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  1. I do not have your level of sophistication when decerning the elements of a cigars taste however I find my elementary taste follow closely your evaluation. Bought a box of Boneshaker full body cast and do enjoy them. I have cigars in my humidor twice the price and half the quality. One observation. I don’t like color added to my scotch, whiskey or cigars. Whatever they felt compelled to put in these comes off on my fingers lips and teeth. What the hell? It’s a very good cigar but damn!

    • It’s a sad fact, John, that it is not uncommon for tobacco to get a dye applied to the wrapper. I didn’t notice it on either of my sticks…so lucky you…I’m sure paint thinner will remove it. Or cheap scotch.

      I found a good article on coloration of Maduro wrappers on the JR Cigars’ The Blending Room page:
      “Now it is time to introduce two other methods implemented to create Maduro wrappers. The first is “cooking,” which more accurately described is actually steaming. In this process, the leaves are placed within a steam chamber for a period of 60-120 minutes and steamed at 180+ degrees Fahrenheit.

      The result is a very dark wrapper that is very consistent in color. Some hold in contempt this method, but actually this is the method that is most commonly used to create the wrappers used on most of the milder Maduro cigars. Although this is a much simpler and shorter process, the maker has to be vigilant, as it is possible to overcook the leaf resulting in a dull, flat-tasting wrapper with a silvery, gray appearance. The other alternative method is dying the leaves the desired dark brown color. This is done in a variety of ways – from sluices, vats, to even a machine that is snidely referred to as the “Madu-O-Matic” by those in the trade. This machine can “create” Maduro wrappers at a blazing pace and, typically, makers will add sugar to the molasses-like dye to sweeten the flavor of the leaf. This process is considered “cheating” by many in the industry, and is held in low regard by many traditional tobacco men. As a consumer, it is easy to detect whether your Maduro cigar is a faux, because most dyed Maduro cigars will actually leave a slight brown stain right on lip of the smoker.”

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