No Dress Code by Paul Stulac Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Sumatran
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 56 “Torpedo
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.00



Paul grabbed one of these babies from his roller who had just tweaked a White Blinding Light and Paul smoked it right away.

“It’s a Nica cigar rolled in Miami and is basically a tweaked White Blinding Light to accommodate the freshly smoked option or something that will age nicely in your humidor or glove
compartment in your car. I just wanna have some fun with this one.
“This is really a cigar I enjoyed smoking right off the table as the rollers made them. A few changes later and no cigar label later we had ‘No Dress Code.’ If others like it I hope they support it and smoke it…if not…well more for me to smoke I guess.”
And in another email:
“It’s a tweaked White stripped down. That’s for this first month. The vitolas will change on a monthly basis or to put it more succinctly: What I’m feeling at any given time. Could be robustos next batch or coronas. Who knows!
“I will talk to you before the holidays I’m sure. Who else can I say happy holidays and FU in the same email?….

A website called: is dedicated to this cigar and it is Day 2 until the unveiling.

The cigar is gorgeous. It is a behemoth of a stick. There is a very pretty mottling over the length of the shaft. Reminds me of our brindle colored Boxer.
Seams are slightly visible. Lots of little spider veins. Very oily and very toothy. The cap is flawless. This is the only manufacturer that can make a giant cigar produce flavors like a robusto.
I clip the cap and find aromas of potent spice, cocoa, baking spices, cedar, and espresso.
Time to light up.

Smoke completely blinds me. Initially, the flavors are a nice sweetness and cream.
The potent spice aroma translates to flavor and tears are rolling down my cheeks. The draw is impeccable and the char line in nearly perfect. I’ve had freshly rolled cigars before but they didn’t taste anything like this.

The WBL is Stulac’s most prestigious, and expensive, cigar. So if you can snag a slightly tweaked version for only $7.50, man oh man.



I am one inch in and this is a mighty find blend. I am really surprised. I’ve only had this cigar a few days and thought that if it is made to be smoked fresh, well hell’s bells Margaret, why not light one up and smoke it.

Flavors in descending order are: Red pepper, creaminess, cocoa, coffee, cedar, melon, raisins, and buttery toast. And this is an inch and a half in. Manny Mota!

If you do buy these, do not wait more than a couple days. Of course, you may age them in your humidor.
The strength is classic medium bodied. Smoke fills the dining room and the living room; and that’s with a fan going and the windows open. This cigar’s destiny was to burn like lighting Smoky the Bear’s feet.
I grab a Diet Coke for my egg cream experience. I take a sip and I can taste the seltzer water.

The second third begins.
The cigar turns into a candy bar with flavors of caramel, toffee, peanuts, and nougat. The balance hits the perfect stride; it is chewy and possesses a very long finish.

You’re getting a stripped down White Blinding Light for about $5 less a cigar.

At the halfway point, flavors are whizzing past my palate.

The last third begins and here are the flavors in descending order: Creaminess, caramel, pepper, toffee, butter, toast, nuts, nougat, earth, sweetness, cocoa, coffee, raisins, melon, and cedar. Sounds like a diabetic’s shopping list.

Make sure you check out the No Dress Code web site when it opens on Dec. 15.

The spiciness returns with a real punch. The flavors become much more intense taking turns at the helm.

The cigar remains at just a tick above medium bodied.

I have reviewed every single cigar he has produced so if you are interested in finding your style, go to the search window on my home page and just write in Paul Stulac.
And to my dear friend, Wally Guse, this is the perfect cigar for you.



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  1. Thanks Katman, and a great review as usual…I will be wrapping my lips around one of these babies as soon as I can get my grabby paws on one…Paul does a great job and I’m certain that I will be soaring with the Angels after my first puff…A little hyperbole, but you know what I mean…Keeping it smokey !!!

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