Taken to the Mat | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

FLU…almost two weeks.
I’ll be back…



13 replies

  1. Get well uncle phil!

  2. Have a Laranja, the orange will cure you.

    Hope you feel better,



  3. Hope you get better soon Phil

  4. Sending prayers your way Grandpa Kat! Get well soon! From the hippie..

  5. Sending my best. Get well my brother

  6. Be well soon Katman.

  7. Your reviews are spot on and side stories super enjoyable. I always see if you have a review of a stick I’m about to burn. Get well.

  8. Stopped for the first time at Havana .
    Great reception and they let me look through my list of cigars to buy without coming in 4x to check on me .

    Came back again 3 days later .

    Like the Small Batch recommendation , spot on .

    Get well quick

    Mark from West Bend

  9. Hope your feeling better Phil. Stay warm. 😎

  10. That’s good to hear Phil, I was a little worried for ya. Eat some chicken soup and try to stay warm!


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