New Sponsor! Atlantic Cigar Company | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Boys and Girls…the eagle has landed.
Starting today, Atlantic Cigar has signed an agreement to sponsor the katman.
It is only costing me $37.25 per month and a dozen bagels and bialys directly from Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles once a week.

I buy a lot of sticks from these folks because their prices are already discounted. No need for a promo code because even with a discount from other stores, they still can’t beat Atlantic’s prices.
Yes, they have a small shipping fee but your savings will pay for that and you can still make a killing…your wife will encourage you to buy as many cigars as you please now. I guarantee it.

And here is what I really love. They are the B&M in your phone or laptop. I can buy singles on every brand they sell. And they sell them for the discounted box price…not like other online stores that jack up the single price. This qualifies the company as Mensch Extraordinaire.

And you will be entitled to jump in on specials throughout the year that you will see right here.

Please give them your business when you can. It makes me look good and my poor departed mother will be proud of me…and maybe she will stop haunting my clothes closet on Saturday mornings.

Their logo with a link is on the right side of my main page.

Lastly, they always have the largest supply of new and boutique brands as soon as they are released. No one beats them.


If you can remember, write Katman in the notes section during checkout so Atlantic knows I sent you. Thanks.


50 replies

  1. Hahahahahaaaah! You’re the best.

  2. Hey Forrest,
    Thanks brother.
    I’m at least in the top 200 of the best.

  3. Congratulations my man. Well deserved.

  4. Their VIP Club is worth it, if you buy regularly.

  5. Thanks Vince,
    I have worked in the tobacco fields of Nicaragua for the last 62 years.
    It was time.
    I am happy as a clam.

  6. Congrats Phil! You are correct when you say they have the best prices by far. They have been my go-to for several years now. I don’t want to mention the brand I buy the most from there at insane prices bc I don’t want everyone to buy them out, but let’s just say it’s a Nicaraguan brand from yesteryear that’s a joy to smoke… Word to the wise – Create an account with them before you shop. You’ll notice the prices are significantly better after you sign in. Congrats again!

  7. $37.50? They let you off cheap Cousin Phil! 🤓 Seriously though, these guys are the best. And unlike everybody else you can get the occasional allocated stuff – no lube or kneepads required.

  8. Thank you, Darren…

  9. Hey Peter,
    Are you kidding?
    I had to talk them down from 57.00 per month. That was hard work on my part.
    I still need my knee pads. I’m married.
    Thank you so much for your support old man.

  10. Hey Max,
    Yes it is.
    The V.I.P. Club gets you some swinging deals for only $59.99 per year…the price of an Opus X.
    Thanks brother,

  11. Reminds me of Ueker’s line about a major league team wanting to sign him for $500 but his dad said they couldn’t afford it .



  12. Badda-Boom! Ladies and germs…
    Thank you Mark.

  13. Hey Uncle Phil. I’m so glad Atlantic is sponsoring you. It just makes total sense. What I, and everybody else, loved about your blog, which then brought us into subscribing to you, is your honesty. And because you ‘n I have been good friends for a long time now, I know you only consider people and companies you personally believe in… this is such a natural fit.

    I love Cubans, but for all other cigars, Atlantic is who I order from 95% of the time. They simply give the best prices with no B.S. And as you pointed out, and being very picky myself, I like to order just two sticks when trying out something new. And Atlantic is THE place to do that.

    Congratulations to you AND Atlantic.


  14. Thank you, Rod…
    If it wasn’t for you bringing me up since I was a little boy in Long Beach, Ca…I don’t know where I’d be today.
    You taught me things…like going down to the Pike on the weekends and stealing wallets from drunken sailors was a bad thing.
    You taught me how to use my 1960 Pontiac Bonneville’s trunk to sneak 7 friends into the Los Altos Drive-In.
    And lastly, you taught me the meaning of friendship…and that paying you $3.00 per week until I was 22 was worth it.
    Love ya baby,

  15. I have always liked Atlantic. Bought from them last week (a box and a bundle). Good folks to do business with!!

  16. Hi Arless,
    Yeah, they are good folk. Solid people.
    All the best,

  17. They are one of 3 places I buy my cigars from my friend!


    Mark A ( The Cop)

  18. My wife was very excited. It’s been a little while. Thanks! and congratulations Phil!

    Almost time to light up a Reviver.

  19. Hey Mark,
    Thank you brother…
    But you can knock off that cop stuff.
    It’s time to come out of the closet..and admit you are the highest paid proctologist in Massachusetts.
    Still, you do protect and serve.

  20. Hey Daniel,
    You are a lucky man for someone your age to have an excited wife.
    The best I can do is see my wife sneer if I say the word ‘cigar.’
    Enjoy your cigar.
    I’m peeling the protective seal off my Fleet as I write this.
    All the best,

  21. Been a VIP member with Atlantic for years. Worth every penny.

  22. Hi Dave,
    It really is a killer deal.
    The savings you get on cigars is unreal.

  23. Congratulations my exalted brother of the leaf!
    I am not big time on the inter-webs but aren’t sponsors supposed to pay you Katman? By the way whatever happened to the salted bagel? Are we living in Russia now? The government won’t allow Salted bagels to be made anymore?

    PS I bought a bundle of the master blend and I think the rest of us probably cleared them out on that one so they have experienced the power of the force of the Katman. May the Schwartz be with you always!

  24. Hi Kevin,
    What? They’re supposed to pay me?
    I got bamboozled.
    I had a feeling that I shouldn’t have entered negotiations with them under the influence of blotter acid.
    I make bad choices.
    Well, now it’s too late.
    In order to get this deal happening, Charlotte had to agree to walk the streets on weekend nights.
    What am I going to tell her?

