Gimme Your Music Stories | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

I want it…I want it all.
I want to hear from players, listeners, observers, and everyone else.
I am going to compile your stories.

Send me something in your life you remember that has stuck with you.
Send me road stories.
Send me concert experiences.
Send me album listening experiences.
Anything that is music, send me.

I will allow two weeks for everything to come in.
Don’t let me down.
Everyone has a story to tell about music.

Here is how I want you to proceed:
1. Use my comment section below this post.
2. Make sure your email address is correct.
3. Let me know if I can use your full name.
4. Write your story in that comment box.
5. After I remove your story from the comment, I will just publish that you are joining in.
6. Three paragraphs or 300 paragraphs. Doesn’t matter.
7. I will move your story to a Word Document.
8. If you are worried about grammar or spelling, let me know and I will edit…with your permission of course.
9. If you don’t want me to touch what you write, let me know.
10, Nothing is off limits…within reason. Just don’t be worse than me.
11. I will compile all the stories in a fashion that makes sense and I will publish them all in one post.
These instructions go up to 11. One more than 10.

You betcha’.


15 replies

  1. Peter Kaufman – use it, edit it, whatever works for you….

  2. I got a couple of stories for you, Katman.

  3. Well, of course you’d have to show Hendrix. Duh.

  4. Friends that have my email address are bypassing the comment section.
    If you don’t have my email, please rip a story right here in the comment section.

  5. Hey Katman I’m in

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