar is beginning to impress. Now the test of consistency begins….

There is a bit of Chinese in the flavor profile: cumin, cardamom, and clove. And the red pepper becomes chili paste

Construction is on point. The char line forges on without needed corrections.

Strength starts out at medium but quickly aspires to medium/full within minutes.

Transitions of flavors being as well. Complexity is noticed and the overall interpretation of this blend is one of being a more expensive cigar.


A variety of citrus elements are presented: lemon, grapefruit, and tangerine.

The first third makes a too quick appearance and dissipates into the second third in short course due to the the pointy cap removal.

Smoke time is 15 minutes.

Strength hits full like a sledge hammer.

Complexity continues its journey. Transitions flow like hot lava. The finish becomes very long and zesty.
Creaminess, chocolate, malts, coffee and spiciness rule the pathway dropping no breadcrumbs so as to be followed.

The zesty amounts of citrus move to the forefront along with spicy cinnamon.
Sweet fruits such as dried fruit, black cherry, and pear give the flavor profile a kick in the pants.
Vanilla and graham cracker enter for the first time.


Like a combination of punches, strength hits full++ and my head rotates 360°.

I received a JR catalog and saw how many house blends they promote. I’ve reviewed a few and each inexpensive cigar was damn fine. I don’t think JR gets enough credit for this. The mystery cigars, and house blends, and seconds on other online stores don’t have the panache of the JR house blends I’ve reviewed.
I have another JR special waiting in the wings: 601 Gold. Can’t wait as 601 is one of my very favorite brands.

The only 601 that went to shit was during the Espinosa/Ortega breakup a few years ago; it was the La Bomba. They changed the bitch’s brew and it never tasted the same; nor did it have the strength it promised.

Not paying attention, I allow the Boneshaker Full Body Cast to go out on me. Relighting it brings a flush of flavors that elevate the blend to a new status. It has sought out, and found, its sweet spot.
Complexity is in full swing with marvelous transitions.

If I hadn’t known the cost and derivation of this blend, I’d have guessed it was a $10 boutique blend.
Flavors are extremely potent. The red pepper makes surprise, unwitting attacks. Sweetness adds a creamy chocolate mousse element that drips decadent.

The strength of the Boneshaker Full Body Cast is kicking my ass now. The influence of nicotine has begun.
Halfway point. Smoke time is 35 minutes.


I gotta be honest…I fully expected a numbingly blah yard ‘gar. It is the farthest thing from the truth. This is a bona fide excellent cigar.
Transitions come fast and furious.

This is how I like my cigars…it starts off with great promise and then builds, layer upon layer, of impressive flavors.

Creaminess seems to be the leading edge of the blend…but right behind is red pepper, chocolate, malts, coffee, sweet things, citrus, spices, cinnamon, and a bevy of fruitiness.

Construction has been excellent with only a couple minor touch ups to the char line.

In the 2-3/4” I’ve smoked, the ash has only disengaged once with the existing ash hanging on to the foot like a drowning rat.

I am astonished at the level of quality that the Boneshaker Full Body Cast brings to the table. I will need more of these. There is just a plain Boneshaker that is only a few cents more expensive. I intend on trying that.

I’m smoking the cigar with only a month’s humidor time. It doesn’t need additional time. But note of warning…I smoked one a week in and it was nondescript in its approach; so be patient.

As strong as the blend is…it is one smooth baby. The nicotine hasn’t grown in its assault.
Each and every puff decimates my palate with overwhelming clarity of character.

I ain’t shitting you. You need to buy these sticks. I can’t think of another cigar, in this price category, that will give you this much gratification.
JR Cigar sells these in 5 packs for a bit over $20.

Smoke time is 50 minutes.

I’m having a great time.
Sweet Spot 2.0. The Boneshaker Full Body Cast is making mincemeat of my palate.

The full strength of the blend can only be tackled by experienced smokers. It will lay a long line of dead newbies in its path.
The finish is incredible. It goes on for miles and miles.

I can count on one hand the $15 sticks that mimic the quality of this $4 stick.
I’ve adorned my crash helmet as nicotine begins to blind me. But the huge pallet of flavors keeps me going and…damn the torpedoes.


