The Flu Has Passed | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

April 2, 2020
After 12 days, I’m seriously on the mend.
I plan on my reviewing my first cigar, in two weeks, tomorrow Friday April 3.
My daughter, Katie, is very protective of her folks and is looking out for me to make sure that everyone stays 6 feet away from me:

March 23, 2020:
Woke up in the middle of the night with the flesh eating zombie symptoms.
I do not see smoking a cigar in the near future.
I might write tomes of severe ridiculousness if I’m up to it.
Stay tuned…
Stay well everyone. Be vigilant and patient.
Love you all,


24 replies

  1. Damn Phil! Get better soon brother!!

    • Get better soon phill…
      Groeten uit Amsterdam.

      • Hi James,
        I’m still under the weather. I don’t know what kind of virus I have as my temp is too low to be able to be tested. Not enough tests.
        Mostly, I feel like a 200lb turd with flecks of corn and peanuts.
        I start to feel better and then the next day, I feel like shit.
        I tried smoking a cigar a couple days ago and my palate is on the fritz as the stick tasted funny. Food tastes funny as well.
        It will pass. I just need to keep hunkering down and hope for the best.
        Thanks for asking…

        • Based on this chart, I am positive I only have seasonal flu. Still hanging on like a remora fish…hope it ends soon.
          Virus Chart

        • hi phil. fyi, loss of taste and smell is a marker for covid. you should be able to get the test if you tell that to your dr. either way, get better soon! – mark

          • Hey Mark,
            Wisconsin is drastically under prepared with a lack of tests available. I tried to get tested a week ago, and since I only had a low grade temp; they wouldn’t test me. I needed to have a temp of at least 102 and I did not.
            Regardless, I’m pretty sure I don’t have it; and if I did, it was mild. I’m getting better every day.
            I’m going to smoke a cigar this morning. It’s the best barometer to tell if I’m getting well. Plus, I’ve had no breathing problems or a dry cough.
            Thanks for being so considerate.
            I’m counting the days when I can write again.
            Stay well and be safe,

  2. Get better soon Katman!!!

  3. Phil,
    Hang in there, get well.

  4. Quick recovery and a full return to ball bustin’ reviews, Uncle K!

  5. Speedy recovery from all of Canada!!!

  6. I’m new to your reviews and just love your writing. Get well soon Katman and will pray for you the next few days.

  7. Sorry to hear it Phil. Get well soon brother. You are in my prayers. I enjoy your reviews and look forward to many more.

  8. Get well soon!

  9. Unfortunately, my dad is feeling pretty lousy so he asked me to thank you all for your kindness and best wishes. And that you took the time to say so.
    Thank you so much,

  10. Get well soon, Phil. We all need the fun and laughs you provide. Your fan, Roberto

  11. My prayers are with you. Miss you already

  12. Missing you, get well soon!!

  13. Just read your review in 2015 on a Espinosa Laranja cigar. Great review btw. Love your musical references in the review. The bit about seeing Led Zeppelin with your girlfriend was classic. Hope all is well. Keep rocking with a fine smoke in your hands.

  14. Thankfully, this has been nothing other than a bad case of the seasonal flu.
    I must be getting better as I just lit up a cigar and I could taste it; and I didn’t cough.
    I tried a cigar this past weekend and held up the white flag immediately.
    All my comrades at the cigar lounge have, or went through, the same virus.
    If I can maintain a straight line here…fingers crossed, I’m back to reviewing very, very soon.
    Thanks again to all my well wishers. And fuck you to all the Haters that tried to publish their nasty comments…that I’m faking the flu to get sympathy. Faking the flu? WTF? Fake names, fake IP addresses, and fake email addresses.
    Cowards are so brave when they can hide behind 0 and 1.
    Be well and stay safe everyone,

  15. I’m back. Tomorrow, Friday April 3, will be my first review in two weeks and I’ve picked a doozy.
    A brand new cigar from AJ Fernandez.
    It claims to be one of the strongest cigars around.
    I plan on hanging a horse’s feedback under my chin to catch the vomit.
    And then I will pass away quietly after I hit the ‘Publish’ button.

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