AJ Fernandez Small Batch Aniversario 25th LE Toro | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Medio-Tiempo Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 50 Toro
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $6.00 by the 20-count bundle ~ $7.95 by the single

From Atlantic Cigar:
“The AJ Small Batch Aniversario is limited-edition smoke celebrating Atlantic Cigars 25th Anniversary. The cigars were slated to be released last year, but due to numerous delays we finally are able to offer these special smokes. In honor of this tremendous milestone, we have put together a limited cigar from one of the industry’s leading manufacturer. The AJ Small Batch Aniversario is a Nicaraguan puro, rolled entirely with Nicaraguan leaf from the tobacco farms of A.J. Fernandez. The cigar is covered in a limited medio tiempo wrapper. This type of leaf grows high atop the tobacco plant—but it doesn’t always sprout—making it a special tobacco prized for its rarity and intense smoking characteristics. The cigar is rolled at A.J. Fernandez’s factory in Nicaragua. Only 10,000 cigars are available for this batch.”

Point A to Point B…6”. From cigar to schnoz. I can smell the bittersweet dark chocolate, floral notes, baking spices, and rich caramel.

A sturdy cigar. Built well. I clip the cap and the airflow is on the money. Just how Daddy likes it. I had my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool at the ready, but I release it back into the wild…if you love something, set it free.

Immediate notes of baking cocoa, creaminess, vanilla, slight citrus notes, caramel, malt, cedar, beef jerky, and charred oak. Very nice start.

I was intrigued by these cigars the same way I am intrigued by the number of times I must get up in the night to pee.

So, I snagged a bundle. Glad I did. (I just gave away the ending). Carry on…

Complexity wastes no time in taking several bows to the filled auditorium.

Nuances flash by like it’s 1970. The very subtle notes of ancillary flavors to my laundry list above play peek a boo.

This is a solidly produced stick. Firm and filled to the brim with its beloved leaves. It smokes slowly like a good Toro should. It will be a nice 90-minute trip down lover’s lane.

The char line is spot on.

The entire 20 count bundle is only $120. I can’t tell you its price if you are an Atlantic VIP member, but it is substantially lower.

I’ve been smoking these for a while and even at the $6.00 non-VIP member price, this is a great go-to cigar.

There aren’t a lot of these bundles left…enough so that you don’t have to jump the gun, but still…I wouldn’t dally.

The transitions are tasty and don’t stop its trudge for nuttin’.

This is an experimental review. I had to stop taking my recently prescribed meds to ward off another stroke because the side effects are terrible. I have no funny bone. I wanted to review a cigar that doesn’t have a price point of $20 and find out my palate is still out to lunch. So please bear with me. It will get better as time passes.

We’ve all smoked cigars with these exact same leaf stats a million times. But AJ put a twist on it for Atlantic Cigar. The tobacco is top shelf. Instead of some big P.R. justifying a $15 price point, it slid in under the wire and AJ came through with a cigar blend that is extremely satisfying.

Sweetness matches the savory points with notes of hot cocoa with marshmallows, red licorice, cinnamon buns, and orange juice. The savory is all about the baking spices, malt, woodiness, jerky, and smoked brisket.

I’m listening to a classic rock channel on Amazon Music and so far, all the musicians featured are dead. If you want a treat and you are into Paul Simon, Paramount Plus has the 2022 special of The Grammy’s Salute to Paul Simon. It is 90 minutes of uninterrupted star-studded artists playing Simon’s songs as he sits in the front row.

The cigar pays no mind to my rambling. It continues to dig deeper into its complex nature and improving with every puff. It’s rare that a cigar will start off with a bang instead of moving at a snail’s pace to get to the sweet spot. This cigar shames other blends by noted manufacturers that pile on more and more expensive cigars that never find a spotlight.

The flavor profile makes no sudden moves. All the flavors I’ve mentioned are intact and I doubt more will be added as the character of this blend are canonized.

Strength is medium/full. But not for long as it will hit full tilt at the halfway point which is nigh after 45 minutes.

AJ has lent his skills to other brand name cigars because the boy has a way with a scythe and access to great tobacco. This $6 stick matches those pretenders…which usually go for $12-$14 per stick.

Atlantic allows you to buy singles of this stick but I wouldn’t fool around with that and, instead, go straight for the bundle.

The finish fills my mouth like a bat filled cave. The finish, no matter the time in which I’m not puffing, stays at full strength without dismissal.

Black pepper shows up. So does red pepper. The tip of my tongue tingles.

Nicotine arrives. This is not a blend for newbies…unless you enjoy fainting. But those with big balls will love it.

The char line never needs correction.

David Crosby is dead. When I was 16, I got into the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach pretending to be a journalist for the Long Beach Press Telegram. The Byrds played two sets with a new crowd ushered in between them. I had my Polaroid. Crosby showed me some tricks so I could get double images with it. The man had a terrible rep for being an arrogant prick. But he went above and beyond to be nice to me.

Roger McGuinn had just changed his name from Jim McGuinn because his guru told him to change it. He signed an autograph for me. His first instinct was to write Jim and a big “J” was planted on the paper before he remembered that his new name was Roger. It was pretty cool, and I wish I still had it. I’m sure I could get at least $6 for it on eBay.

The cigar is on cruise control. Its depth continues to be enriched as the cigar begins to disappear.

I’m flying high on the strength. This cigar ain’t kidding around.

If you want a great everyday cigar, this is it. No need to fool around with subpar inexpensive cigars that are merely ghosts with no passion in its blending and design.

The sweet spot has endured. The flavor profile is intense.

Rather than continuing to ramble, I decide to end this experiment now.

You can purchase these cigars only from Atlantic Cigar.



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