Mi Querida Black SakaKhan | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: U.S.A. Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Mexican San Andrés Negro
Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan
Size: 7.25 x 54
Strength: Full
Price: $15.95

My sticks have been laying about in their skivvies for 3 months.
Cigars provided by DT&T.
If you’d like to read about the genesis of this blend, click on Halfwheel.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.
I’ve looked forward to this review. Here I go smoking a giant and potent log of tobacco on my typical empty stomach in order to taste every morsel of goodness a cigar blend can deliver. I have first responders in the room with me and the police have cordoned off the area. I’m good to go.

The room fills with the aromas of floral and chocolate. The cigar had me at floral.

The cigar begins with the proverbial big bang. My palate is awash with elements across the flavor spectrum: Black pepper, espresso, dark chocolate, cinnamon, creaminess, raw almonds, and toasted bagel.

Complexity swings its hammer down upon its anvil with a clang heard around Milwaukee. Heads look up to catch the sound only to realize that they forgot to take their meds this morning.

Fat chewy notes assault the beach without cover. Strength is an immediate medium/full.

The balance of savory v. sweet begins its rite of passage with a nice representation of both parties. Savory comes from notes of charred meat, smoked paprika, buttered popcorn, and strong oak. The sweetie pie elements are a consensus of chocolate covered almonds, raisins, sweet cream, brioche, lemon custard, and cherries jubilee.

Construction is immaculate. The char line has a perfect gig line.

Initially, the draw was a bit tight. But it’s a very big cigar. I took the chance it would open up once my giant open maw began sucking on it and it was the right gamble. The draw is exactly my choice if I was given one. Therefore, my shameless plug for my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool will come into the fray with a mention and a forever thank you for saving so many cigars that would otherwise be trash bag fodder.

First sip of water and a whitewater rush of flavors spew like a thunderous clap…without the clap. Please hold your applause.

Transitions begin. Each puff brings something new to this aging palate. Little doses of minutiae and trifles speed past at a sprint close to that of a hungry cheetah. No idea what that analogy means. But it somehow has relevance in my head.

At 2” burned, the balance begins to tip towards the savory. More importantly, the cigar blend settles into a creamy smoothness that defies that label of strength. The spiciness began like a Greek god pounding away at the lesser god, Phillyerectus. Now, that pepper has joined the group as a good member in standing. Tiny flavor points hidden by the spiciness come out olly olly oxen free. The buttered popcorn morphs into a tri-colored cob of corn slathered in butter. The charred meat becomes prime rib with Yorkshire pudding. And the oakiness continues to deepen its influence.

The effortless smoothness is on a righteous trek.
What a great blend.

At 2-1/2” burned, the first sweet spot plants the flag claiming victory. Flavors spread like the last 5 minutes of “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Layers of early tidbits begin a scrum to garner my attention.

I saw that movie in 1968 at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Went back three times. Each time, I noticed that a large group of Hippies made a beeline to the front rows. Blotter was very popular back then.

“Love Train” by the O’Jays is playing on my cigar review play list. I can type while my head swivels 360°. I’ve got the Linda Blair moves down pat. Maybe some avocado on toast for breakfast?

It is a buoyant 13° outside. My windows are open, and my naughty bits are in retreat.

As expected in any great blend, the tobacco intertwines with itself causing a series of parabolic curves that meld the cigar into a deep intensity that newbies and sophisticates will love.

I slow down my puffs to enjoy the finish which lingers like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on the beach arching her back for no particular reason. Vicks VapoRub is no substitute for Lubriderm. You gotta work with what you got.

The blend is on spectacular journey that even Elon would understand. (Not really).

Buttered rye bread toast enters causing involuntary tongue slurping that if Charlotte was next to me would see a rolled-up newspaper to my head.

This is the major sweet spot at 3-1/4” burned. The density is so complex that the crocodile that swallowed Captain Hook’s hand is dancing the Boogaloo in waltz time.

What a stunning concoction by Mr. Saka. The old man’s talents with tobacco are clean outta site. Imagine what Steve will be producing 30 years from now. I’ll be dead of course but I will still get messages from my pet tortoise Chaka Kohn.

I believe strength is now at full tilt…yet I feel no body convulsions. And my sight is intact. The control that the blend exhibits is masterful.

We spent $1.2 million on Christmas presents so getting more SakaKhans will wait till January.

The espresso and chocolate are as creamy as a digital butter churn.
The perfect char line smiles down upon the congregation.
Definitely a desert island choice of cigars.

I aged my cigar for only 3 months. Imagine the character development after many more months.

The room fills with floral notes.
Herbal tea notes along with a sinewy honey element hoists the blend by its petard.

If the cigar gains much more intensity, I will find myself at my local recruiting station asking to be sent directly to Camp Pendleton.

The layers of complexity behave like the run at Pamplona. A raging bull named Horace sits down and smokes a SakaKhan with me. We discuss the meaning of life and Horace trumps all my hypotheses.

Newbies…a great full-strength blend to dip your toes into. Seasoned smokers will just plotz.

The price tag of $16 is a mere pittance for the experience that this cigar delivers.

Caramel coated apple makes an impressive entrance. My lips smack like a hungry dancing bear.

Creaminess, bear claws, a chocolate milk shake, honey slathered on brioche, charred meat, almonds, honeysuckle buds, malt, tea, and cinnamon run the show.

Perfect song accompaniment…” It’s All Right” by The Impressions is the perfect adjective for this cigar’s accomplishments.

Going into this review, I was sure the cigar would put me underneath the table, but I was wrong. Every half inch brings something new to my palate. The cigar’s muscle might cause swooning by lesser beings…but for the sophisticated smoker, it brings happiness and delight. One of the best blends I’ve smoked all year.

Construction has been immaculate. The char line is on a mission from God.

The last 2” becomes a man killer. But I’m still upright. And having a swell time.

“I’m Stone In Love With You” Mr. Saka.

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