La Libertad by Villiger | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Peruvian Habano
Binder: Peruvian
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 5.5 x 52 “Torpedo”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $6.00


When you think of Villiger Cigars what do you think of? Those foil wrapped dry cured cigars..that are usually on the counter top of a liquor store or even a cigar store and only cost around a buck each?
Me too.

Well, folks, they make more than inexpensive cigars. They make some interesting premium sticks. They make blends called 1888 and Nica Roma in the $3-$4 range.

This is the big kahuna in the Villiger line.

Born in Switzerland by Villiger Stokkebye Intl. and long ago marketed to the U.S.
This blend gets a rating of 92 from Cigar Aficionado.

The La Libertad is a serious cigar. A friend sent me a couple two months ago. I smoked on after around 2-3 weeks and it was terrible. All hay and barnyard.
So two months should reveal its intentions. And that is to use all the same tobacco processing used in Cuban cigars.

The price I show above are online prices and the B & M prices tend to be more in the $7-$8 range. The cigar is available in this short box pressed torpedo, a Gordo, robusto, short perfecto, and Churchill. The torpedo is the only box press among the different sizes.

Construction is just OK. The light brown wrapper has visible seams and a lot of veins. Due to the light color of the wrapper, darker mottling is very visible. The torpedo cap is very well done. A small bit of oil is there and it is very smooth to the touch. The stick is rock solid, almost like their dry cured sticks.

The cigar band is sedate but fashionable. I read that Peruvian cigars have a distinct aroma of a floral scent.

When I clip a torpedo cap, I use a guillotine cutter or scissors cutter. And I cut on a bias to allow a larger surface for helping the taste get through.
I clip the cap and find aromas of a most distinct floral scent along with cocoa, strong honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, cedar, and vanilla. The more I sniff, the more addictive it becomes.

Time to light up. Let’s see what two months humidor rest does for this stick.

The first puffs relocate the toupee on my head. The pepper blast is like nuclear testing in the 1950’s. Man, it has seared my taste buds. This is not the same cigar I tried after only a couple weeks of rest. This baby is ready to go.

The P.R. machine says this cigar is all about flavor. And since the red pepper has charred your palate away, any flavor would be welcome.
I like spicy cigars. I just wasn’t ready for this.

And then like an angel sent from heaven, flavors do arrive on the scene. There is a nice richness combined with creaminess. It is very earthy. The honey aroma becomes a potent flavor. And a combo of sweet cedar and sweet tobacco.
Moments later, a mild coffee shows up along with nutmeg.

The cigar does become floral as the Villiger says. The Peruvian wrapper and tobacco must be responsible as the description says.
Well, this ain’t no $1 Villiger dry cured cigar. This is the big time for Villiger.

The draw is just fine. The char line is slightly wavy but doesn’t look like it will need correction. And the jam packed tobacco makes it a slow smoker. I may be here all day licking my taste buds to make them heal.

With lovely flavors, like the aforementioned, this early….the cigar is headed towards flavor bomb status early in the game.

The first third begins and a whole new sweetness begins. It’s vanilla. Manny Mota! We must stop this before the cigar takes over the Sudetenland!
And as the second third begins, the cigar takes on a very buttery component that feels and tastes real. I can feel the oiliness on my lips from melted it had lobster dipped in it. It now has a very long finish and I sit here like a schmageggy smacking my lips over and over.

The honey has dissipated. And the red pepper has moved to the back. Or I just can’t feel anything in that part of my palate any longer. I’ve killed my palate. This is a plot for Switzerland to take down America. One palate at a time.

The halfway mark is smooth as glass, or my tushy. That’s because I have low testosterone. MEN: Do not take those testosterone pills!!! Without them you lose some arm and leg hair but so what. Here is what the commercial tells you in a very sneaky way. “Theremaybesomehairloss.” Just like that so you don’t hear it.
My doc told me that if you take that shit, you will start losing what hair you have on your head. Do you really want to trade head hair for leg hair? And I can still get a boner at 63. But I’ve been married for 29 years so I have no place to put it.

