Ivana Trump Dead at 73…and How Todd and I Came to Her Aid | Katman

Ivana Trump died today at age 73. At this time, no cause of death has been disclosed.

This is another old chestnut story that took place while we lived in Phoenix in the 1990’s.

I was in the Todd Hart Band. A power blues trio. Todd once sang lead in the legendary English blues band, Savoy Brown. Todd is an excellent guitarist, but his forte is that incredible voice.

This story revolves around a particular gig that was downtown at the Phoenix Convention Center. It was Women’s Festival…and Ivana Trump was scheduled to speak.
She had been divorced from Mr. Trump since 1992.

We were in a giant room with hundreds of women. Only a small handful of men. The ladies loved our music. We were a great trio.

Between our first and second sets, Ivana was scheduled to speak on the band stand. It was a long break.

My stage clothes were black slacks, white shirt, and a black Blues Brothers’ type jacket. The coat was superfluous because Phoenix is HOT!!

Despite the heat, I wore the jacket because I used it to hide my Glock 30 (.45 caliber sub-compact pistol that held 13+1 rounds).

I started carrying a gun, because at the time, Arizona was still the wild west. It was perfectly legal to carry openly. I always thought that carrying openly made you a target and therefore the first to get shot if things go south.

We were also the official Hells Angels’ band of Arizona. Trafficking in drugs and guns was how they survived. They all carried guns openly. And to be perfectly honest, these were not the smartest group of people. They were true outlaws. They scared the piss out of me…especially by the end of the evening when they were extremely drunk while being ripped on meth.

So, it made sense to me to carry protection. You just never know.
The 90’s was a different time. No metal detectors. And I trusted no one in the clubs. We had a lot of valuable equipment and there were always a lot of drunks…with guns.

The three of us were standing near the rear of the band stand when Ivana entered through the back entrance and walked up to us. She had a chauffeur whom she made carry her purse. This was an older guy dying the death of a thousand razor cuts. So embarrassing…so humiliating. You could see in his eyes he was mortified.

And get this…no bodyguard. I was truly surprised by this. A woman of her wealth and exposure would surely open the vault for someone to keep an eye on things. But not this day.

Ivana was worth a gazillion dollars. She made out like a bandit in the divorce. And here she was standing 3 feet away, waiting to go on…and here I was, packing heat.

Ivana was getting impatient with being made to wait. The women must have been terribly intimidated by her, because no one approached her. She was dressed like a million bucks. You should have seen the jewelry.

I approached her and began to chat. I was immediately embarrassed that I could barely understand her. Her Slavic accent was impossible. I did a lot of nodding and smiling while the other two guys laughed in the background. I had no idea how to gracefully get the fuck out of there.

She went on stage, finally. And she jabberwocked for a good hour. The P.A. speakers were faced outwards, and we could not hear her as we stood behind the speaker cabs. But we could see lots of women yawning.

And then it happened. Some guy dressed like maintenance started giving her a hard time on stage. We couldn’t hear a thing but it sure as hell startled Ivana. She finally screamed and Todd and I ran to her aid.

This guy looked menacing and rambled like a crazy man. He kept asking for her purse, but the chauffeur still had it. Not a single person in that room did a goddam thing to help. They just stared.

Todd hit go with a round house to the guy’s face with his closed fist. The bad guy fell into a heap but was still lucid. I pulled my Glock and put my knee on his chest with the barrel of the gun on his forehead. Todd and I screamed for someone to call the cops. It took 5 minutes for security and the cops to show up. Up till then, I was scared to death I might have to shoot this asshole. Thankfully, a few men in attendance pitched in to hold this guy to the ground and I could put my gun back in its holster.

The cops investigated. Women rushed to the cops to tell them that Todd and I saved the day.

I showed the cops my concealed carry license. And everything was cool.

As we said goodbye to Ivana, she shook Todd’s and my hand. In her hand was a crisp $20 bill. A thank you.

Whenever I think about people with money, I think of that day. And how that broad thanked us with a $20 bill…each. I guess she thought her life was worth $40.

Now, we didn’t come to her aid thinking we would get money for this. We reacted instantly to someone in trouble…like anyone would. Except for the people watching…

I would have rather she didn’t give us a dime.
With $20.00, we could go nuts at Der Wienerschnitzel.

I thanked her and told her I could now make a down payment on that 1970 Ford Pinto I wanted. I laughed…and walked away.
Fucking rich people.

The Todd Hart Band in Tempe, AZ. Me on upright bass…playing it sideways:

The Todd Hart Band in Scottsdale, AZ: