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First, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. This unit ain’t cheap. I know that. I’ve had the humidor for a month now and have sent the specs and web site link to a bunch of friends for their opinions.
I can summarize the reaction…”Cool, but $550? I bought a wineador for $35 and bought my own cedar shelves and drawers and what do you think about that?” I think that’s cool; especially if you are on a budget and your project meets all of your cigar demands.

Second, it isn’t exactly $550 as I have been provided a 20% discount code bringing the price down to $440: 20PKOHN
The NewAir 400 Count Cigar Humidor, Climate Controlled with Opti-Temp is for those that don’t worry about price. Plain and simple. It is a very attractive piece of furniture. We have mine in our living room and my wife likes it.

If you are like me, you have a bunch of multi-count humidors all over the place…constantly going from one to the other to maintain humidity. Or you have a Tupperdor or Coolador. These are all cost efficient methods for storing your cigars.

But I’ve also heard from friends who said they would like to have one of these babies.

As you can see in the spec chart, it’s a heavy beast at 45lbs. So, it won’t be sliding around. It sits on four very sturdy rubber feet.

The 400-count unit is the first to offer not only cooling but heating as well. The range is 54 degrees to 74 degrees. The buttons on the top of the door allow you to regulate the thermostat. Plus, the third button turns on the little blue light at the top of the humidor.

Cigar smokers have never been shy about loving pretty things. This is one of those indulgences.

The best part is I’ve been able to monitor the humidor for an entire month and have found it super reliable. It maintains perfect humidity throughout the unit. The rubber gaskets are super big and do a great job of sealing the interior. Should they ever disintegrate into dust in the future, all replaceable.

There is another feature I really like…it is a removable plug at the rear of the bottom of the humidor. Should you feel there is too much humidity in the unit, you can pop it open leaving an open air vent, around the size of a nickel, to help disperse excess humidity.

Now you ask, why doesn’t it include a humidifier and hygrometer?
The company doesn’t say but I’m glad they did not offer up those accessories. Every smoker has their preferred method of keeping their cigars humidified.

I thought that an electronic $100 humidifier might be effective but the problem is that there is a fan on top of the humidifier. If you put it on the bottom of the humidor, the first drawer is going to get most of the pushed air making them too moist. Put it on the top shelf and the air doesn’t distribute evenly.

Then there are the Boveda packets. Depending on where you live, it might be the right method for you. Here in Wisconsin, I’ve found I’ve had to use twice the amount as proscribed by the manufacturer and they ain’t cheap.
I like beads. So, I took the included clear plastic tub attached in the bottom drawer to use as my main source of seasoning the unit. I filled it with beads and distilled water. Plus, I took some additional containers, added beads, and placed them on each shelf. It took less than 3 days to accomplish the task.

Early versions of the humidor used an analog hygrometer attached to the bottom drawer. As we all know, analog is bad. Digital is good. I like Zederkoff hygrometers. I’ve always placed two of each in all my humidors for checks and balance. As you can see in the photo, they are in perfect dead nuts agreement. Same goes for the temp.
If you are going to add your own choice of humidification, you might as well choose what you like rather than be charged for something you may not use.

Humidors are not spur of the moment purchases. Cigars? Of course. Ask your wife.

The NewAir CC-300H is one of those things you buy because you want to move on up like the Jeffersons. I was able to put away and store my old humidors and fit my cigar collection, in total, in the new humidor.

The count may be off a bit as is all humidors. You can get 400 cigars in it if they are all coronas. But I have been able to get 250 in mine but I ran out of cigars so I know that there is still plenty of room for more.
The shelves and drawers are all Spanish cedar.
Which brings me to something important…I saw one review and the guy used a damp cloth to wipe down the cedar to season it.
If you do, you can ruin the cedar by allowing it to bloat and forever ruining it from absorbing properly. Use the provided container with distilled water or Propylene Glycol.
I prefer distilled water.

A lot of guys use the shelves to store boxes. I never have enough cigars that I can afford to store boxes…just singles. But the humidor is plenty deep enough to store a lot of cigar boxes.

This brought an issue up that required some creative engineering to fix it. If you put singles on the drawers, and you pile them…pull the shelf out and watch what happens.
They start rolling off the sides. So, I went on to Amazon and bought a 12 pack of 3/4” x ¾” x 5” long Spanish cedar blocks. I bought some clip ties as well. I created a stop gap on the sides in less than 10 minutes and it cost me $15 for the blocks and clips. Easy peasy.

I am happily surprised when I saw that the unit only uses 1 amp to run. If you are like me, you have all your wall plugs full of power strips and always afraid that one more electronic device might cause a flip of the breaker. Not with only 1 amp to bear. I like that.

No one expects you to run out and buy this humidor. But it is certainly something to aspire to.

The unit comes with two keys as there is a lock at the bottom of the door. You can keep those wascally wabbits away from your stash.