The ash has hung on like a champ this whole time. I have a conundrum as to whether to tap it off into the ash tray or wait til it falls into my lap while I type. Just for the purpose of getting a “Hey, he is a really cool dude” photo.

The body has been a little over medium this whole time. And as I move towards the last third, it is really ratcheting up as I get a real nicotine punch to the gut. This is not a Wally Guse cigar. Move away from the cigar.

And then the ash falls on to my lap and my keyboard. Every stinkin’ time.

The cigar is quite complex. It reminds me of an Illusione. Not sure of the blend as I can’t afford to buy them and no one will give them to me. Although, I do have 4 Illusione blends on this blog.

The cigar’s balance is wonderful. The finish is long. And the floral element is very strong. My wife, in the living room, asks what I’m smoking because she likes the aroma. She never does that. But yet, she puts up with me smoking in the house. Good wife.

The creaminess makes a surge for first in line. Right behind are the floral, butter, toast, vanilla, sweetness, cedar, spice, coffee, and something fruity.
The nicotine holds itself at bay. For such a full bodied cigar, the nicotine isn’t too bad. But I am nowhere near done.

So, this is what two months’ humidor time does for this cigar. Clearly, it is old school blending. Another couple of months, or longer, will probably make a big difference.

I want to thank Jason Harding of for the samples. I trust Jason but when he told me he was sending some Villiger cigars, I hated him. Clearly, he is smarter than me.

The last third is totally full bodied. And I think labeling this cigar with a certain body all depends on when you smoke it.
The area near the foot begins to unravel a bit. And the cap goes rogue on me. But it is all correctable.

The PR was right. This was a really full flavored cigar.
The nicotine is kicking my arse now. Would I recommend this cigar? Absolutely.



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  1. As usual, a pedagogical and fascinating review. Villiger??? Who would have guessed. And your tip on angled cuts for torpedoes – will definitely have to try it.
    As for the crass lament about what to do with your libido after 29 yrs. of marriage . . . You’re just spoiled. A wife who lets you smoke indoors without serving divorce papers??? What the %#@&! You are a blessed man, Mr. Kohn. Know thyself.

  2. Yohannian,
    I’m a Jew. It is in my DNA and purpose on this planet to whine, whine, whine.
    If I couldn’t whine, I’d be a gentile.
    Coincidentally, my dear wife Charlotte, reminded me yesterday about what a lucky man I am to have a wife that doesn’t force me to go sit in the snow and smoke my cigars.
    But since she is a hermaphrodite, she understands what a man needs.
    The Katman loves you.

  3. Smoking indoors ? A boner at 63 ? A guillotine cut ? Christ Phillip, I’m turned on and jealous at the same time…Sorry about the Christ thing…What’s the name of the Cigar again ??? Informative and hyperbolic at the same time…You are my hero !

  4. When I read the comments on other reviewer’s blogs, they go like this:
    “Whoa, dude. Fine review. I was thinking of pulling the trigger on these too.”
    And there are 43 more right below that one saying the exact same thing.

    Now I have some literate, smart, brilliant, followers. I have about half a dozen reviewers that I respect. They aren’t funny, but they are professional. And they usually don’t get any comments.
    So I count myself lucky to have such intelligent and funny friends who are out of their minds by reading me.
    Thanks to all of you swabbies!

  5. Nice Jewfro!
    Nice review

  6. Hi Charlie,
    Well the cigar must not be doing well as I see it on closeouts everywhere. I enjoyed the cigar. I think there is a stigma on this cigar that is unwarranted. I’d grab some wherever I found them the cheapest.

    • I took your advice, picking up 60 grand robustos, 40 robustos, 20 churchills, 20 perfectos, and 20 torpedoes on Cbid during July/August 2014. All this for about $250, including shipping. The shorter vitolas are great for my 40 minute drive home from work.