    I don’t like salted bagels. Salt is not good for us old farts anyway.
    Now I have a passion for onion bialys. But Milwaukee does not have a single…not one Jewish deli.
    The best I can do is Thomas bagels which are 50% sugar and 75% salt.
    I had an MB3 Maduro this afternoon. Lovely.
    Thanks for your support brother…

  25. LOL. Yeah, I got one of those myself. And told them who sent me. Good times.

  26. I like Atlantic, they are nice people and they don’t screw you. Your sponsorship deal make me like them more.

  27. I’ve been a customer of them for many years. Great company. They know and love cigars. I used to call them and ask questions about certain cigars, and they are so knowledgeable! When they answer the phone, it sounds like one of the cast members of the Sopranos answered the phone! So friendly!

  28. Thank you Peter.
    I believe they are happy as well.
    They stuck their necks out with me.
    In the past, only the bravest of souls would sponsor me and then they fled when I became too much.
    Atlantic came to me because I am too much.
    I’ve won.
    The rest of the cigar industry is now scratching their asses with a big question mark over their heads.
    God bless Atlantic Cigar.

  29. Hey Ken,
    They ever make you do a hit for them?
    Maybe get 40% off?

  30. Ha! I get a good enough discount with the VIP discount that I’ve had for over a decade.

  31. You’re a wild man, Ken.

  32. Great news Katman, Atlantic is a great cigar shop, love doing business with them. Hope they are as good to you, well deserved

  33. Nice.. Congrats Kat man! I’ve used Atlantic a couple of times and they came pretty quick and in good condition. My only complaint is their sampler selection isn’t great or at least the last time I looked was almost dwindled to nothing. I hope they restocked because they did have a couple great options. I bought a mystery sampler from them for $40 and it had some great sticks with only 1 stinker which I say is a total win.

  34. Mr. ZN
    Thank you brother…
    I appreciate your support.
    Be well,

  35. Hey Zach,
    Did you contact Atlantic and tell them you were unhappy?
    In my experience with them, their customers service is bar none the best of online cigar shops.
    I’ve gotten the wrong cigars a couple times in the past. I called them. They quickly replaced them and told me I could keep the mistakes. That’s class.
    If you’re not happy, you gotta speak up.
    Their customer service department is friendly and accommodate any need or issue you have.

  36. If you can remember, please write Katman in the notes section during checkout so Atlantic knows I sent you. Thanks.

  37. Congratulations! Well deserved and much overdue.

  38. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.

  39. Thanks Markus…
    I agree that it seems the time was right…just before I hit the national average lifespan of an American male: 76.
    As my favorite president once said: FOUR more years!!!

  40. Hey John,
    It won’t be long before Cigar Aficionado comes begging…

  41. There wasn’t anything to complain about, it was just them running low on samplers.. Don’t see any reason to complain about something they ran out of. Wasn’t trying to knock them just wish they had more. I’ll deff try them out again here soon. Thanks katman

  42. Hi Zach,
    I totally misunderstood. My apologies.
    In order to show my embarrassment, I’ve sent a special ops team of ex-Mossad to talk to you…and explain my embarrassment…(The password is Swordfish and they won’t shave your head.)
    All the best,
    Senile Old Man Kohn

  43. Really glad to see this. It is about time someone became your sponsor.

  44. Hi John,
    I love all my sponsors. They are all special.
    I must admit Atlantic biting the bullet and seeing nothing wrong with me…put a big smile on my puss.
    You may think this is bullshit but I get offers to provide a sponsorship now and again. I’m really picky. Does this benefit my readers? Most of the time it does not.
    I do this stinkin’ job because it’s fun. No other reason needed.
    This really feels like mainstream.
    2-1/2 months from now Atlantic will sue me over my impropriety..and drop me like a hot potato. On the upside, they may reduce the amount of money I must pay them each month.
    Be well, my son.

  45. Happy to have ya Phil! Hope we can live up to the hype.

  46. Hi Matt,
    Everyone loves you.
    We want to have your babies.
    There is no hype when it comes to Atlantic Cigar.
    I am extremely lucky to have you walk the plank with me.
    Thank you for your trust…and do you think, that in the future, you might reduce the fee I have to pay you each month?

  47. Congrats Katman!
    After scoring twenty of the Master Blend 3 maduros, I made sure to shout you out in the site review.
    I wasn’t sure if they’d throw me out of the joint for invoking your name but it looks like they like you, they really like you.

  48. Stephen,
    It’s all a ruse.
    Never met anyone from Atlantic.
    But still, thank you so much brother,

  49. I will and have purchased through Atlantic. Sad to say no real B and Ms in Hawaii. Born and raised in LA and man do I miss a good deli. Canters pastrami and/or corned beef Your killing me. Thanks for all your reviews. I’ve become a huge fan of Isabela because of you.
    Mark on the Big Island

  50. Hi Mark,
    I grew up in Long Beach, so I had access to some amazing delis.
    We moved to Chicago in 2005 and I worked in a predominantly Jewish town of Skokie. Right across from our office was a huge kosher market. I got to relive my youth when my mother was alive with the gazillions of choices of things I hadn’t eaten in decades.
    In Chicago, bagel and bialy places were on every corner. I will take a bialy over a bagel any time. I’d go to the jobsite and grab a round concoction of love.
    And then I’d be a gonif and a chazer on my way back to the office. I weighed a metric ton before we moved from Chicago Milwaukee in 2008.
    There is a substantial amount of Jews in Wisconsin with over 30 synagogues. We have 10 in Milwaukee and they are like the Children of the Corn. They don’t know what deli food tastes like. Some have never tasted kishka.
    I am not an animal!
    Someone with a bunch of cash to open a good deli would be a billionaire on their second day in business.
    Glad you enjoy Isabela. Me too.
    Be well,

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