Gurkha Legend Elegancia Limited Edition | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Cameroon
Filler: Dominican
Size: 7 x 50
Body: Medium
Price: $14.00 by the 5 pack – $23.00 by the single – ($3.00) If you buy them when Famous offers them in the checkout process.

This is a short review because it is merely a warning. Another shake down by Hansotia and Famous. This cigar 5 pack was offered, for $15, as I checked out when I bought something on Cigar Monster. Underneath that price, it said $23 per cigar.

I tried finding it on the Famous web site because they claim it is a house cigar made exclusively for them. It was nowhere to be found, not even the 5 pack. I thought, unwisely, why not?
Now I have had these cigars marinating for a month.

This is the only information that Famous has to say about this cigar:
“Gurkha Legend cigars are master crafted with a blend of perfectly balanced Dominican fillers, an African Cameroon binder for added spice and an oily, ebony Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper for extra depth. In creating this robust, yet amazingly smooth-smoking blend, Gurkha’s Kaizad Hansotia ages the cigars a full eight years to achieve a very complex and aromatic smoke that teems with rich, dark tobacco flavors. An unparalleled smoke that every cigar smoker should experience at least once.”

Now some contradictions. They call this wrapper a maduro. It is not. In the area above the description, they call it Ecuadorian. And then they also call it Connecticut which I believe it is.

There is nothing oily, ebony about this wrapper. It is a dull matte finish and the color of wet cement. Construction is poor. All of the seams are visible. And the cap is kind of wrinkly.

I tried this cigar and it is mild, not medium as they claim. It tastes of hay and barnyard. Maybe this yard ‘gar takes a year to age. I don’t know. But a $23 cigar? A $14 cigar? I think not. They don’t sell them in boxes; just 5 packs.
The bottom line is that this cigar is tasteless. There, that’s my review. Click on Gurkha Elegancia to go to the Famous page selling these cigars.

I am writing this because no one else is. And they are suckering smokers into buying this awful stick when you check out. People smarter than me are not getting sucker punched.

Famous and I go way back. I say bad things about them. And they bad mouth me to every cigar rep and cigar insider that will listen. Why? Because I stood up to them. How dare I? Remember that horrible scam Penny Auction they ran a while back. It was a web site to itself and I believe each penny cost 60 cents and smokers were ending up paying three times the value of the cigars because they got caught up in the rapid pace of the auction that wouldn’t end. I wrote about that and shame on them for taking advantage of their clientele. An outright scam just like every other penny auction house online. The Famous penny auction finally bit the dust as smokers got wise to the scam.

Don’t buy this cigar. It sucks!


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2 replies

  1. I can’t believe I fell for it. It was during my sleep apnea without a CPAP machine period. I was delirious.

  2. Well at least you have a new CPAP machine so there won’t be any excuses next time…I purchase from Cigar Monster without any difficulty, and they usually have some pretty good deals for a 5 pack…I NEVER purchase anything on checkout from any online store because I believe it’s just a sales pitch to separate us from our money…Impulse buying can sometimes bite you in the ass…Bad Cigar…Good review !