Veterans Day | Katman

by Andrea Christensen Brett

You may not know me the first time we meet
I’m just another you see on the street
But I am the reason you walk and breathe free
I am the reason for your liberty


I work in the local factory all day
I own the restaurant just down the way
I sell you insurance, I start your IV
I’ve got the best-looking grandkids you’ll ever see

I’m your grocer, your banker
Your child’s schoolteacher
I’m your plumber, your barber
Your family’s preacher
But there’s part of me you don’t know very well
Just listen a moment, I’ve a story to tell


I joined the service while still in my teens
I traded my prom dress for camouflage greens
I’m the first in my family to do something like this
I followed my father, like he followed his

Defying my fears and hiding my doubt
I married my sweetheart before I shipped out
I missed Christmas, then Easter
The birth of my son
But I knew I was doing what had to be done

I served on the battlefront, I served on the base
I bound up the wounded
And begged for God’s grace
I gave orders to fire, I followed commands
I marched into conflict in far distant lands

In the jungle, the desert, on mountains and shores
In bunkers, in tents, on dank earthen floors
While I fought on the ground, in the air, on the sea
My family and friends were home praying for me

For the land of the free and the home of the brave
I faced my demons in foxholes and caves
Then one dreaded day, without drummer or fife
I lost an arm, my buddy lost his life

I came home and moved on
But forever was changed
The perils of war in my memory remained
I don’t really say much, I don’t feel like I can
But I left home a child, and came home a man

There are thousands like me
Thousands more who are gone
But their legacy lives as time marches on
White crosses in rows
And names carved in queue
Remind us of what these brave souls had to do

I’m part of a fellowship, a strong mighty band
Of each man and each woman
Who has served this great land
And when Old Glory waves
I stand proud, I stand tall
I helped keep her flying over you, over all


God bless all that are serving and those that have served our great nation.


6 replies

  1. Phil, you are a genuinely good dude.

    • Hi Jerry,
      Not sure about that…you may need to provide documentation.
      We should be honoring our vets every day of the year.
      There is no greater calling than to serve the United States.
      Every vet is a hero.

  2. As I’ve gotten older, this special day becomes sadder with each passing year.
    I’ve lost so many friends due to war and its after effects.
    I have a number of old friends that suffer through PTSD.
    I have friends that have battled cancers due to Agent Orange.
    My dad was in the army during WWII.
    He landed at Normandy on D-Day.
    And the stories he told me were funny at times…and horrific at others.
    I was at his home in Palm Springs when “Saving Private Ryan” was being shown on HBO.
    I put the movie on but he refused to watch. He told me to turn the damn TV off..
    He sat there quietly staring at his chest. Tears flowed slowly down his cheeks.
    I hugged him and he wept.
    My dad was awarded citations. Two Bronze Stars. And a Purple Heart.
    He was 75.
    He lived another 5 years.
    But he never once spoke of his service or what he saw.
    Stanley Kohn was my hero. And there wasn’t a damn thing I could do for him.
    On this day, we should give thanks to all veterans.
    They are the heart and soul of this United States.

  3. That is Beautiful, Mr.Kohn. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Awesome piece, Thanks Phil.

    My Father-in law was with Patton’s Hell on Wheel’s Tank division in France. He never really talked much either about his days over in France. I do know he hated the Jerry’s. We have a picture of him next his flag. My dad served in the Korean war, which actually we are still engaged in to this day. My dad was on the battleship Wisconsin, I still have the picture of his ship hanging on my wall, a license plate I gave him for his truck, that is hanging in my garage and his Battle Boat Wisconsin hat sitting next to his flag. And had an Uncle whom died recently to Agent Orange in the Vietnam war. He was in the Army and he used to tell me some of the horror stories of what he saw and had to do over there. All 3 of them have passed now, but we still celebrate Veterans day, buy paying our respects to their place’s of rest. I write this to some of the members of my family that served this great country, I’m sure I left more out. Back in the old days everyone served in the military.

    Thank you to everyone who served.

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