Cigar Review- Legado de Pepin by Pepin Garcia

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo

Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo

Filler: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed

Size: 5 x 50  Robusto

Body: Full

Price: $5.00 by the 5 Pack…$4.00 by the box (On Sale)




Here we go…this stick is very sloppy looking. The beautiful band attempts to draw your eyes away from the lumpiness, the multitude of veins, and in some cases; a sloppy cap. I picked one with a pretty decent cap. The wrapper is a medium brown. In the sun light, there is a bit of a reddish hue like an Ecuadorian. There is a nice oily sheen and some tooth. The stick is very solid. Not a single soft spot. And the band is very classy, in my book.

I sniff around and detect dark chocolate, hay, creaminess, and almonds.

I V cut the cap and light it up. The draw is perfect in spite of the cigar being so hard.

I get the Garcia blast of pepper. Lots of it plus some very dark, and almost bitter, espresso.  The cocoa is dark and bittersweet like baking cocoa.


Some cedar shows up in small doses.  And the cigar attains a bit of sweetness. The char line is close to perfect.

And here comes that reliable Nicaraguan creaminess in huge waves.

The burn line is becoming a bit erratic at the 1-1/2” mark but the ash is hanging tough. And then the ash falls and I end up with a cone. Not good.

The cigar contains all the flavors you expect from a Nicaraguan puro. The pepper is strong. The cocoa is extremely flavorful. The creaminess is terrific. The almond is nice.

I finish the first third and find myself enjoying the hell out of it. The body started shy of medium but is now classic medium.


It turns out that the cigar is full flavored but takes a third of the cigar to get there.

The cigar’s description says this stick is full bodied. Maybe in the last third.
And as I enter the last third, the cigar’s balance is exceptional. A rich earthiness appears. It’s not complex but it is pulling hard to get there.


I have a hard time putting it down because of the wonderful flavor. This stick has some of the most potent Nic trifecta of cocoa, creaminess, and coffee I’ve ever smoked.

The complexity of this cigar arrives in the last third as hoped. The cocoa is just going nuts on my palate. The spiciness is not as strong but remains a nice component in the background. Since I have a box of these, I plan to put them to sleep for a while and see what they are like a month from now. The last third is more than potential. I believe this is the flavor Garcia wanted you to experience. The body remains at medium.

The cone corrected itself just past the halfway point.

My vision begins to blur. The body has shifted to full.
I finish out the stick in about an hour or so. That is the perfect time span for me. The days of smoking the same cigar for over 2 hours are behind me except for special cigars or moments.

The char line is perfect. The draw has been perfect the entire time.

My hands are beginning to get the shakes from the full nicotine experience.

My advice is that you should jump on this while the getting is good. Buying a box should be your goal. I’m thinking of buying another one.




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2 replies

  1. Nice review Phil, you gotta love those Pepin sticks ( so much power ) they all shine in their own way.

  2. Thank you for posting this review. I bought a 10 pack and had one for the first time this weekend and I absolutely loved it.. Thank you!