Cigar Review- Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 Silver- Ltd. Double Perfecto

Wrapper: Nicaraguan ’98 Criollo

Binder: Costa Rican

Filler: Costa Rican, Honduran, Mexican

Size:  5.75 x 50  “Ltd. Double Perfecto”

Body: Medium

Price: $7.00



I am a big Toraño fan. I admire their beginnings and their homage to their flight from Cuba in 1959. To me, that is so amazing. Can you even imagine bringing your entire family to a new country, probably not speaking the language, and then building an empire of cigars known by every cigar smoker on the planet. Again, amazing.

The double perfecto is a gem of a cigar. I cannot find specific info on this stick so I will wing it. For some reason, the wrapper doesn’t look Nicaraguan to me. It is a light tawny brown; like Bambi’s mother. Seams are tight. Lots of veins. The cap is superbly constructed. Must be #9 torecedores doing the job on these babies. Each cigar is identical to the next. Perfection. There is just the slightest of an oily sheen and a bit of tooth.

I clip the foot for two reasons. I want to get a good whiff of the cigar’s innards. And it is easier to light.

I sniff around and detect coffee, cocoa…oh Lord, after straight cutting the foot, the smell of delectable cocoa is enormous. It’s like a chocolate milk shake. There is a bit of leather and a tad bit of nuttiness.

I light ‘er up.

The first puffs are redolent with sweetness and cedar and leather and cocoa and an earthiness. Wow. That’s a lot to start with. The draw is impeccable. And so far, the char line is too.

The cocoa hits the roof in just moments. Oh my. Diet Coke time. Must have my egg cream..or chocolate soda experience with a cocoa laden stick like this.

Then I get a wonderful ginger bread component. Hot diggity. At the half inch mark, some red pepper shows up. Now we are talking. The char line is impeccable Plus at this point. Such a well-made cigar.

The body is a light medium here. But we have a long way to go.


The spiciness is ramping up now. I like that. It gives the cigar some oomph! The ash, at the 1” point, is hanging tough.

I am picking up some honey. There was a little sweetness at the first puffs but unknown. Now we have delineation. It’s more honeysuckle than honey. It has a floral connection beside the sweet honey flavor. We had honeysuckle plants in our front yard growing up and when they bloomed, we pull the stem (I really don’t know the correct term) from the flower and suck on it for only a couple seconds sending shock waves of honey and sugar into our stupid little heads. It could have been poison for all we knew but we never got sick. My dad yelled at me once when a friend and I were eating the plant sitting on the front porch.

I am closing in on the end of the first third and it is friggin’ delicious. It has a New Breed blender quality to it. Where flavor is king.

The honeysuckle, spice and cocoa are scrumptious. CI had a one day deal on a box of 10 for $40. Is that insane or what? That is almost half price. I had to have them.

For people, like you and me, that have cigar budgets, it is specials like these that keep us afloat. I’m not an Opus X or Feral Pig kind of guy. Cigars have to earn their keep. And paying $16-$24 for a single cigar is ludicrous. Unless you’re bucks up, of course.


The price point on this cigar is ridiculous. The work that went into making a perfect double perfecto should warrant the cigar being a $10 stick…at least. Thank you Toraño Family for being kind to us mortals.

I am closing in on the halfway point. The most bulbous part of the cigar. The cigar chooses to focus mainly on just a few flavors. A long sleep in my humidor might bring out some others.

But cocoa, gingerbread, spice, honey suckle..and a dash of coffee makes this a flavor bomb in my book. And after every other puff, I take a swig of my Diet Coke and the cocoa explodes in my mouth. I can still see that crate of 12 seltzer bottles in the garage. One would have the device for dispensing it. Just like a Three Stooges movie. And on a shelf above the seltzer was another case of U-Bet chocolate syrup from New York for making the infamous New York egg cream.


The cigar band just slips off in one piece thanks to the sloping construction of the perfecto. There is always high anxiety when I think about the difficulty level of removing the band for my photos. Too many, these days, use too much glue and it’s a battle. The blimp looking cigar at the halfway point is a work of art. The oils really show off now. The heat of the first half has brought some oils to the surface. Just a gorgeous cigar.


The stick is at classic medium bodied. The draw continues to be perfect and the char line is dead on.

And Yippie Yi-Yo Ki-Yay!…a creaminess component arrives on the scene at this point and completes the cigar’s flavor profile. Now we have a real NY egg cream.

Holy crap. The last half becomes a major flavor bomb. I am smacking my lips. What a long finish and the cigar is on point for being well balanced. I am having a really good time.

I read a couple reviews prior to beginning mine and one said there was a citrusy component that I don’t taste. To me, that flavor would be the sweet/bitter honeysuckle flavor. It is a plant based flavor but not citrus.

The stick becomes a slow burner and I kick back from the keyboard to enjoy.


The last third sees the spiciness ramp up and finds my nose running. The flavors keep expanding exponentially. I am a happy boy because I have nine more in my humidor.

The stick finishes out like a champ. The flavors could not be any more perfect. The double perfecto took me a good 90 minutes to complete. And I usually prefer my sticks to max out at an hour…but with this stick, I never noticed the time. It was pure pleasure the whole time.