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  1. They will be released on National Celery Day in March.
    Actually, not sure of the release date.
    This pandemic keeps getting in the way of getting things done.
    But it will be worth waiting for.
    It’s too cool for school…
    And of course there will be a giveaway CONTEST!!

  2. Oh boy! Just can’t keep things to yourself, huh bud? LOL! Just kidding. Actually, Katman did ask permission to show the photos. But I didn’t know you were going to show the paperwork. I would have left off the references to two of our competitors if I’d known you were going to show the paperwork I sent you with the production sample. But hey, everything I said regarding the competitors can easily be measured with a digital micrometer, so I guess it’s OK.

    So far, the beta testers have all flipped out over the cutting ability of the blades. One called the punch cuts “sexy”. Another one said it looks like the cuts were done by a precision laser. Love those comments.

    It truly is “All About The Blades”. This has been in the design, planning and development phase now for two years. I wanted everything absolutely “Perfec”. I’m really excited about bringing this out. “They” told me that it was impossible to create blades this thin using 440C fully heat hardened stainless steel — but we proved “them” wrong. They told me it would be nearly impossible to do sharpening with this hard of a steel, ONLY on one side, if it was done ONLY on the internal side of the cylindrical punch blades. We proved them wrong on that too!

    I feel like a proud new daddy. LOL.


    • Smokers need to read the specs as written by you. I wouldn’t worry for a nano second about the other manufacturers mentioned. They are stats, not opinion. I checked with my lawyer in Madison and he said he will represent you for a lifetime supply of your wares.
      The damn thing is bloody sharp. It does cut through the cap like a hot knife through butter.
      I wasn’t going to post your personal manifesto to me but you are a much better wordsmith than I. And I’m lazy.
      I spent 90 minutes taking 427 photos. I used the 6 shown. 418 photos were accidental dick pics. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
      And no shaming me for wearing nails and red polish…OK, it was Charlotte. Do you know how much hand models get per hour? Holy shit! I didn’t have cash on me so I had to give her my Fingerhut credit card. I also gave her my Gemco credit card.
      Smokers are going to go apeshit over this new punch. Word of mouth will spread like an STD in an assisted living facility.
      You did good, brother…Can’t wait for the exciting giveaway contest!

  3. Count me way in! Since your informing us of these products I’ve become an appreciative fan and will definitely try this new item. Everything they make is incredibly thoughtful and well-designed and I completely agree with Rod’s analysis of what makes punches problematic so imagine his intelligent approach to solving those
    problems will be effective and high quality. Looking forward to checking it out. Sign me up for initial purchase or any Kickstarter campaigns!

    • Oh Marc,
      Did you have to say such nice things?
      Rod is going to remind me of your comment every time I speak to him…oy.
      You know…I was a big fan of PerfecDraw long before Rod became a sponsor.
      I gladly accepted his $16,500 per month for a few ads.
      I only have half a dozen sponsors. But they are all great companies whose product I can get behind…although, still waiting for my free Jag. Some guy in upper management, same age as me, and is a fan of Curved Air. He’s a Brit. And he loves that they are a sponsor. He and I have had some cool conversations about British rock in the 60’s and 70’s. He asks that I not mention his name. Most of the cigar industry people that talk to me don’t want to be identified with me publicly so as not to sully their reputations.
      That’s cool. All good guys with lots of cigar shit to talk about. I understand their relcutance to be openly pro-katman. The industry hates me. Not all.
      This is exactly why Dr. Rod Kurthy is the coolest guy I’ve ever met. He is my age and we both grew up in Long Beach Ca…from the 1950’s. He is very conservative. He has a little empire going on whith his whitening system for dentists, inventor of new dental tools used by all…He is a scientist. A real fucking scientist. You should see the shit he writes me. He is so erudite and such a good writer…he is way better than me; but he isn’t as funny.
      I say hail to the chief to my brother Rod for stepping up and standing with me; telling the cigar industry “I don’t care what you think. Phil and I are friends and friends are loyal.”
      We’ve just entered the elder statesmen category. We know a lot of shit.
      And he remembers Airplane Hill and The Cinnamon Cinder.
      Shhh…not supposed to say anything…but, he has other projects cooking. Some of them for years and he’s jsut waiting for the economy to get better to unleash them.
      See ya

  4. For many years I was a loyal punch cut guy but switched to the Xikar Xi as my daily cutter because I felt I was better able to control and adjust the size of the cut. I also found that most punches tended to dull very quickly and then they just made a mess of the cut. Your new product has piqued my curiosity and the Katman has never steered me wrong yet. I will keep my eyes open for this one Hot Rod.