I like that the shelves and drawers can be put into any configuration you choose. Plenty of slots in the humidor to make those adjustments.

I know you count on me to be dead nuts honest about what I review. Here is what I will tell you. I love the humidor. Customer service is top notch. These folks respond immediately to any queries you might have. To me, this is of the utmost importance.

The NewAir 400 Count Cigar Humidor, Climate Controlled with Opti-Temp is a solid purchase. I know there are lots of smokers who have been ingenious by constructing their own versions of massive humidors…but for smokers, like me who don’t want to start a construction project, this humidor comes ready to use without any requirements of you other than to enjoy.

Lastly, I truly like the heating element that other electronic humidors don’t possess. We leave living room windows open at night. I adjust the thermostat and the inside of the humidor is comfy and warm.
You can use this promo code for a 20% discount: 20PKOHN.

Trust me, if you have the dough, this humidor will become a welcome addition to your cigar experience.

4-26-2019 Addendum: Sometime between the publishing of this review yesterday afternoon, and this morning, NewAir reduced the price from $600 to $550. It is reflected in the revised pricing I quoted at the start of the review.

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  1. Got a hard on from staring at your sexy set up. Nice!

  2. Congrats on the new Humidor! I’ve been thinking about buying one but naturally i research myself into a corner and get frustrated with all the info. I like the “dead-nuts” honesty about the experience. It helped me out alot with my decision.

    • Mazel Tov, Cousin Phil! I bought my NewAir 400 before they included the drawers and trays, and it was a challenge to get those from a third party.

      I’ve had some (painfully expensive) issues getting the humidity locked in too. I use HCM beads, and they would always run in the low 60s — sometimes below that. I followed the manufacturer’s suggestion and put a sponge with a little distilled water In the unit for an hour or so. That seemed to regulate the humidity.

      Then I left for a week, and when I returned much to my horror the humidity had spiked into the 70s, ruining quite a few cigars near the bottom where I kept the bead canisters. Fortunately I managed to get the humidity down to a consistent level.

      My problem with this unit has been getting the right humidification product. The electronics themselves perform flawlessly. During the cold winter months, I don’t have to turn on the temperature regulator. But in the summer I set it at 65 degrees and it works great and has eliminated the anxiety I used to feel that all of my cigars would cook like tobacco weiners in the hot summer weather.

      So glad you got this unit and it’s keeping your cigars in perfect condition!

  3. Great review, Katman. I especially appreciate you tackling the price aspect of this up front. As one of the cheap wineador set, I would put the following out there:

    This looks to be a great unit that is very attractive and seems to perform to its price point and arguably beyond it. Additionally, if you have thousands of dollars of cigars on hand, then it is easy to cost justify a storage investment of a few hundred bucks. Of course, your mileage may vary. In my case, I tend to opt for bang for the buck solutions (I love a deal. Plus I’ve got two kids in college) so for me a $125 New Air wine fridge (bought as a “scratch and dent” and no heating option) and some Boveda packs or kitty litter for humidification allows me to enjoy cigars, have other hobbies, and still live indoors.

    I love your site and your reviews for the unvarnished take on whether a cigar is worth the money or not. That gives the price conscious cigar lover the opportunity to try some different smokes without either breaking the bank or simply shooting in the dark. In the last week or so, I was able to pick up about half a dozen different smokes that you had reviewed rating them between 93 and 100 at less than $5 a piece. That’s a deal in my book.

    Keep up the good work, Katman.


  4. Morning Katman! I have the old version Newair, with the analog hygro, of course I ignore it. Like you, I have lots of single cigars. I love that idea of getting cedar blocks to keep the stogies in place when you pull the drawers out. Up until now, I had been using a cigar box on each side to avoid

    Thank you!

  5. Very cool!

  6. Who made the blue banded cigars?

  7. Just when I thought I could stop spending money on cool stuff you had to introduce another cool thing.
    I gotta have it. The practicality of it makes complete sense. I’ll be ordering up one next week.
    The company must love you because this review probably caused a spike in sales. Like how many do they normally sell in a week? If it becomes anything like the perfect draw cigar tool plugging you did sales will become better than ever.
    I think you should show the unit every time you pull out a review cigar…for a few months. Pretty soon they’ll be giving you a 2nd one for free. Win win for everyone.

  8. Phil, I too have that exact same unit. I love it ! The consistency the unit provides allows for optimum conditions for long periods. Matures sticks quicker in my opinion.

    I enjoy a few Cuban brand cigars, I find almost every purchase of the Cubans requires longer term aging. The perfect conditions offered seems to speed up the process. I started off with Whynter brand 200 cigar unit. I find the New Air to be of better quality.

    I can confirm the door seal on the New Air is much higher quality. Another terrific review, Katman !

    Be well,
    Mark .

  9. I have the Whynter 251 and love it….in fact I got two of them….best investment for this hobby.