Cigar Review- La Palina Classic Robusto

Wrapper: Brazilian Habano

Binder: Ecuadorian

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican

Size: 5 x 52  Robusto

Body: Medium

Price: $7.50

I have been very lucky to be on the La Palina reviewer’s list for some time now.

This new stick debuted at the 2012 IPCPR convention.

This is from the La Palina press release:

“The La Palina Classic is a noteworthy blend that will become a staple in your humidor. This medium-bodied cigar has a hint of sweetness and spice with earthy undertones that excite the palate. A Brazilian grown habano seed wrapper surrounds an Ecuadorian binder.  Dominican and Nicaraguan filler complete the blend, building a superior balance of flavor. In the way a jazz ensemble unites, the flavors of the La Palina Classic harmonize to create a masterpiece.”

The wrapper has a nice golden brown color. Seams are very tight and few veins. It also has a nice oily sheen to it.

The sniff-o-rama presents a faint woodiness plus some sweet honey. The honey is magnificent at the foot.

I punch the cap. And light ‘er up.

The first few puffs had some red pepper and a woody creamy taste.

The cigar starts out medium in body. It ain’t fooling around. The flavors explode right at the beginning. Very rare for most cigars. The draw is perfecto. And smoke billows like an Ohio refinery. The char line is dead nuts perfect.

I have said more than once that the La Palina Pasha is my desert island cigar…but as I have reviewed the other cigars as they’ve come down the pipe, I have discovered that the same finesse and artistry is applied to all of the blends, regardless of price.

Half an inch in, the stick becomes buttery smooth. I can almost feel the oiliness on my lips. The burn line is a bit erratic but nothing to worry about as I’ve found that this line of cigars always corrects itself should this happen.

A nice tobacco sweetness emerges. It compliments the creaminess. The spiciness, which I love, is stronger now.

As the first third ends and the second begins, the flavor profile is empowered. The honey that I could smell prior to lighting it, now places itself as one of the flavor components. Very mild and just hanging back a bit in the background.

The cigar begins to have a very long finish and is very well balanced. The flavors do not compete with each other. They intermingle and intertwine with each other making it hard to discern a specific flavor…it is all melding into one creating a symphony of artistry.

I take a big swig of water and the honey and creaminess explode. I only drink water when I review so as not to change the intent of the blender.

At the halfway point, I detect some baking spices…or more like a pie crust; buttery and smooth…with a huge dollop of honey sweetness. Like all in the La Palina line, this is driving me nuts. LOL!  So much flavor. And the cigar becomes very complex. I have such a huge smile on my puss right now. I am so pleased that this new addition to the LP line has a cigar that everyone can enjoy. It certainly is in my budget. And after smoking this review stick, I might just have to purchase a box. The cigar I am reviewing is only two weeks in my humidor. I hesitated smoking it this soon, but I was dying to try it. And I’m glad I did. Real quality screams out at you when a stick like this is ready to smoke so soon.

Well, I think I’ve found my new favorite cigar.

The body continues to be medium….so no harshness or nicotine buzz. I do not know if the cap is a triple cap but it sure acts like one. Not a single piece of detritus comes loose on my lips. And the cap stays structurally sound.

The last third re-emphasizes the prior profile but adding so much finesse. I have decided that after I buy a box, I shall keep them to myself and be selfish. I shall only smoke one when I am alone and can really savor the cigar. No interruptions or distractions.

The spiciness has tamped down in the last third allowing the honey, the sweetness, the creaminess, and the nuttiness to expand.

I recently bought a nice pipe to put the nubs of the cigars I really don’t want to end in. Those little ice pick type tools that allow your fingers to stay away from the nub is useless as it still allows the cherry to be too close to your lips and get very hot. The pipe allows for the nub to be smooth and cool.

In summary, this is another magnificent cigar coming from the Paley legacy. It is something that everyone can experience..and should.


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