Cigar Review- Nicarao Exclusivo

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 6 x 52 Toro

Body: Medium/Full

Price: $12.00

There is very little info on this cigar except on the mother ship web site ( I will let them speak for themselves before I delve into it.

“To insure their uttermost quality, Nicarao Exclusivo cigars are limited in production. First, the outstanding torcedores only can roll the Exclusivo; second, only a fixed and limited amount per day must be produced. Those 2 measures provide the objective excellence of the line.

“Nicarao Exclusivo is blended with vintage leaves. All 5 classes of leaves are processed for a minimum of 5 years including an exceptional 9 years aged ligero leaf.

“Rolled with vintage leaves of an exceptional quality, Nicarao Exclusivo reveals an ample aromatic explosion with a medium to full body strength (#7 fortaleza). Its bouquet of perfumes and flavours softly melt down on the palate into a sweet silkiness. In the melody of aromas, animal, spicy, toasty, sweet, coffee and chocolate scents can be perceived. Also gorgeous and typical scents of vintage leaves can be lightly detected. Together with a rare evolution among well-balanced aromatic profiles, the combustion remains easy and complete during the whole tasting. Compact and white/grey ashes attest to the exceptional quality of both the raw materials and the rolling.

“To insure their uttermost quality, Nicarao Exclusivo cigars are limited in production. First, the outstanding torcedores only can roll the Exclusivo; second, only a fixed and limited amount per day must be produced. Those 2 measures provide the objective excellence of the line.

“Exquisite and accomplished, this blend is born with ardent passion, devoted expertise and the highest quality control. Nicarao Exclusivo is the fruit of virtuosity in cigar creation. An exceptional cigar!”

Now with that being said, they are right on!

This is a fantastic, phenomenal cigar that is flying under the radar which is good for you because of you go to Cbid and hit an auction, you can get this cigar for pennies on the dollar. I paid $15.00 and $13.00 for four 5 packs. You can’t beat that. Because as good as this stick is, I ain’t paying $12.00.

The wrapper is close to jet black which does not bode well for my photography. Construction is sort of rustic due to lots of veins. But it is as solid as a rock, yet gives the perfect amount of give in the hand. It looks like a single cap and I cannot find info to argue that. The wrapper is very oily and lots of tooth.

I hit the sniff-o-rama and detect deep, dark cacao. Just the most chocolatey of smells I have ever smelled. The cocoa is so strong that I can’t detect the fainter aromas.

So I punch it and light ‘er up.

And grab a Diet Coke for the egg cream, or chocolate phosphate experience.

The first few puffs are a combo of spiciness and dark cocoa. And I know the makers say it is only med/full, but having smoked several before this review, I find it very full bodied.

And it starts off at very top heavy medium body.

The char line is beautiful.

There is some sweetness.  Fruity sweetness; hopefully it will divulge more of its origin later in the stick.

The draw is dead nuts perfect. As firm as this cigar is you would think, Uh-oh…concave cheek time. But, no. It smokes like a dream.

It also has a citrusy flavor which I account for not having rested or aged properly; like 6 months or a year. It’s just something that shows up early in the cigar process once it’s in your possession. After 6 months or so, the citrus flavor is gone forever. So you talk yourself into enjoying it because you’re poor like me and can’t afford to let it rest for a year.

A big leather component shows up. This is a meaty cigar; rich and well balanced. Very earthy.

And then an inch in, a dollop of creaminess arrives to tame the strength a bit. The red pepper never gets very strong. It is apparent but more so in the background the entire first inch.

Because the stick is packed to the gills, it smokes very slowly. And since I write and smoke at the same time, I have to put the cigar down to let it catch up.

But before I do, that sweetness really rams it home on top of the creaminess. OK. I will stop now.

#      #     #

The second third begins with more of the same, just more intense. The cocoa and creaminess and leather are blasting away on all cylinders. Each time I take a swig of Coke, the cocoa explodes in my mouth.

This cigar is one of the richest sticks I’ve smoked. And now it has moved to full bodied.

My eyes are beginning to vibrate from the strength of this cigar.

Each puff is beyond delectable. I really love this cigar. So much so that I bid, and won, more sticks on cbid. I loathe the day when word gets out on this cigar. See, CI has different levels of this cigar, with the Exclusivo being the high premium. And since the others have been around for a while, there is a level of indifference about this brand. But don’t let that fool you. Not only this blend, but the Especial blend is superb as well. Its price on CI is $8 for a toro.

So when word on the street gets out on the Exclusivo, I won’t be able to buy these sticks for $2.60 each any longer. That’s close to a $10 savings over the CI price.

The last third begins and the stick becomes very complex. The main flavors soar like an eagle. There is no laundry list of flavors because this stick doesn’t need them. It stands on its own. And the strength is full bore.

The spiciness really ramps up. The cocoa is brilliant and the creaminess is out of this world.

Do not buy this cigar.

And now for something completely different:

My evil step mother induced the right amount of shame about my long hair when I was 22. She made an appointment for me at the original Vidal Sassoon’s in Beverly Hills where in 1972, they charged $25 for a haircut. Washing your hair is extra and this was my downfall.

First, they sit you down in a row of barber chairs that face a wall of mirrors. Floor to ceiling. Next to me, was the TV actor from the show Wyatt Earp; Hugh O’Brian. Now this guy was stunningly handsome. I would have screwed him. He was a giant of a man and all the gorgeous girls who worked at Sassoon’s swarmed all over him.

I sat next to him when Vidal came over and started running his hands through my hair, clucking negativity about the condition of my pate. He said he’d fix me up and walked away leaving my hair standing up about 9”.

I looked at myself in the mirror and then I looked over about 3’ to where O’Brian and the girls were and I wanted to hang myself.

Before I could get into the fetal position, a girl came over and took me by the hand and led me to the wash basins.

She leaned me back and washed. And then the next thing I knew, her crotch was straddling my knuckles as I held on to the arm of the chair. She began to squirm a bit and made little moaning sounds. What the fuck???

Apparently, the hair washing gals worked mostly on tips and this babe knew exactly how to get them.

I got a boner. At 22, looking at a hot car gives you a boner. I couldn’t look up to see if anyone else could see what was going on. Thank God the vinyl apron they put on you covered my crotch.

When she was done, I came this close to losing it. I croaked out the word, “Thanks.”

She told me that I could tip her when I paid my bill. And then she left.

I was ushered to a cutting station and Vidal came over and began cutting my hair without asking what I wanted. 45 minutes later, I had a huge fro. Back then, I was a good looking kid and that fro did mystical things as all of a sudden, the girls in the shop began to notice me.

I watched as O’Brian just happened to have a script in his hands. The show ended in 1961, so it must have been a “Love Boat” script.

During the haircut, Vidal asked my name. When he heard Kohn was my last name, he hugged my head. For he was a Jew as well. Then all of a sudden, he became animated.

The experience was very odd but fun. I got up after the haircut, paid my bill, and left a nice $10 tip for the crotch rubber.

I went home and the evil step mother screamed at how I looked. I didn’t care because all of a sudden, girls were attracted to me. I went through all the young women at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA where I was the steamboat captain as a part time job while going to school. I got a reputation there. A lothario. All because of my fro. And of course, because I was a musician who played out all the time.

Thanks Vidal.


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  1. This cigar is a gem !When I find it at CB or get some on sale “I jump on it” .

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