Choshi by Luxury Cigar Club | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 54 Robusto
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $12.63

Released October 2021
Blended by Artesano Del Tobacco and rolled in Nicaragua by AJ Fernandez
From Luxury Cigar Club:
“Artesano Del Tobacco is renowned for their brand Viva La Vida. Luxury Cigar Club and Artesano Del Tobacco have had a wonderful relationship since the launch of Luxury Cigar Club, being the first club to ever offer the amazing Nicaraguan puro in a subscription box, and the first company ever to receive an exclusive blend of Viva La Vida. Through that long relationship Choshi was born.

“Choshi will be the second blend by Billy and Gus at Artesano Del Tobacco ever released for sale, and we are extremely humbled and proud to be able to offer this exclusively.

“Choshi was a project that started nearly a full year before its release, but through some difficulties in supply chain, wood supply, and of course COVID, it was delayed several times, but we are happy to announce that it’s ready for you and will be shipping in Late November.

“Choshi means firstborn, and it is named this because it was supposed to be the first cigar released from Luxury Cigar Club. Ooops. Even though it is late it will not disappoint!

“Choshi was blended to represent both Ben and Chris’ pallet and will provide three extremely defined and unique transitions. The first third is full body with complex Nicaraguan flavors, the second third is mild and smooth. The final third is a perfect marriage between the two. We are so extremely happy to be able to offer this treat to you!”

While the cigar is well constructed, I would veer off into a ditch if I didn’t explain that this is what I call a rough cob cigar.

Extremely toothy. Veins are running all the way to Cleveland. Despite the roughness of the exterior, the stick is packed full of leafy meat. A nice bit of resistance when I squeeze the cigar. No soft or hard spots. If I was a better photographer, you’d be able to see the oiliness. It glistens in the light…but not so much in my photo because I’m becoming a dork with my camera. Not a phone. A camera. The cigar band is nicely decorated with symbols that will alert aliens not to take any owner of the cigar to their home planet.

Aromas are rich fragrant examples from picking the right leaves. Every sniff is chockfull of floral notes, dark chocolate, extreme creaminess, malt galore, caramel, hazelnuts, licorice, a tiny whiff of black and red peppers, marzipan, Worcestershire sauce, cedar, and small tidbits of aromas that are subservient to the main aromas; and therefore, will most certainly show up in the smoking portion of this body of work.

The cold draw presents flavors of super dark cacao, espresso, malt, black licorice, nut meats, black pepper, some creaminess, cedar, and slithering caramel.

The draw is just a bit tight due to the overflow of tobacco innards, but it opens up as I impart my old man juices on the cap. My PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool cries foul as it ‘accidentally’ falls into my lap…sharp end first.

The journey begins with an uppercut to my palate and a right hook to my uvula. Its strength makes an immediate impact. Complexity pulls up a chaise lounge and makes itself at home.

Sweet and savory flavors pour from the cigar into my lava lamp palate. It is too early to start picking flavor wheel notes. The blend is revving up for that task. Its first revelatory cognition is the complexity and character. It tells me hold your horses. It will give me plenty to describe when it is good and ready to strip down to its skivvies.

Strength hits medium+ toot suite. The char line is razor sharp.

The cigar begins with some rough edges but quickly settles down into a much smoother approach half an inch in.

Savory v. Sweet elements hit a nice balance quickly. I taste BBQ roaming the perimeter. The creaminess is not in attendance as it was while I was shoving the cigar up my nose. The dark cocoa and the espresso have pushed their way to the front of the line.

And then the moment I finish typing the above sentence, yep…creaminess appears. Dang me.

Each puff transitions like Chris and Ben did…but quicker. But this cigar has no breasts.

But seriously folks…I have always wanted to use that term when I reviewed. The flavor profile keeps changing with every couple of puffs. This is an intense experience. The spiciness hangs back to allow me to find all the corners and hiding places where flavor points are hiding. It has that kick I like so much but it is totally unobtrusive.

