Cigar Glue | Kingpin Cigar Glue

I constantly write about the cigar glue I use. It is called Kingpin and is very reasonable and does a better job than any other glue out there. It is made of totally natural ingredients and is the same thing the torcedores use when they roll cigars. It has a viscous quality rather than being a water-like liquid and dries very fast.
Here they are:

Or in a 12 pack: $28.49 This is a sampler of all four flavors

They come in four flavors that totally dissipate by the time they dry so there is no taste remaining. Click on the flavor to be taken to the web site.
White Chocolate $1.49
Peach $1.49
Mango $1.49
Blueberry $2.49

Shipping is $3.


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