Cigar Review- Paul Stulac Angel Natural

Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 58
Body: Medium
Price: $7.50




I love all Paul Stulac Cigars.
The End.

OK..I know, stop being a jerk. With so many blends and sizes, Mr. Stulac has an amazing sense of quality and mastership in blending cigars.
I spoke to Paul and he told me that his operation is very near a one man show. He is one of those guys that wants complete control over his product. He is proud of what has been accomplished and he intends to see it through. Damn the torpedoes!

Therefore, finding a moment for him to sit still is impossible. Plus, like all the New Breed of cigar makers, he is young man; although if you ask him, he says he feels very old, indeed.

His latest debut of a blend is the Lord of Albany in the Classic Line of cigars. It has become my new favorite cigar. I cannot get enough of these sticks. I have a review you can check out for both the maduro and natural. Great cigars. They should be more widely available after the IPCPR Trade Show.

Back to the Angel. It is in the Classic Line. The first line Paul produced. The cigar has a very rustic appearance. Bulging veins, noticeable seam, the triple cap is a little rough. The color is a medium brown and is solid. It gives in to the slightest squeeze. As all P/S cigars do, it has a nice oily exterior.

I clip the cap. The aromas are very mild. I smell cocoa, hay, spice, strong cinnamon, nice burnished leather, and some cedar.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are bready. Or like cinnamon toast. Some red pepper lies in the background like a flounder…or as I like to say, my first wife’s ability in bed.

The cigar becomes immensely sweet. And the char line begins to get a bit wavy. Like me. And the spiciness continues to build. I like that.

The keynote to P/S cigars is their complexity. And that they hit that mark so quickly. I have reviewed close to all of Paul’s blends. The blends are the Classic, Black Midnight Fire, Red Screaming Sun, and the White Blinding Light. Within each blend, are several sizes and I found each size to have a different impact within the same line. Not just a little bit, but a profound difference. I smoked the Phantom a couple nights ago; which is in the Classic line and it tastes nothing like the Angel. Completely different flavor profile within the same line.

The ash falls off at the one inch mark…The flavor profile is completely changing now. Creaminess jumps on board. The cocoa becomes much stronger and so I grab a Diet Coke for my NYC Egg Cream (Chocolate soda to you gentiles) experience.

Coffee begins to raise its head. It’s a creamy coffee, not a dark blend. I can taste a fruit component. It’s tart and sweet at the same time. Maybe it will come to me later in the smoke.

The second third sees more of the same with the exception of more bready flavors. The cinnamon is gone. The fruit tastes like jam. Lingonberry. We have lots of expensive jams with lingonberry in it so I can easily recognize the flavor. It is sort of a tart version of a blackberry. I don’t know how this flavor came to be. It is certainly a very unique flavor component. Usually, fruit is represented by dried fruit like raisin or fig. And not tart. I don’t taste any citrus flavor at all. So the tartness comes directly from the lingonberry.

The char line is wavy but has not required any touch ups.

The halfway point finds itself in a very complex mode. The flavors seem to have become one giant flavor…incorporating the aforementioned flavors in a carousel effect. They twirl around giving me glimpses of each flavor as I puff on the cigar.

It is officially a flavor bomb. And I have not mentioned this, so I think I should; the body has remained a classic medium this whole time.
The price point on this cigar is fair. It fits right in with the other New Breed cigar makers. Their cigars tend to be around the $7-$8 price range and you pay it. This cigar is no different. In fact, this is a great size for me. It is small enough so there is a wallop of flavors in a very short time.

The huge band comes off without a hitch. I appreciate blenders who take the time to think of the consumer in terms of removing the cigar band. At least half of the cigars I smoke, I must end up shredding the shit out of the band to get it off. Too much glue!

The last third is chugging on all cylinders. I wish I had Taste-O-Vision where you could taste what I taste. The creaminess and cocoa and sweetness and fruit and bread are just over the top. And then the cigar begins to gain strength. The spiciness returns in spades. The tip of my tongue is almost numb. Ha-Cha-Cha as Groucho would say.

I have only an inch and a half to go and the body remains at medium. Since, I’ve had no breakfast, this is great. No spirits of dead family beckoning me to the light.

The spice continues to ratchet up. It is really over the top now. Yet, the flavors aren’t diminished.
What a great cigar.

I highly recommend this stick. There are five sizes in the Classic series and all different. Tomorrow, I look forward to reviewing the Phantom. A 6 x 53 torpedo.