La Aurora Barrel Aged by Karl Malone | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Size: 6 x 47 Churchill
Strength: Full
Price: $10.00

I’ve had a fiver marinating naked in my humidor for over 6 months. I can’t count higher than 6 due to a lesion in my Hippocampus. I don’t dare enter the Anaheim Disneyland gates as I am always delivered to the Jungle Ride, and I don’t like being shot at.
Reviews? Next to nothing. But what I found declared this cigar as very good.
I am impressed by the 6 years of aging, and I do love a barrel aged blend.
Here goes Nuttin’ Honey….

Regular Production.
Released July 2019
From La Aurora Cigars:
“Tobaccos are aged for six years before spending another six months aging in barrels of rum. This gives the final cigar its aromatic notes from aging in a barrel, as well as the toasted wood notes. Thus, all tobaccos in this blend—except for the wrapping leaf—are aged for six months in barrels of rum. They also remain in the aging room for three months after being rolled.

“Specifically, this is a cigar with a resounding start with hints of black pepper, that later give way to more complex and delicate flavors. In addition, there are notes of wood throughout the whole smoke, along with hints of cinnamon and nuts. It has a powerful, creamy finish. Its strength is 8 out of 10.”

Robusto 5 x 50 $9.00
Belicoso 6.25 x 52 $11.00
Sumo Toro 5.75 x 54 $11.00
Churchill 7 x 47 $10.00

This is a very rustic looking stick…it could disguise itself as a twig. Lots of veins enhance the camouflage effect. It is very lumpy and bumpy. Yet, the seams are totally hidden from view…or touch. The triple cap is nicely applied. The stick feels like the weight is on the money. You can see the dayglo orange cigar band a mile away. I like the presentation. Gaudy but classy.

Gobs and gobs of honey. And that low key rum aroma reminds me of my grandfather who always expected us to get his favorite rum cake from Katella Deli when he visited us from Pittsburgh. It didn’t just taste like rum; the cake was soaked in the real thing. My gramps would sneak me a slice and the rest of my day went swimmingly.
I smell Wheaties, generic peppers, big chunk of malt, licorice, smoked brisket, cedar, and barnyard.
The cold draw presents flavors of honey, rum, espresso, creaminess, malt, cedar, a slight touch of citrus, Wheaties, and milk chocolate.

I am truly enamored of any cigar with the dimensions of 7 x 47. It is in the netherworld of cigar sizes. Should be a 90-minute smoke.

The draw on the cigar is exactly how I like my women. I cannot think of anything that is inappropriate and still meets my low standards. I have rough sex with my PerfecDraw draw resistance tool and put it in the barn wet.

I have a nimbus cloud of smoke circling my head. I see Snoopy.

Good start…a nice tease of complexity from the get-go. A soupçon of sweetness…followed by some potent black pepper. A very earthy blend at its inception. The honey is buckwheat in nature. Dark and succulent like shoving your face into a Yucca Valley cactus.

A strong depth appears and causes my cheeks to collapse until I look like a baby’s first taste of a pickle.

Strength is a very easy going medium. Stress free.

The aged tobacco is the star of the revue. The sweetness factor is strong, but the balanced tobaccos really push on through to the other side. More than earthy. More than burnt liver and onions. More than your average bear, Boo Boo.

The music starts with Joe Cocker doing “Feelin’ Alright.” Damn. I miss that wild man. I’m bopping and doing the Hully Gully while I smoke and write. I’d do the Jerk but that would throw my back out.

The complexity makes a swift cut to the jugular. It piles on until my I find my eyes wide shut.

The first inch found itself testing the waters. Then the show begins with the conductor stinking drunk between two rum barrels.

The smoke flows through the cigar with no issues along with stress free construction.

The strength jumps over the high bar to medium/full. That didn’t take long. We are now in dangerous territory for the meek and wussy-like.

The balance forms out of thin air. Despite the rum sweetness, which is very subtle now, this cigar will be described as big sky grabbing all of its surroundings to its breast. Not a flavor bomb…rather, a very sophisticated aged tobacco journey that aficionados will appreciate. This blend takes focus to understand its blender’s intent.

I do like flavor bombs. But I enjoy a blend whose sum exceeds its part more. This avenue is aimed at cigar smokers who don’t want to pick out flavors and just enjoy a fine experience.

I worked last night at the Humane Society. This may be one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. There is such humility and humbleness displayed by the folks looking for a pet and the employees in total. I’ve never seen anything like this. The place exudes love. I know that is a corny thing to say but I am at a loss to describe it any other way. The adventure at this time of my life is exactly what I need to be openly optimistic about the human race. When I got home last night, my attention craving Maine Coon was in my arms and I repeated over and over, “You don’t know how lucky you are, kid.” Thankfully, no matter how many animals the HS has, they are constantly being adopted at a fast pace. Makes my heart soar.

