Cigar Review- Rocky Patel Burn Naples

Wrapper: Honduran Habano

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Honduran (Top Secret) If I tell you, a Mossad agent will visit you in the morning.

Size: 5 x 50 Robusto

Body: Medium/Full

Price: $7.00

Traditionally, Rocky Patel cigars need some resting/aging time in your humidor before they really blossom. Nothing wrong with that. Good things come to good people who wait.

As I have a nice Face Book following, and my own group: Cigar Freaks, I must offer this notion that most cigar smokers are on strict budgets. So when a cigar is pondered as to whether it is to be purchased, the hole in one’s humidor may have a lot to do with that choice. Do I buy a box of cigars that will make me wait a month or longer? Or do I want a cigar that I can smoke right away and get a whopping dose of potential?

The new wave of cigar blending technique is moving towards the trend of producing a cigar that maybe a week or two after putting into your humidor, it’s rip roarin’, ready to go. And this is a good thing.

I smoked the Burn last night. Same day as I received it in the mail…which seems like a good juncture in this review to thank Patrick Vivalo of Rocky Patel for sending over samples of 3 different blends to review. Thanks Patrick! And to the man himself, Rocky. Thanks.

The Burn showed up at the 2012 IPCPR convention. The name is to highlight, or PR, the name of Rocky’s “Burn Cigar Lounge” in Naples, Florida. Well, they picked the right blend to do this with.

Let’s move on. Wake up!

The Honduran wrapper is a dark coffee bean brown. The stick is solid. Seams are invisible. There are a couple large veins but small veins are just about invisible.

The sniff-o-rama brings some nice aromas. Cocoa, sweetness, espresso, wood, and creamy.

I hate to tear off the band at the foot but unless I want to be spitting out fur balls, I must.

I punch this baby and light ‘er up.

Right off the bat it has a rich, earthy taste. And then here comes the black pepper. I know it’s black because it is in the back of my mouth instead of the front.

And it’s sweet. Like me.

The char line is pretty close to dead nuts and the ash is white with some black flecks. You know who I really dig? Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Great jazz fusion band using the banjo as the lead melodic instrument.

I think my meds are wearing off.

The spice is ramping up quickly and moving to the front of my mouth. My sinuses are opening and my eyes begin to water…yeah, oh baby. Take Daddy home. The black pepper has turned to red pepper and is tickling my tongue.

The sweetness is hard to determine. It’s kind of fruity. Like me. I can really taste it when I take a slug of bottled water…as the flavors wash over my palate.

I read a couple other reviews, by respected guys, and they both mentioned sugar cane. I haven’t had a piece of sugar cane since I was in elementary school…and it made me throw up. So I cannot tell if this is the case. What the hell does sugar cane taste like?

I can just see the reviewers with a pile of fruit, nuts and a couple stalks of sugar cane at the ready as they write the review.

The sweetness is fruity. Didn’t I say that already? Maybe it will stand out later in the smoking process. The cocoa shows up. I am still in the first third. A very mild cocoa. For strong cocoa, you usually have to imbibe a Nic cigar, but Honduras comes very close.

As I enter the second third, I taste pie crust and baking spices. A bit of cinnamon and nutmeg. And that buttery creaminess. Very smooth.

While the spiciness is working on all cylinders, the cigar remains medium in body. I love the smell of a  spicy cigar in the morning. Reminds me of Victory!

Cleans out my sinuses and I can smell for miles and miles and miles and miles….Sorry, you can take the old man out of rock n roll, but you can’t take rock n roll out of the old man.

Damn! This stick is delectable. The second third coalesces the flavor profile from the first third. The stick is becoming very complex.

I am very happy to see that this cigar is affordable for lugs like me. This is a high quality premium cigar that if sold for a few bucks more, would still be worth it.

Let me add something here. Yes. This is my first review for the Patel folks. And the Patel folks don’t know me yet. But I write the truth. I don’t fawn over a cigar to make a good impression. This is why a lot of smokers look to me for truth in advertising. If a cigar is a stinkeroo, I will either forgo the review entirely or try to be kind but never bending the truth.

The second third comes to a close and now I am in for a real treat. I remember last night’s smoke and the last third is where the stick really shines.

I keep a Kleenex box next to me because my nose is running from the spice.

Spiciness is a wonderful thing. Most of us real men truly love that component. I am a real man because I have one tattoo….And I limp….And whine that my back hurts.

The cocoa really stands out and is accentuated by each swig of water. I am getting a citrusy flavor now that wasn’t there in the beginning unless this is the sweetness I tasted early on. But it is a cross between something fruity and smooth, and creamy caramel. The creaminess tames the spiciness like my first girlfriend, Freida would with her weapons of mass destruction. It washes over my palate and gives me the illusion of sticky lips. Or maybe just their lifestyle. I get confused a lot. The price you pay for surviving the 1060’s.

Smoke is pouring from the foot like a Pennsylvania chimney.

The last couple of inches moves the body of the cigar to the full position.

Flavors are swirling like the tea cup ride at Disneyland….Only I’m not vomiting on my father.

This is one helluva’ cigar.

This stick should make the folks at Patel very proud. It’s a new era smoke. It has all the flavors that an experienced cigar smoker looks for. I don’t think this would be an advisable cigar for a newbie. But there are plenty of blends in the Patel line that would suit them just fine.

I nub this cigar by placing it in my pipe.

I like this cigar so much that I will definitely be looking to purchase a box.

Kudos Rocky Patel!

And now for something completely different:

And now, my friends, another story from my rock god past…if you read my reviews, you are rolling your eyeballs right about now as I have told so many stories about what it’s like to play big time rock n roll…so here’s another.

Normally, Curved Air headlined in all the arenas in England and Europe. But once in a while, we got to be the support act of a giant band of that time..the 1960’s-1970’s.

For one of those tours, we supported Emerson, Lake and Palmer for 4 gigs.

The first time we did sound check on that bill, I got a wild hair. Keith Emerson had a full sized grand piano that was mechanically fixed so it would do 360 ° roll….with Keith on it. Head over heels.

I asked Keith if I could ride the piano. He laughed and said no one had ever asked to do that in any of the support groups they played with, so I felt honored as I climbed aboard.

To my horror, the only way you hang on is with your feet locked underneath a special bar on the bench. Nothing to hold you in place.

The piano began to roll. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster. I grabbed the keyboard like a cat. I was completely disoriented.

Now I’m spinning like crazy and I’m thinking that I am scared for my life…meanwhile, Keith would play while doing it. ????

After a few minutes, the piano slowed its roll and I was able to get off and then fell flat on my face on the stage from being dizzy.

I asked Keith how in the hell he did that while playing. He laughed, took me to the bathroom in the arena, where he helped me to a stall and I threw up.

Each day we played with them, Keith asked me, like clock work, if I wanted to ride the piano again? All the while laughing while asking. I politely declined.

I had some Cubans that Larry Coryell, the great father of jazz fusion guitar, had given me. And on the last night of playing with them, I asked Keith if he would like to join me for a smoke? His eyes lit up and we retired to his posh hotel room where he allowed no one else in, but me. He ordered some lavish room service and we spent the night eating, drinking and smoking cigars. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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