Time Out | Katman

I need a break until the doctors decide to move forward on this slow moving train to Clarksville. The 24/7 hour pain is the issue and with it, no sleep. The neck pain and the mini migraines are a wang dang doodle of a hurdle. Shouldn’t have jumped that day.
In my next life, I plan on being smart, rich, and good looking.
Or at least a friendly ferret.

Stay safe out there and get vaccinated.

Aug. 14, 2021…
My doctors, and ancillary personnel, all remind me of W.C. Fields’ Egbert Sousé in The Bank Dick.
No one communicates with each other. Each points the finger at the other. Everyone is either incompetent or just doesn’t give a shit.

And it looks like I will need surgery before the neck surgery.

In 2014, my pain doc put a neural electronic stimulator in my back that was supposed to help with pain. It worked for two months and then it just failed. The other patients that got talked into this procedure (same time as me) all had the same after effect. I think we were guinea pigs.

I need additional tests but now the stainless steel stimulator probably needs to be removed as it is dead but may have a spark still left in it. That could cause me to burst into flames in an MRI tube. On the upside, my claustrophobia of being in that torpedo tube will be trumped by the fear of becoming a fire log.

There are two 12″ wire leads that go from the neural device up both sides of my spine. They are now protected by scar tissue but will need to be removed too.

Just for added fun, the last time I saw my pain doc (2017), I yelled at him for putting that piece of shit device in me and it turned out to be useless exercise. Because he is contracted with the device manufacturer, he will need to be the guy to remove the device and wires. I fear I’m going to be operated on by Hannibal Lecter’s younger brother. (“You don’t need that much anesthesia, Phil.”)

In my research of this company, I read that it doled out nearly $100 million in fines to the federal government for bribery. And that doesn’t include the millions of fines and payouts from lawsuits.
I also discovered that my doc received a higher than normal amount of kickbacks for the average pain doctor. Anyone know a good lawyer?

I will know more this week.
I do think this is going to be a drawn out process so I’m smoking like a chimney.

Update 8-24-2021:
Another hiccup caused by meeting with my orthopod today.
There is a problem with my thyroid. I need a biopsy.
Nothing can go further with fixing my cervical spine until the thyroid problem is resolved.
Meanwhile, the doc is rushing me to see a pain management doctor. They called and can whisk me into their office in only 5 weeks.
I am now Looney Tunes from pain in my neck and the migraines.
No sleep now for over 60 days. Who needs hallucinogens when sleep deprivation works just fine.
I guess if I had health insurance other than Medicare, things might be different.

One thing I am very concerned about…the huge spike of Covid cases hitting hospitals across the U.S.
Wisconsin has been hit hard with the unvaccinated being hospitalized. I watched on the news that 615,000 were sent to hospital in just the last week.
The idea of spending any time in a petri dish for one or more procedures gives me the willies. I may have to wait this out until the chaos slows down considerably.

I applied for a heavy lifting job with Amazon…I want to see if I can make my entire spine shoot out my ass on the first day.
Be well, everyone…


29 replies

  1. And now we conclude our broadcast day.

  2. Just don’t take the last train to Clarksville my friend, you little monkee 🐵

  3. Get well soon. Miss you uncle Kat and your reviews to guide me on which sticks to buy and which to stay away from.

  4. Get better Phil your reviews will be missed.

  5. Get better Phil as I will miss your reviews.

  6. Get better Phil, looking forward to your Blog posts soon.👍

  7. Oh man, let’s hope the doctors can fix you so that this nightmare can come to an end and you get back to living your best life.

    Stay strong!

  8. Oh man, let’s hope the doctors can fix you up so that you can get back to normal. With lots of cigars.

    In the case of your sudden demise, I hope you will find yourself reborn in a world where there are no Gurkhas and Rocky Patels.

    Stay strong!

  9. Best wishes, Phil. Take care of number one.

  10. Be rooting for you champ. My mom has had a few of these things and they are hot manure. Regardless will keep you in the prayers good buddy.

