Luxury Cigar Club Exclusive Viva La Vida Lancero | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro 2000
Binder: Nicaraguan Corojo ‘99
Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo ‘98
Size: 7 X 38 Lancero
Strength: Full
Price: $17.17

From Luxury Cigar:
“This is the same blend used by brothers Billy and Gus in their Viva La Vida cigar line created by AJ Fernandez, but in a unique VLV Lancero Vitola created for and sold exclusively by us.”

Comes in 5 packs and 10 count boxes.

Nice looking cigar. Some veinage. Tight seams. Packed like a ’57 Buick. Slight tickle of toothiness covers the stick. Oily. Milk chocolate wrapper. Triple cap expertly applied. What else do ya need?

A compendium of flavors: milk chocolate, raisins, vanilla cream, espresso, cinnamon, caramel, malt, cedar, and floral delicacies
The cold draw presents flavors of hot cinnamon toothpicks, dark chocolate, red pepper, cream, malt, fruit combo of pears and apples, and espresso.
The draw is spot on. My PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool sulks and leaves in a minute and a huff.

Immediate stomp to the throat of captivating complexity. Big fat flavors of cinnamon, smoked meat, espresso, creaminess, malt, dark cocoa, cayenne pepper, and sweet elements of BBQ sauce.

This cigar flew out of the gate like its arse was on fire. This is an aged cigar.

The balance is jam up and jelly tight. This really shocks the hell out of me to be able to see a cigar deliver this quickly. Huge flavor bomb along with the unexpected depths of character and in your face ferocity.

Transitions are streaming by my palate like an out-of-control freight train. The finish is chock full of cinnamon, pepper, smoked almonds, caramel, black cherries, and brisket.

Sips of water perform magical feats of forcing the disparate flavors to find cohesiveness that makes sense to my brain.

To be honest, I thought that having smoked the original versions of this blend, that this cigar will just be more of the same. Not so. This is Velveeta Loca on steroids. I think I see breasts and missing testicles.

Furthermore, based upon my prior experience with this blend, there was no way I could endorse this as a $17 cigar. All those other crap cigars in this price range kneel at the hem of this blend.

Strength is medium/full.

The avalanche of cascading flavor points relax now that they know they have nothing to prove. The cohesiveness and balance are in full command.

I tasted bacon in the other size I reviewed, the Fat Robusto, and I taste bacon in this blend.
Black cherries dart in and out like a peeping tom.

Each sip of water is a huge second leg up for the flavor profile. At least, I’ll be hydrated by the end of this review. The water brings out the smokiness of an outdoor smoker.

Dry boxing in all this humidity forces me to take a cautionary tale of action…I leave my review sticks out for 1-2 weeks to dry them out. Otherwise, they are mush.

1975. We did a few days of gigs with Larry Coryell and The Seventh House in Switzerland. Coryell was the father of jazz fusion guitar. He had Alphonse Mouzon on drums. And the Brecker Brothers on horns. Coryell invited Curved Air to his room after the show and he pulled out some big Cubans. My eyes lit up as he passed them around. I was the only band member that had experience with cigars. The CA members all smoked cigarettes and despite my warning that they not inhale the cigars, the ignored me and did just that. Within 10 minutes, there was a room full of Kermits…who one by one excused themselves so as to return to their rooms and projectile vomit. Left me with one of my heroes for most of the night smoking and drinking…as we stared out over Lake Geneva and watched the sun come up over the Swiss Alps and the sparkling lake. Very fond memory. When you’re 25, you can recoup your senses quickly after a night of fun. Now? I need an afternoon nap to stay up till 9.

The char line is dead nuts tight.

The cigar disappears slowly into the ether and its intensity increases exponentially.

I believe the strength is now full…but I can’t tell. Not much nicotine. And the flavor profile has me doing burpees on the balcony.

I gain more and more respect for Ben Rotem and Chris Burke as I review each of their exclusive blends. This will be my fourth cigar review of their LCC only blends. Each one showed itself to be masterfully blended.

The smoked brisket and both red and black peppers make it seem like the 4th of July.

Speaking of which, I just thought of something I hadn’t remembered in decades. Late 70’s and my friends and their gals were at the beach in Long Beach celebrating the 4th. A guy I knew sold me some real fireworks. No sparklers. The real deal. Mortar tubes that were 3” in diameter and 18” tall. The beach was crowded that night. My buddy, Doug, lit one and scurried away but not before knocking it over as the fuse burned and it was aimed at 50 people sitting on the beach. I lunged my entire body into a flop on to the sand and pulled the tube up vertically…a nano second later, it went off into the sky. I smelled like gun powder for days. The newspaper would have said the next day that some crazy people killed dozens of beach goers with their illegal fireworks. The Aryan Nation would have slit my throat immediately in prison.

The stick is packed with joy. A slow roll that takes its time. My fuzzy brain tries to make sense of the experience, but it is so beautifully overwhelmed by this cigar that I’m barely hanging on.

The laundry list: Smoky meats, creaminess, espresso, cinnamon, red and black pepper, black cherries, caramel, assorted nutmeats, graham cracker, malt, cedar, pears and apples, and dots and dashes of summer fruit. This is a lot to process.

I’m at the halfway point in 35 minutes.

One of the most unique blends I’ve smoked in some time.

Strength is full tilt.

The spiciness is powerful but does not interfere with my palate tasting the assortment of virgins dropped into the snausage volcano.

In life, we expect to get what we pay for. The LCC Viva La Vida Lancero does so in spades.

The blend whispers that it still has not reached its zenith. So, I sit back and the hell with the laptop keyboard…and just enjoy.

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