This is a premium blend. From the first puffs, it is on a mission to pull me in and entertain me.

When I was 12, Soupy Sales did an appearance at the Long Beach JCC. I entered the Soupy Shuffle contest and came in third. Must have been from spending years doing the Curly Shuffle. Every kid in school could do that move. We didn’t have video games in that age of the dinosaur.

The creaminess takes over. The chocolate and espresso change direction by doing a stage bow and allowing subtle elements to shine through.

The blend becomes very smooth. It glides like Tonya Harding.

The cigar is going to really wow me in the second half. My gut, and the $10 Ben gave me, assures this.

The smoothness really takes over. While at the same time, its strength is death defying. So far, no nicotine arrives to slay my train of thought. Jinxed it.

The cigar is built like a Humvee. The char line is dead nuts perfect. The burn is slow and deliberate. Experienced smokers who like intense blends will love the Choshi.

As a kid riding in the back seat of my parents’ car taught me how to projectile vomit on command. I finally grew out of it when I was 47.

For a mostly Nic blend, it is very unique. It does not fall into the category of what you naturally expect. It is high falutin’. Very passionate blend.

Ben told me this is his favorite of the Luxury Cigar Club exclusives. If you go to the website to check this cigar out, and read their description, please don’t make fun of the boys for misspelling palate. Neither Chris nor Ben finished the 3rd grade.

I hit the halfway mark after 45 minutes. The cigar is slow and deliberate. Like your urologist when he checks your prostate.

Amazingly, the cigar becomes smoother and smoother as time ticks by.
Sips of water unleash the dogs of hell. Flavors smear themselves across my palate and bring new tangents to the overall experience.

The sweet spot shows up and my palate feels weightless.

When a cigar blend is this spectacular, I find it very difficult to be witty. I know, I know…when have I ever been witty?

I’m enthralled. This blend will taste gorgeous in the evening with a perfect bourbon.

Transitions become quicker. I feel like I’m being dragged across a sea of swarming simbas.

The first half of the cigar was readying me to be swept away in the second half by its immense character. It screams out “Burn your bra!”
Know what a lot of you missed by not being old as dirt…is that in the 1960’s and even the 70’s, women almost never wore bras. It was visual bliss.

The finish is a royal flush. I can sit here for a couple of minutes and just enjoy the flavors without touching cigar to mouth.

Strength is now full tilt. And yet, I am not attacked by the nicotine monster.

If a big cigar manufacturer made this cigar, you’d be paying $15-$20. And there would be no complaints from me.

If I was anymore relaxed, I’d be in a coffin with Liberace.

This is going to be the first Robusto I’ve smoked that is a 90-minute excursion.

As strong as this cigar is, the delirium level is only a 3.
I’ve really never smoked a cigar with this power and not have the spins when it’s over.

I’d rather not describe the everchanging flavors. Just stare at a flavor wheel and check off every item.

But the three dominant flavors are dark chocolate, espresso, and creaminess. This blend has the strange combo of the whole being bigger than its parts; and yet, I can taste all the nuances and subtleties.

In 1969, I had tickets to watch “Laugh In” being taped. The audience consisted of me and two buddies. The show required 3 days of shooting from start to finish. Jo Anne Worley came over and sat with us. Then, she mounted my lap and began to kiss me. I got a boner this big. I was only 19. She looked at me with feigned shock and started to grind on me. It was my first lap dance. I’ve never thought about baseball so intensely. I also saw “The Smothers Brothers Show.” Neither Tommy nor Dick sat on my lap.

The blend causes involuntary facial tics. This blend will diminish other cigars smoked during the day to Gurkha Seconds.

Some cigars are blended to just pass the time. The Choshi demands your full attention.

I’m very close to the 90-minute mark. I plan on using my PerfecDraw to nub it.

Not a lick of heat nor harshness. It is a baby Jesus miracle.

This stick is a highly specialized blend. I see why the boys are so proud of their creation.
It is definitely one of the best cigars I’ve smoked.
And the best part? I’ve given it only three weeks humi time.

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