Cigar Review- Man O’ War Ruination Perfecto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Ligero

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Honduran & Nicaraguan

Size: 6.5 x 60  “Perfecto”

Body: Medium/Full

Price: $10.00




AJ Fernandez is the man. I hope you are all shaking your heads in agreement.

The Man O War line is his staple of finely tuned and blended cigars. The Ruination being dubbed the strongest. The perfecto, or looks like a salomon to me, shape is rare and can only be had in a sampler that CI has. Six sticks of all Man O War persuasion for $60. You can get them much cheaper on Cbid. Like me.

The cap has a nice flowery top that immediately comes off if you touch it…let alone put it in with the rest of your cigars. All that is left on mine is a crew cut. You will have to refer to my posted photo from CI of what it should look like: A Dr. Seuss character.

I like this size. For a couple of reasons. It is an investment of time that must be committed to and, even though it is a 60 at the foot, it is very small at the cap making it easy to handle with your giant open maw.

I’ve had this stick for at least 6 months or longer so it should be ready to unfold some goodies.

Construction is as solid as a rock. With the right amount of give. The wrapper has that brownish-reddish hue. There are a couple humongous veins but for the most part, very respectable. The foot is closed as if it were twisted. So I will cut that at the same time I cut the cap. The stick is much oiler now than when I got it. And lots of toothiness.

I sniff the baby and detect loads and loads of cocoa and coffee. And delicious black raisins. Sweet and sticky. I clip the foot to smell it. Very intense cocoa.

I know there are hot peppers lying in wait unless the aging time has destroyed them. So I clip, and light.

A burst of cocoa, coffee and creaminess. Lots of nuts and leather and cedar. Wow. That’s a lot on the first few puffs. I am amazed.

The creaminess is not creaminess as I thought; it is vanilla. I’m sure creaminess will show later.

Now I saved this cigar for a moment like this: Easter morning. The dog is out back hunting for Easter eggs and my wife is making coffee. I am smoking a powerful cigar with nothing in my stomach. Since I am not a gentile, Easter has always been mysterious to me. I marveled at the kids, growing up, with their big Easter baskets and their egg rolls and their hunt for the easily found, but elusive, colored hard boiled eggs.

I remember having the neighborhood parents telling my parents that they didn’t want me playing with their children. Why? Because I was taught the story of the resurrection in Hebrew school on Saturdays. And I would ask my friends what the hell does a bunny and hard boiled eggs and chocolate candy have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? I made some of my friends cry and run home. And then I couldn’t play with them.

Now Christmas was downright depressing. Especially, since Chanukah occurred on the Jewish calendar and would be some day in December. The worst day of my life was when it occurred the day after Christmas. Pure hell.

Back to the cigar. Or shall I call it the tree trunk?


This cigar is packed to the hilt with tobacco….and burns very slowly. It has taken me 10 minutes to burn down ½”. And I can taste the power of the ligero. Some spiciness begins to show. You know, I’ve yet to have a single knowledgeable person explain why a cigar can explode with flavor the first couple days it’s out of the cello and then go into hibernation for a few weeks or months. Not one. I had a big guy in the cigar industry unfriend me on FB because I asked him that question.

The perfecto reminds me a bit of a pipe hanging from my mouth. The same sort of weigh distribution. I am starting my journey in pipe smoking.

The first inch is complete and the cocoa and coffee are going bat shit. So I grab a Diet Coke for my egg cream experience.

The ash is holding tight. And the char line is a bit raggedy.

I shall leave you now and come back as the first third ends.

~     ~     ~


I come back and as I sit down, the entire dining room table we’ve had since 1999, collapsed with everything on it. I managed to grab the laptop but everything else went all over the place. A bolt head in a leg sheared right off. I just spend the last 15 minutes ruining my back picking things up. And so now I sit in the dining room typing on a TV dinner tray with another one for my mouse. And ashtray. Kind of ruins my good time, here. But I guess it’s karma for writing what I did about Easter. Never underestimate Karma.

The cigar is beginning to soothe my senses and the rod in my neck.

The cocoa and coffee maintain vigilance throughout the first third. Very little spice. There is another question…what causes the pepper component and why does it go away after considerable aging.

I just grabbed my TV dinner tray in case that question fucked with my Karma.

This is the strongest of the MOW line yet so far it is classic medium bodied. It has certainly mellowed.

The stick gets kind of woody now. It is a nice addition to the flavor profile. But where is the creaminess?

There is a treacle sweetness that pops that I notice because my lips feel sticky. No. I was not in the bathroom with the dog. It’s almost caramel, but not quite.


And here comes bowls full of creaminess to the party. Fluff. I saw that crap in my upscale grocery market in the deli department. This shit made with marshmallow called Fluff. It made me gag when a grandma ordered some for her grandchildren. I said to her, “You don’t eat that crap, do you?” And she shook her head and said her grandkids loved it. Of course they do….but it would be cheaper if you put the kid on his back on the floor and poured sugar into his mouth.

The cigar is an absolute delight. Aging has brought out what AJ wanted. No way does this flavor show up after a couple weeks or even a couple of months. It is a pleasure stick.

I’m at the halfway point and I don’t want it to end. It was the last stick I had and I have picked this stick to smoke and put it away a dozen times. I’m glad I did. The body is still medium. No nic spins for the Katman.


The cigar is so smooth that it’s like alpaca for your mouth. It’s like a bowl of Cocoa Puffs with a great cup of coffee. A caramel macchiato.

The flavor profile begins its run on complexity. Instead of the individual flavors being potent, they become one. The Cosmic Muffin brings them all together in this mélange’ of a single flavor component that is crazy good.

I would have recommended this cigar anyway. But if you can afford to allow it to rest for 6 months or more, do it. You will look back in your decrepit memory and remember what the Katman told you.

So every time you grab for this stick to smoke it, leave it alone.

~     ~     ~

I am now starting the last third. And it is a cigar-cicle. A flavor wiener. A cigar corn dog.

I have been smoking this stick for almost 2 hours and I think another 30 minutes will do it.

I finally get to the end of the cigar and I don’t know what I will smoke today that will be anything close to this experience.




2 replies

  1. Excellent review Katman. As you may remember from my controversial comment when you reviewed the Armada, I love this stick just a touch more. Your comments perfectly describe my own smoking experience with these and they definitely seem to benefit from several months rest. Thanks again for the great read 🙂

  2. Oh I just smoked a Ruination 6 x 60 from CIs chunktastic sampler and Damn!!!!!! I’m ruined. It has only had a few weeks of rest but I couldn’t help it. I’m gonna have to invest in a few more of these. It wasn’t overpowering or gut wrenching at all like I thought it would be. Very peppery then turned smooth and sweet. One of my favorites so far.