The Boneshaker Full Body Cast is one of the most delicious blends I’ve tasted in a while.

Here are the malts: Chocolate Rye malt, Coffee malt, Honey malt, and Special B malt. (See malt chart).

Unequivocally, a real flavor bomb. Big boastful elements in conjunction with great depth of character, subtlety, and nuance.

This is a prime example of what I rant about all the time…You don’t need a leaf portfolio of 13 exotic tobaccos to make a great blend. And you don’t have to charge a ridiculous price to get there.

I will definitely take a look at other JR blends. One thing I’ve noticed is that reviewers tend to ignore the inexpensive house blends. So, smokers have no frame of reference except the customer reviews on every online store’s cigar page.

We reviewers do a disservice to our readers by being snobs.

The power of the blend is like a backpack nuclear weapon. I inject Narcan directly into my iris to keep me from face planting on my keyboard.
I follow this up with a shot of adrenaline.

I seem to have returned from the zombie phase of this blend. My dead relatives have left the room.

Remember the warning written on the 601 La Bomba box? It warns you that this is an extremely strong cigar so beware. The La Bomba has nothing on the Boneshaker Full Body Cast. This is a blend for smokers not afraid of dying.

This blend took me by total surprise. It cold cocked me when I wasn’t paying attention.

Not a single flavor has dissipated. It has been a delightful cigar experience.

As I near the end of the Boneshaker Full Body Cast from JR Cigar there isn’t a hint of harshness, heat, or bitterness.

Try them. You’ll thank your Uncle Katman.
Final smoke time is one hour 20 minutes.

RATING: 92 Protection Status


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8 replies

  1. First if all, congratulations on your recent Anniversary, and Happy belated birthday Uncle Katman..hopefully you had your fair share of partying! Lol

    As for the Boneshaker, I was reluctant to try since there is another cigar that sounds similar.. “Skullcrusher.” As for the former, I never gave it a second thought as it is a house blend. I trust your judgement and palate on this..I don’t want to impress anyone with a cigar band..just my palate. Now on to the JR website..
    Michael F.

  2. So glad you found a great cigar at an unbeatable price. There is a G-d, Cousin Kat!

  3. Impressive review! Wow, I could never have thought of all the flavors you described, yet it all makes sense as I read while smoking one myself. I’m happy that you enjoyed it, sir! If only the post office hadn’t messed up the other package, you’d have a couple more blends to try. I’ll have to look into getting new stuff soon.

  4. Just finishing up a warped cigar that was the tastiest cigar I’ve had this yesr. It came as a 6 pack on sale at small batch. A Robusto. ..not sure what it’s called. ..I’ll have to research.
    Now I’ve got a unique way of finishing great cigars which sounds whacked but works excellently.
    I pull out my everyday folding carry and insert the tip into the last 1 1/2 or so . This allows excellent draw and the ability to correct the burn line and gives a great handle as well. Try it.

  5. I call bullshit. I’ve had a couple of the regular boneshakers and they tasted like campfire ashes and burnt coffee and dry, dead dirt and it was one of these worst things I’ve ever smoked. You telling me that they somehow managed to come up with something that’s actually smokable? I’m very skeptical. And not because it’s a JR stick. I smoke JR alternatives, and enjoy them.

    Happy birthday and anniversary!

  6. I can’t agree with you more on 601. I looove the red, blue, and haven’t tried green nor the gold, but the la bomba. i bought one 2 years ago and it was good, and i restocked and has not been the same. but i can’t believe you actually wrote it out here. Once again, %99 of what i read on your reviews tend to match what i have tried and liked and not liked… there are some off ones but for the most part, the ones that i bought that you seem to like, so do i… wish u good health Mr. Katman!

  7. Split a box of these with a friend based on your review. We both smoked one after dry boxing, they were blah and one dimensional, still good though. Just smoked one last night after 6 weeks of humidor time. Holy crap! Probably the biggest difference I have seen in any cigar I have aged. Really good smoke. Thanks!

  8. Hi Chris,
    I experienced the same thing because now and then a new cigar will come close to the blender’s intent on the 2nd and 3rd day you have it. And then it goes into hibernation for however long it needs. And then a month or two later, the Boneshaker blossomed. Nice surprise for an inexpensive house cigar.

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