Sorry, We Have No Bananas | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Ain’t life grand? Still sick with something for over 3 weeks now. Taking antibiotics for a sinus infection but not going away. Have some symptoms of Covid but not all. I believe I have some version of SARS.

We have canceled Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Wisconsin is becoming overwhelmed with Covid cases and hospitals are nearly full. They are beginning to do a Sophie’s Choice and deciding which cases to treat and others to send home to croak. Not enough tests. Cars wait in line in 3 locations in the Milwaukee area and most are sent away due to insufficient tests.

I’m not going to publish a top 25 list this year as I’ve been sick twice and just didn’t keep up with the flow of new cigars.

Charlotte and I are hunkered down. I worry for her as she has COPD. She gets covid and it’s Bye Bye Birdie.

I’m optimistic that my bug will go away in a week or two…fingers crossed. And I will return.

Depending on how I feel, I may just write about anything. I am also considering providing my first ever “Live from Milwaukee, It’s Saturday Night” videos here on my site. I just gotta start feeling better. I will probably flesh out stories I’ve written about in the past and you can get a close up view of a madman in all his splendor.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving no matter how you choose to celebrate it.

Be safe and be well,

Love you all,



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  1. Sending many bruchahs to you and the lovely Charlotte, my lansman!

  2. Get well … and happy thanksgiving to you and your family. I’ll have a cigar or two for you:)



  3. So sorry to hear about your illness Phil. It has been a truly shit year for me too. Between death in the family, contracting COVID myself, loosing our beloved family dog and all this civil and political strife…..well let’s just say it’s a year best left in the rear view mirror! Prayers for you and your family for a better year ahead. Just lit up a superb 5 year old Partagas serie d no. 4. Hopefully this will be the start of better times ahead!

  4. Phil,

    Hope the bug moves along soon for you, bud! Definitely been a challenging year, and I hope next year treats everyone better. Get well, stay safe, and Happy Holidays!


  5. Take real good care of yourself and your family. The sad truth is my wife died two weeks ago of a Type A aortic Dissection. Totally unexpected but she had issues with COPD, Asthma and more shit. All contributed to her demise. Stay well.

  6. Feel better brother. That’s the most important thing. Cigars and cigar reviews can wait.

  7. Wishing you both much health. Stay smart, stay safe!

  8. Hope for your speedy recovery.

  9. I will put in a prayer for you and mrs. Take care uncle Phil you rockstar.

  10. Both of you stay safe and get well soon, Grandpa Kat!
    Yes, if you are able to, write about anything! May not always post a comment, but I love to read.
    – Michael

  11. Phil, So sorry to hear you’re still under the weather. Rest up, get well soon, your adoring fans mood you.


  12. Take the time to get well, brother; and you and your wife stay safe.


  13. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes.
    I’m really sick right now and can’t thank each of you personally. I apologize.
    Stay well and God bless,

  14. Bless you man, hang in there. Prayers for you and for Charlotte and all of your family. We can get through this together.

    Sent from my iPad


  15. Hope you get well soon Phil
    If I may, I would recommend 3 to 4 grams of high quality vitamin c daily in between meals. Additionally taking Amvacol will boost your natural defenses and ward off infections from even the onset
    PS I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just know it works

    Wish you the best

    • Hi Alejandro,
      I take the kitchen sink in terms of vitamins.
      The problem is I was born with an immune deficiency that allows me to catch every virus moving through town. I remember doing my homework from my bed through most of elementary school. How I got through college is a mystery.
      I do appreciate your advice but IgA trumps supplements. Yet, I still take them hoping they may lessen the severity of the viruses I catch.

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