Welcome to the Arctic | Wisconsin Dec. 5-8, 2013

My lovely wife allows me to smoke my cigars in the house, but I open a lot of windows and crank up a couple of fans.
Wisconsin weather, over the next four days, is going to be, literally, life threatening.
Temps during the day will vary from -33° to -47°. That’s right. During the day.

Everything is closing down. My wife will not be going to work.

If I open windows I will be a Katsicle.

This is record breaking weather for Wisconsin. I have no idea how they are going to play the Packers-49’ers game on Sunday.

I’m a So Cal boy and I cannot imagine that kind of cold.
-47°? Are you kidding me? Can cars run in that kind of cold?
I fear there may be a significant loss of life from people either dumb enough to go outside or find themselves trapped outside.

Hopefully, I will see you on Thursday or Friday.





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  1. Best wishes and good luck. I can only imagine.

  2. Holy Balls katman…Stay warm…Better yet, hop on a jet Plane to Arizona , and let’s get some coffee and smoke some Cigars at Surprise lake, while we watch the joggers and Geese prance around the park…Also, if you venture outside, don’t inhale…Cheers !

    • Sure, rub it in my face.
      One thing I haven’t figured out is the dog….
      How do I take her out to do her business in this weather? She is a boxer with very short hair and has a real aversion to cold. When she sleeps on our bed, we have to cover her with a little blanket. And in the living room, she lays in front of the space heater.
      So I’m a’ fearin’ that I will have to go out with her to make sure she goes. Drat. My dick and balls are small enough without exposing them to frigid temps.
      My only comeback to you is that when summer hits in May in Arizona, we have gorgeous 70 degree weather. We get one hot week in July where it goes up to 90 degrees but the rest of the summer is only in the 80’s. I will take that over your 112 degree weather anytime.

  3. Today won’t be too bad. It should get up to 15 below.
    Tomorrow is the day everyone is scared to death about.
    I’m watching TV and there is a crawl on the bottom of the screen showing all of the schools, agencies, stores, etc that will be closed tomorrow. Even McDonalds.
    We are fortunate, compared to some neighbors, who use their garages as storage sheds. And can’t squeeze a bicycle into them any longer.
    Our garage will take our truck easily and that’s where it will stay for 2-3 days. Cold weather can kill your battery, screw up your tires, and you must have a mostly full gas tank or ice forms inside your tank. Nicht gut.
    Cheers everyone. Stay warm.

  4. Du-oh…why didn’t I think of that?

  5. Methinks thou doth protest too much. It will be subzero in Chicago soon. I will utilize this opportunity to finally put my cheap-ass, nasty Gurkha bundles to use. They will make fine kindle to build a warm glow in the family room fireplace. When life gives lemons . . .

    • Back in 2008, I went to Sacramento for a job site every week. I spent most of the time in a great B & M in Loomis, just north of Sac.
      This guy knew Hansotia pretty well and had a huge supply of Gurkhas. But they weren’t online store Gurkhas. These were fantastic cigars and half the guys that came in and plotzed into a big overstuffed chair, smoked them. Me too. They weren’t cheap. A Crest was over $20 and actually worth it; not the $4 version on CI.
      So I got burned forever on Gurkhas that came from the internet. The fuck actually made two versions of the same cigars.
      Although, I enjoyed the Trident and Warpig.

  6. It’s only -17° AT 6pm. I don’t think it is going to hit -47° tomorrow but our lovely governor has decided to close government offices on both Monday and Tuesday. Without pay, of course. He is a Republican. And he wants to be president.
    He is a strange looking guy due to his haircut. He has this giant bald spot on the back of his head. He lets the front of his hair grow long but only covers up the part he sees in the mirror. Someone should have a talk to him. His head looks like a Carolina Panther helmet logo.

  7. Here it is…Monday morning and it’s -51°.
    People, up and down my street, are getting jump starts on their batteries because they don’t have room in their double garages for their cars.
    From what I’ve heard and read, this kind of cold is a battery killer.
    The dog was a real trooper although she did move very fast.
    I took the trash out and, my God, the cold takes you breath away.
    Tomorrow will be better and only be -20°. Something to look forward to.
    Stay warm everyone!
    (Shut up Wally)