Cigar Review- Los Hermanos Maduro by Casa Fernandez

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan Aganorsa

Size: 5.625 x 46   Corona

Body: Full

Price: $6.65



I am a big fan of the Casa Fernandez folks. They put out consistent, small batch cigars that are art in its purest form…so when I saw that this new cigar, Los Hermanos is made by these fine people, I had to try them; first with a 5 pack from Atlantic Cigar.

I tried one right away and it was like smoking a match stick. I tried two weeks later and it had moved up to blah.

So now it’s been close to 3 months. Let us see what we shall see.

First of all, the Los Hermanos comes in boxes of 20, with only 300 boxes of each size released.

Los Hermanos is rolled just once a year.  Los Hermanos, which, in Spanish, means “The Brothers”, are made by Casa Fernandez & Tropical Tobacco. They are widely known for growing some great tobaccos coming from their Aganorsa farm. The Los Hermanos Maduro is an extension of the Los Hermanos Natural brand. These cigars are blended using Aganorsa grown Nicaraguan tobacco from Cuban master Arsenio Ramos and his staff that he has assembled from Cuba. All of the Los Hermanos cigars are made in small batches. And all blends have a traditional Cuban triple cap.

Now that’s just about all I could find concerning the facts on this cigar blend. The Natural version is much more diversified and easier to find.

The color of this San Andres wrapper is almost coal black. I have never seen a San Andres this dark before. To counterpoint the color of the wrapper, the makers have placed a nice black and gold band that catches the eye.

The construction is solid. I can’t see any seams and veins are almost invisible. The wrapper is very oily. I sniff away and detect barnyard, espresso, sweetness, cocoa, and leather.

I “V” cut the cap and light it up.

The draw is good. I was initially worried based on how hard the stick is. But it is pushing smoke like a champ.

I’m getting all sorts of flavors. Red pepper, leather, espresso, creaminess, and a sweet component. That’s quite impressive coming from the first few puffs. The char line is perfect. I have smoked ½” and I’m smacking my lips as if I were already at the halfway point.


This is not the cigar I first received almost 3 months ago. Lesson learned.

The body is a strong medium from the get go.

The cocoa and creaminess erupt and I grab for my Diet Coke. A nice chocolate/coffee soda at 10am is nice.

It’s a shame I couldn’t find any info on this cigar prior to wasting 2-3 cigars. It would be nice if cigars came with instructions about how long you need to wait prior to lighting up.

The sweetness is syrupy and is cross between honey and molasses. It’s really very satisfying.

Supposedly, we are in the age of the big ring gauges. Yeah, it looks great for a photo on Face Book. But these things take so damn long to age properly.

I much prefer a smaller cigar. Robusto is perfect. And it’s taken me years to realize this. The blender’s intent comes to fruition much quicker when the cigar is small. And in my old age, I just don’t feel like fumbling with a giant cigar in my mouth for 2-1/2 hours. I get bored. Unless, of course, the cigar is other-worldly in taste.

This Los Hermanos corona is just perfect. The length is good and the ring gauge is effective.

There are exceptions of course….my favorite big ring cigar is Paul Stulac’s line. These sticks are almost all 56 ring gauge. But the quality surmounts the discomfort of a big ring. Plus they are good to go in only two weeks. Not the usual 3+ months.


Back to the cigar. This is a slow burning stick. 10 minutes or more, and I finally came to the 1” point. The flavors are the same but there is a dried fruit flavor now….fig and a tiny bit of raisin. I’ve noticed a lot of fig in some of the best cigars lately. Beats the hell out of me where that comes from. But since I love figs, it’s all cool to me Daddy-O.

After a puff, I take a swig of the Diet Coke and the flavors of cocoa, coffee, and creaminess amplify to 11. Raise your hand if you didn’t see “Spinal Tap?” If your hand is raised, spank yourself.

The residual effect of the Diet Coke is marvelous. The flavors sort of sparkle. Now this only works with sticks laden heavy with the cocoa element.

The second third begins and the spiciness has lessened. The San Andres wrapper is making the stick much richer and earthy. It has become nicely balanced. And has a very long finish.


The cigar begins its journey of becoming complex. So I just kick back and enjoy the flavors. Meanwhile, the char line remains damn near perfect.

The price point on this cigar is very consumer friendly. At less than $7 a stick by the single, $6 in a 5 pack, and $5 in a box of 20….you are getting the baby version of the stunning and lovely Casa Fernandez line…which is considerably more in the dough department. Now that I know how good this stick is, I may fall victim to my lack of discipline and buy a box. I see this as a sleeper and that’s why I could only find one review of this stick.

I stopped writing, went to the Atlantic Cigar web site, and bought the box. One of the things I really like about Atlantic is that when you visit the cigar page, it lists the cigars by the box, by the 5 pack and by the single. The really nice part is that it lets you know how many they have left in stock.

The halfway point is shine city. Everything Arsenio Ramos planned while blending this cigar comes to fruition. And it just dawned on me. One of the Casa Fernandez blends is called Arsenio. Hmmm…A coincidence? I think not.


The stick is now perfectly balanced. The strength has mellowed a bit and is not as strong as it started. It’s still a perfect medium but no signs of it moving on up yet.

The sticks come in four sizes: Corona, Gordo 6.5 x 60, Robusto Box Pressed 5.5 x 52, and Toro 6.5 x 52.

I have sucking away on the corona now for a good 40 minutes and I’m only beginning to start the last third. If the other sizes are packed like the corona, you are looking at an entire evening of smoking pleasure.

So what do we have in the last third? Cocoa, creaminess, spiciness, dried fruit, espresso, and leather. The leather seems to be the bedrock of the cigar.

Since the cigar burns so slow, and I can now feel the temperature rising, strength-wise, I am going to slow this wagon train down so I can really enjoy the flavors and keep from getting the nicotine spins. Too early in the day to be dancing with my dog.

The last bit of the cigar really ramps up the body. It is full on, pedal to the metal.

But at no time, is there a bit of harshness, bitterness and it stays very cool. Not cool as in me, but in temp.

It took 90 minutes for this corona to die. Trumpets blare and I am sated. This is a cigar you must try. If only in a 5 pack. But learn from my mistakes. Let them rest for a few months in order to really enjoy the blender’s intent.





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