Cigar Dojo Names Casdagli Cigar Blend #2 Best Hidden Gem of 2019 IPCPR | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Cigar Dojo, one of my favorite cigar web sites, posted the best 11 Hidden Gems of the 2019 IPCPR convention. They named the Daughters of the Wind Lancero as their #2 choice overall.

The following is directly from the Cigar Dojo web site:

“The 2019 IPCPR trade show has now come and gone, leaving smokers with some partially answered questions (the IPCPR is dead, long live the PCA), enough new cigars to stay preoccupied—at least for another month or two, and perhaps a new cigar-related box to check off looking into the 2020 smoking season (yes, consumers will be invited to one magical day of the trade show next year). It’s a bit of a mess, but that might just be where this wonderful industry thrives…
We’ve already detailed 11 of the most buzz-worthy cigars from the show, but now it’s time to delve in a little further and discover some of the deep cuts (because, if my album collection is any indicator, that’s often where the juiciest tracks lie). Personally visiting nearly every booth at IPCPR 2019, we’ve gone back and listed our picks for the top nine hidden gem cigars to add to your rotation moving forward.”

From Casdagli Cigars Instagram post…Jeremy Casdagli on the left.

“One of the hottest names in boutique circles as of late is Bespoke Cigars. This is no longer the case—not due to a change in consumer outlook, but instead a change in nomenclature—as the company is now known as Casdagli Cigars. The company has made a name for itself by partnering with leading talents in the industry, such as Hendrik Kelner Jr. (Kelner Boutique Factory, Dominican Republic) and Don Olman Guzman (Tabacos de Costa Rica factory, Costa Rica), showcasing rare and diverse tobacco blends, often aimed to emulate Cuban-made bespoke cigars. Casdagli’s latest entry is Daughters of the Wind Lancero, a custom-tailored 7½” x 39 lancero that has been tweaked from the brand’s existing DOTW line to best suit company owner, Jeremy Casdagli’s personal preferences. Produced in Costa Rica, the cigars make use of an atypical range of tobaccos, including Dominican Caramelo and Peruvian Pinar throughout the filler, a Costa Rican binder, and a new Costa Rican wrapper ingredient (replacing the Ecuadorian leaf seen on prior DOTW cigars). The cigars are built for finesse, showing a complex and nuanced experience designed for the sharp palate.”

I’ve been giving Bespoke Cigars stellar ratings (13 cigar reviews) for the last 3-1/2 years because they deserve high praise for putting out some of the best cigars on the planet. They ain’t cheap but they aren’t outrageous either. These are absolutely fantastic blends. A real treat you should indulge in.

Jeremy lives in Estonia and is a beloved cigar maker as some of the most important people, including royalty, in the world beg him to develop blends especially for them. And he has been a good and loyal friend to me. He is such a down to earth guy that I wish everyone could know him like I do. A real mensch. Read my reviews. And then go to the Bespoke Cigars web site to see where you can purchase them. Or, you can go to Small Batch Cigar and take your pick. Use the promo code: Katman to get a 10% discount on your purchase.:


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  1. I Love what Jeremy is blending, and the names are just trend -blazing ..KEEP IT UP !!

  2. Because I dig their cigars so much, I paid tribute to them in my upcoming novel, A Cloud Over Southampton. Here is a short excerpt:
    When Don turned, Robert lowered a tray with a glass of Bill’s 65 year old Scotch, neat, paired with a Casdagli Basilica C #1 cigar and a torch lighter. “It has already been cut for you, Sir.”

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