Cigar Review- Quesada Heisenberg Project

Wrapper: Unknown

Binder: Unknown

Filler: Unknown

Size: 5 x 48 Robusto

Body: Medium

Price: $6.00



Who doesn’t love a mystery? It’s funny how all of us cigar junkies are experts on all things tobacco leaves. But here is a test for the best of us and I bet most of us will fail.

The name of the cigar is named for the scientific formula that proves the fundamental limits of precision. And this new blend from Quesada Cigars tells us know-it-alls to “embrace uncertainty”. As a retired structural engineer, I look at the formula on the band and have absolutely no idea what is says.

This should be fun. And what a great way to sell a cigar. It reminds me of Groucho Marx and his TV show, “You Bet Your Life.”

I am doing this review at night which I never do because of the limitations of my cheap camera. I depend heavily on sunlight so I apologize up front if I miss the mark.

The wrapper is a gorgeous, oily dark brown. Very toothy. Lots of veins. Tight seams and a nice triple cap.

I do the sniff and detect a rich earthiness. And some cocoa. My first hint. As I stare at the foot with a magnifying glass, I think I see more than one filler, but I could be wrong.

I punch it and light up. Note: The cigar is a bit soft. The punch sort of pushed the hole instead of cutting it.

Right away, I get some black pepper. Another clue. The draw is excellent but hindered somewhat by the soft tobacco. I get some hay. Uh-oh.

I can taste black tea. There is some sweetness. And that rich aroma is now a flavor.


I think Quesada wants us to think it’s a Nicaraguan because it’s the most popular leaf right now. But that might be reverse psychology.

The char line is right on. It’s a slow burner, again, probably because of the tobacco being a bit damp (?) Hell, I don’t know. This is a real guess. And I believe the reviewer that gets it right, gets an evening with Beyoncé and Eva Peron…she looks pretty good to me.

My gut tells me that there are Honduran leaves in the mix. And maybe some Ecuadorian. I know I’m not going to live this down. I looked at other reviews, not many, and no one is guessing. Cowards. LOL!


I’m only an inch in and the pepper and earthiness are the main flavors. So far, this stick is not abundant with flavors. Aging will cure that.

Damn, the 1” ash falls off in my lap. Missed my keyboard by a pubic hair.

I’m getting a little bit of creaminess as it heads toward the last third. So far, no real cocoa. Even a Nic cigar not ready to smoke shows off some cocoa. Another clue, or am I just an idiot?

Now this cigar is not expensive and that should tell me something.


The cigar comes in 4 sizes:

Petite: 4.75 x 40

Corona: 4 x 43

Robusto: 5 x 48

Corneta Cuadrada: 5.75 x 44/48/55

So Quesada felt that this blend would be best suited in small sizes…which could mean there is a proprietary blend inside…some hard leaves to get. Which means the usual blend could be out the window. Maybe Illinois Ligero or Istanbul Viso or Tel Aviv Seco.

As I hit the halfway point, the spiciness ramps up. And I’m getting dried fruit flavors…maybe raisins. The sweetness is still there.

I might as well be describing an Acid cigar for all the info I’m imparting to you, the reader.

As the second third melts away, a very definitive richness becomes the most apparent characteristic.

And now the creaminess ramps up. It mixes nicely with the sweetness and rich component. But no cocoa. And I can still taste black tea.

Clearly, this cigar needs more than a week in your humidor to be balanced. But the challenge was too much for my ego. And my ego is dying a horrible death.

At this point, I would say that there are some Dominican leaves in this mystery stick. I figure if I keep guessing, eventually I will get something right.

The last third is very enjoyable. The body starts out medium and seems to be finishing that way. This is a good stick for smokers who don’t like strong cigars but enjoy flavorful cigars. I taste loads of possibility in the cigar.

The last bit of the cigar is about the same as the last half. Nice mild flavors. A nice mixture. An interesting blend that I’m dying to discover.

At only $6 a stick, or less ($4.50-$7.00), a 5 pack would be in order. A mystery cigar will never taunt me into buying a box. There is no indication that this is a small batch cigar so it should be around for a while.

The ash hasn’t hung on longer than half an inch throughout the cigar making me think that this might be a relatively fresh rolled cigar.

The triple cap on an inexpensive cigar is highly unusual but a real joy. No detritus in the mouth and nothing to spit out.

Creaminess and pepper finish out the cigar. How odd.

Thank God there is no Cigar Reviewer’s Union to be drummed out of if I fucked this whole thing up.

At these prices, give it a try and then come back and tell me I’m full of shit.



2 replies

  1. I enjoyed this review. I give you a lot of credit for taking a stab at what the blend is. I wont confirm or deny but it takes guts to go out on a limb.

  2. Nice and funny cigar review with lots of attitude..! I like your reviews as you tell it as it is. I like the way it ends being Creamy and peppery at the same time.. Would like to try one out in the future. Keep up the cool reviews.

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