  11. Wow, that’s a tough process. My son is an orthopedic spinal surgeon in Boston and if you give me some information, maybe, just maybe, he will give me some information another it.
    I got some some pain shots in my back the other day and it is helping for the moment.
    We are fucking old

  12. Wishing you the best and a quick return to health.

  13. Best wishes, Phil! We appreciate you and can’t wait for your hopefully speedy recovery.

  14. Stay strong Phil, hope you are back at it soon, we all need you.

  15. Thank you everyone for the kind wishes of support.
    I wish the medical community was moving its ass faster, but there is no goosing it along.
    2 months with no sleep is turning me into a vampire.
    But I will get through this and things will be much better on the other side of this shitty experience. I just need to weather it out.
    I consider myself very lucky and blessed that I was able to go 20 years without blowback from my injury. And it doesn’t hurt that medical science has progressed greatly since 2001. My chances for a full recovery are much better now than it would have been two decades ago. I’m grateful for that.
    I love you all for sticking with me through thick and thin. My readers are all my pals. I’m a lucky man.

  16. Must be low on cigars again time to give everyone a sob story so they send care packages. We’ve seen this story over and over throughout the years. Remember that time you had dementia? Youre a miserable sack of shit and i cannot wait until the day I read you and your wifes obituary. Fuck you

    • And heeeere’s the trollers’ same old song…
      It is the same group of people. What is the Speak-Easy Club?
      It doesn’t bother me but I thought my readers would enjoy seeing stupidity in action.

      “In internet slang, a troll is a person who posts inflammatory, insincere, digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog), with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses, or manipulating others’ perception. This is typically for the troll’s amusement, or to achieve a specific result such as disrupting a rival’s online activities or manipulating a political process. Even so, Internet trolling can also be defined as purposefully causing confusion or harm to other users online, for no reason at all.”

      BTW: Look at most review sites. A large percentage of them ask you, the reader, to donate to the cause using Paypal. I guess it’s OK for them to beg for money without recrimination or criticism.
      Do you see a Paypal icon on my site? No, you do not.
      I have asked for help in the past. So what?
      Do I charge you a fee for reading me?
      No, I do not.

    • RyanM
      Go Fuck yourself you sick Fuck
      Phil is a Legend and even more so..one of the most caring giving loved friends..I have ever had…

    • Hey Ryan, just a quick question…if you don’t like Phil and consider him some kind of disingenuous mooch then why do you visit his site? Your kind have always befuddled me…there are plenty of people in the world that I don’t care for but I just ignore them and move on with my life. Taking the time to write something hateful says more about you than it does about him. Go pet a cat or something and relax….yeesh.

  17. Trollers are inherently frustrated with their own lives.
    Finally getting laid for the first time would help their personalities immensely.

  18. God bless you buddy. I sincerely hope all goes well. Clarksville can wait.
    I’ve got a few decent cigars I can spare if you’ll gimme a place to send them Phil.
    Some Brick House Maduros and Pepin Garcia Blue that have over a year in training. Plus I want you to check out these CAO MX2. They are a real nice change of pace and I went a little overboard loading up on Cbid.

  19. Oh shit Phil, first time I’m seeing this. I know you’ll be back good as new. We altacockers have to stick together!

  20. 8-24-2021: See latest update in the body of my whiny post.

  21. Spinal surgery in 2021 has progressed far beyond where it was 10-15 years ago. In 2005, I had crippling C4, C5, C6 disc herniation. I had laminectomy and discectomy. I was 61 years old. It took two years of healing and weekly rehab to reach a somewhat normal existence.
    This past February I had the worst C7 herniated disc my surgeon had ever seen. I had surgery in March, 24 hours post procedure, I was pain free and home. The surgical technology has undergone a revolution.

    • Hi Rob,
      Yeah, I truly believe that if I needed surgery, it was good luck that I have been able to wait 20 years for it.
      If I had done it when the greedy orthopods wanted to fuse the shit out of me, I’d still be in trouble.
      So, I’m very hopeful.
      Thanks so much for your support, Rob. It surely means a lot to hear from guys that have had this done and came out the other end screaming laughter.
      Be well, brother…

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