OK. The cigar. I push aside the lemon juice running down my leg.

The complexity reaches the intense level. It opens its wings, like a bat, and just lets loose with a million nuances and subtleties brought on by the extensive aging.

The char line has been military spec the entire time.

No idea why this cigar has not been reviewed more. It is certainly a winner with only 2”+ smoked.

The only other sports figure blend I truly enjoyed is the Big Papi by David Ortiz that I reviewed in 2016 and received a rating of 93 from me.

The rest of the celebrity-oriented blends, over the last 10 years, have been total shit.

La Aurora hit a homer with this baby…or should I say a slam dunk?

The leaf stats are unusual. And the cigar is better for it. This is a unique blend. It doesn’t taste like a gazillion Nic puros or any other puro for that matter. The medium/full strength is not causing injury to my being.

Another giant leap for the chain gang at Complexity Prison in Guantanamo Bay.

Not a hint of linear. The cigar is like an Asian fan spreading out more and more with each inch smoked. The stick’s parameters widen like exiting a cave at the beach and the warmth and daylight blinds you with joy.

Even with my windows wide open in 9° weather, the cigar’s wrapper puts up its middle finger and refuses to let the law take it down.

The halfway point is bitch slapping me with a surprising adroitness.

My first sip of water and the rum, honey, and earthiness explode like a 15-year-old getting laid for the first time.

The cigar demonstrates just how good simple complexity can be. The little snippets of flavor and its minions hold court while the overview picture slams a giant gong.

This, my dears, is a great cigar. Again, why wasn’t this regular production cigar reviewed by the big guys? It’s been out for over 2 years. Plenty of time for the cigar to make its bones.

8-1/2 months of no sleep. I believe I will go skydiving again this weekend.

I’ve posted a contact widget on the right side of my reviews. Makes it easier to get in touch with me without needing to comment.

The ash is stout and structural in nature. Strength remains at medium/full. I’m guessing the last third will kick my ass.

Wanna hear something sick? When I’m on the pot, I read the bible of the steel industry (AISC) and work out physics problems about torque and tension. I’m ready for the funny farm.

The Karl Malone is putting me smack dab in the middle of a sublime body position on a sunny isle. I barely notice the music on Pandora.
I don’t know if you’ve tried this blend yet, but you should get at least a fiver.

And then “Trouble No More” by the Allman Bros brings me back into this dimension. Can’t float out there too long or you become a civil servant.

My easy prediction of the cigar’s strength comes to fruition…the eagle has landed. We have full tilt strength.

The only real change is that the spiciness of the black pepper is waving its arms in the air and demanding I pay attention.

More water please…it brings out all the sweet factors designed into the blend. The barrel aging is hyper prevalent. I don’t know if they use oak barrels but there is a strong rum-soaked wood influence that puts a smile on my palate.
Remember Rum Crooks?

“Ramble On” by Zep is playing and I decide to change my website’s name…Cigar Reviews by the Rambling Man.

Oddly, as strong as this cigar has become, nary a hint of nicotine present.

This was my last stick of the fiver I purchased. The earlier sticks I smoked just didn’t have the push and pushback as the cigar I am reviewing this morning. Buying them and storing these cigars will require all of your manhood to be present so that ye shall allow extended hibernation. Well worth your restraint.

“House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals is front and center. Never liked playing that song after it was released. For a bassist, it is nothing but whole notes throughout the redundant chord structure. Yet, it was always a crowd pleaser when playing dates.

The Karl Malone actually gets better with only 2” to smoke.
This is a perfect after dinner smoke along with a good bourbon…rum would be a better choice.

Just in time, nicotine rears its back legs and kicks me in the face. Not a bad trade off for a strong blend that could have easily been one long hallucination.

As good as this cigar is, the sweet spot occurs in the last couple of inches. There are faux sweet spots along the way, but now we have Big Daddy.

And sure enough, the cigar becomes a 90-minute smoke.
If I were any more relaxed, I’d be a puddle of goo.

I don’t know if newbies will enjoy this cigar. It is a great learning device. But it is the sophisticated palate that will be cupped and exploited.

Transitions have been whizzing by the entire time. The finish is equally divided between the aged tobacco and the woody rum sweetness.

I place the nub in my ashtray, and I genuflect 3 times.

You can purchase these cigars at Small Batch Cigar. Remember that the promo code katman will get you 10% of your purchase.
Have a good weekend.



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