Cigar Review- Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying Pig

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 5.375 x 60  “Perfecto”

Body: Full

Price: $16.50



Everyone and his brother have written about this cigar so I felt it was time to thrown my two cents in.

Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying Pig. Is this a name of a cigar or a royal title? I think this falls into the same category as the longest song name, by the Beatles; “Everyone’s Got Something to Hide, Except For Me and My Monkey.”

I think the Beatles beat DE by four words, but it was close.

I reviewed the unreleased UF-13 a little while back and was unimpressed. Mainly due to the cost to pleasure ratio was way down.

The Pig is a known entity and this is my first one. Why? Because I’m old and live on a fucked up fixed income! That’s why. No. I’m not bitter. LOL!

I read that the size and shape of the cigar came about when DE executive saw the shape from a photograph of an 1895 cigar salesman’s size-selection case. Now that is creative shit going on.

The cigar must be packed with nuclear pistons because this thing weighs a ton. I have never felt such a heavy cigar for its shape.


The cigar is almost black. The wrapper oozes oil. And the veins are close to invisible. I love the pig tail cap which I use to de-flower the cigar instead of cutting the cap. Pop off the pigtail and you are ready to go. So I did and am now lighting it up.

It took no trouble at all to get a perfect draw on the first few puffs. And the cigar starts off as a flavor bomb. It’s a smooth as my tushy. There is a dark cocoa happening here. I like the cinnamon and toast components. I would have to say an excellent start!

Then comes a coffee flavor. Just a hint in the background. Personally, I think the three different blends are the perfect concoction for a cigar. You get the best of all worlds.

Some black pepper begins to show. This cigar burns soooooo sloooooow. It will take me over 2 hours to smoke this devil dog….er..devil pig.

Smoke is filling the dining room where I type. I think I will get some nice artsy cigar smoke photos with my piece of crap camera.

The burn line is much better than I had expected. It isn’t perfect, but close.

Then all of a sudden, I get a bitter taste. I’m not quite an inch into the cigar.  I take a swig of Diet Coke to wash it away. And it is gone. I have no idea what that was.

The dark, dark, bittersweet cocoa comes to attention. Maybe the bittersweet came along and forgot to bring the cocoa with it just a minute ago. Go figure.

The cap begins to unravel a bit. I can’t use the cigar glue when it’s at the cap. Won’t work with all that moisture.

The char line becomes truly perfect. The almost white ash forms a pyramid; almost. It is a beautiful thing to see.



There isn’t any change to the flavor profile by this point. It is exactly the same as the first puffs. I’ve had this cigar in my humidor for almost two months so should have enough rest to purge the flavors the blender intended for me to taste.

The second third begins anew with some great flavor; the cocoa has moved out front and there is now some creaminess; just a tad. The coffee component becomes stronger. And there is some fruity taste I can’t put a finger on yet. It is tart but not citrusy. More like fresh apricot. Yep. That’s it. The cinnamon makes itself known.

The sweetness gets stronger and it seems to be more than apricot. In other words, not fruity. It is ever so slight that it might be honey or light molasses.

I like this cigar much more than the UF-13. This stick has loads of character. It is well balanced and is approaching a nice long finish. Plus the construction is much better.

Amazingly, I’m almost at the halfway point, and the body is at classic medium. That last third must be a doozy. But I remembered to have a bowl of cereal first hoping to avoid the massive nicotine spins associated with the rep of this cigar.


The creaminess, cocoa, coffee, sweetness, and now some hazelnut shine at the halfway point. I really like this cigar. I have one other in my humidor. And at over $16, that will be my last. This cigar is excellent, but it ain’t that good. I can buy a couple dozen cigars at the $7-$9 range and be just as happy and be just as good. I think the DE people have created a false mystique about some of their cigars. It blows me away when I see the rabid fans on FB. It’s almost like a cult. Everyone bows down to JD. Sure his cigars are very good, but c’mon. All of a sudden, the flavors become muted. They simmer down and move to the background. The black pepper is close to nonexistent. This is strange.

The cap becomes a sloppy mess. And it wants to unravel, but I am coaxing it to be good. I decide to use my cigar glue because once I take the band off; the thing is going to unravel completely. The glue is applied near the cap and I wait.

OK. A few minutes have passed and the glue is dry.

Not being an expert on the Liga Privada Unico Series, I am not sure what the cigar is supposed to taste like. It has become very earthy; which is very nice. The creaminess and the cocoa and the coffee are there but, again, muted. Maybe this is the design of the blender. That this cigar is to be based upon its earthiness and balance and mixture of flavor profiles that make this cigar very smooth. Maybe I got used to smoking too many Nicaraguan puros.

The cigar begins to move into its final third. I feel a bit light headed but the body of the cigar hasn’t reached its full potential yet.

If this were a $6 stick, at this point it would be a toss-up if I finished it or not. At this price, I am damn well going to finish it. LOL.

The char line continues to be perfect. Obviously, there was a huge effort to get only the best torecedores to roll these cigars. The construction is to be admired.

I decide to man up on this. Not all cigars are flavor bombs. There are other components to be admired. This is a very good cigar. I just expected something else. Whose fault is that? Mine, of course. A gazillion cigar smokers can’t all be wrong. So I re-condition myself to realign my thinking. I’m betting that this is what a high premium Cuban would taste like. Not so much attention paid to being a flavor circus, but rather, the effort put into making the cigar a work of art.

The full body has really kicked in now with just a couple inches to go. Manny Mota! Holy cow! My head is doing a Linda Blair.

The black pepper has hit like the soldiers at Normandy. The cocoa and coffee rise like a phoenix. Ai-Chee-Wa-Wa!

What a difference. The cigar’s flavor profile has made a huge left turn. I should also note that during this entire experience, only once has the ash fallen from the foot. I now have a 1.5” ash hanging on brilliantly.

Ahhh…the band has too much glue on it and I don’t know if I can get it off in one piece. I carefully use my best folding knife to cut the band off with only the slightest damage to the wrapper. It jars the ash into falling on my lap. A sad day at Black Rock.

I finish out the cigar and am very pleased with its performance. Since I smoke and write at the same time, I don’t retract my thoughts or opinions on what I experienced at the time.

The point where I glued the wrapper has come loose. And now I must hole the wrapper each time I put the cigar to my mouth.

In summary, I can recommend this cigar only if you are bucks up. The novelty and scarceness of the cigar does not make it worth $16. I enjoyed it but after I smoke the second in my possession in a couple of months, that’s it for me.



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  2. Someone should drop a line to Drew Estates and tell them how to glue a cap on. Every liga cigar I smoke has the cap unravel when it gets wet. Even there PAPAS FRITA’s have to be carefully cut or have the cigar totally unravel. Very frustrating! you would think with the high prices he’s getting he could have better caps! And yes I think his cigars a way over priced. Just my 2 cent’s on this.

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