PAYPAL DONATIONS | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

This is me asking for donations to keep me reviewing cigars.
$5 or $25 and everything in between will be happily accepted.
At 71, I can no longer work.
My age and Elephant Man deformities prohibit me from being able to review newly released cigars.

The recent request to send me cigars was successful…thanks to a group of great guys who gave me a shot to continue reviewing.
I was thinking that I could charge a fee to read my reviews, but I prefer to ask for help instead. Subscription to my blog is a last resort.
Email me at and I will give you my Paypal I.D.
Thank you.

If you are uncomfortable sending money, a gift card from Atlantic Cigar would be terrific.

Note: Due to excessive trolling, I am setting up rules for donations.
1. I must know you.
2. You must have commented at one time so I can compare the email and IP address.
3. If my memory has faded on interacting with you, you can send an online cigar gift card using Small Batch Cigar.
Note 9-4-2021
I promise to send each and every person that donates a newsletter showing what I bought and lots more info than what I write here.
Thank you,

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23 replies

  1. Thank you, Phil B.

  2. Thank you, Alan W.

  3. Hello,

    I am Tim Vaughn, the owner of Timbo’s Hot Sauce. It has come to my attention that someone has been impersonating my brand on several private and public forums.

    I apologize for any offense or inconvenience caused by this person. Timbo’s Hot Sauce is currently not an active brand, due to the pandemic and other issues.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at the mailbox listed.

  4. Thank you, Kevin C.

  5. Thank you, Leland T. for the cigars.

  6. Thank you, Adrian V. for the cigars.

  7. Thank you Alex M. for the cigars.

  8. Thank you, Peter L. for the cigars.

  9. Thank you, Jerry M.

  10. Thank you, Eric A.

  11. Thank you, Rod.

  12. Thank you, John B. for the cigars.

  13. Thank you Leland T. for the cigars.

  14. Thank you, Augie H.

  15. Thank you, John H. for the cigars.

  16. Thank you, Jack M.

  17. Thank you, Robert R.

  18. Thank you, Robert B.

  19. Thank you, Michael.

  20. Thank you, Tom K. for the cigars.

  21. Thank you, Kerry D.

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