  5. Take my money…! Hope you and the wife are doing well!

  6. I ended up buying two of the PerfecDraw’s after reading the info you posted. I am OFTEN asked, when smoking with others, if they can borrow it. I have one friend who seems to need it for every cigar he ever smokes in my presence that I finally told him he can’t borrow it anymore, because he clearly will need one when I’m not around and the only way his cheap ass was gonna buy one is if he couldn’t use mine. I really prefer a punch for some larger ring smokes, but they really do seem to be more prone to crack the cap when a punch is used. I’ll be looking to pick one of these up when they’re offered up to the non-royalty public. Rod, you picked a great carnival barker!

  7. I dropped a note to these guys earlier this week, asking for the new England sales person to call. I’d love to have the PerfecDraw available at our stores, not a punch person myself but intrigued… the ‘Draw is so well made this should be a winner as well.

  8. I didn’t read basically any of what you posted.

    Rod made it & you like it enough to recommend. That’s enough info for me to know I want it.

    Finding a reviewer with actual integrity has made this past years journey back into cigars so much simpler & easier.

    Thanks for what you do Katman.

  9. You guys are making me blush!! 😉

    I could not agree more regarding Phil. I’ve spoken with many, many folks out there with YouTube video cigar review channels and blogs. Some are really great. And some are total narcissistic jerks. Hey — I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

    But other than Katman, pretty much all of them watch their P’s ‘n Q’s when it comes to badmouthing a cigar. If they really say bad stuff about any cigar, all the cigar manufacturers will pigeon hole them as “loose cannons”, and will have nothing whatsoever to do with them. That’s bad for the reviewers. Other reviewers don’t want to garner that “loose cannon” reputation within the cigar industry.

    I’ve had some reviewers tell me that they would NEVER EVER review the PerfecDraw because the manufacturer of whatever cigar they use it on would be pissed because it would be like saying the cigar had poor construction. One of those was a chick who likes to portray herself as “sexy” – I’m sure you know exactly who I’m talking about. It’s all about feathering their own beds instead of being bold and upfront regarding what they really think.

    There is ONE guy that says what he thinks, no matter what. And he does it because he wants to be relevant and useful to all of us. And that’s our buddy Phil. But Phil pays for it because many of the cigar companies won’t touch him with a 10-foot pole because of their fear that he might not like even one of their cigars. Which, by the way, speaks volumes about the cigar manufacturers who DO like Phil. Those companies obviously have a lot of confidence in their cigars.

    So, having seen the inner workings and the EXTREME pressure put on reviewers not to poop too badly on any cigar, I’m very proud of my good bud. Thank God for Phil.


  10. great tool for having at home, thanks for sharing, will definitely purchase
    By the way, when are you planning to release your list of Top Cigars 2020? am eagerly awaiting to read it

    take care Katman, always a pleasure visiting your site

  11. Looks great! I’m a frequent gordo smoker and a punch user. It’s hard to find big enough diameter punches, and they dull quickly. I completely trust the prefect draw guy to do a punch right. He knows how to make tools.

  12. Any news on this interesting product?

    • Jeff,
      I sent your comment to Dr. Rod…this is his response:

      “We’re not quite sure at this point when, exactly, we will be launching the new PerfecPunch & Stand product.
      I’m very much a perfectionist, which can be very beneficial for the quality and usefulness of our products. But being a perfectionist also slows things down. In what I had hoped to be the final production sample, I found three things that would make the tool better, more effective, more user friendly and last even longer. It was great as it was already. Every one of the beta testers loved it. But I saw potential to make it even better.

      “In business, you always want to get new products out as soon as possible. But I have a little different philosophy of business. Be the best, period. Make our products the very best, most useful and long-lasting as I am capable of.
      It’s quite frustrating because I want to be able to just push a button and have things done immediately. But that’s not how things work in the design, development and manufacturing world.

      “So, with all that said, I am hopeful, if not confident, that the PerfecPunch, and the few other upcoming new products, will be available in about 3-4 months.”

      Thanks for your interest.

  13. I also am a Production Sample Tester, almost 5 months of hard use. Cut over 400 sticks, sharp as day one. Fell lucky to be one of chosen testers.

    This will be next must have Cigar accessory.

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