Montecristo 75th Aniversario Natural | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan
Size: 5.25 x 52 “Edmundo”
Body: Medium
Price: $14.00-$17.00 (Much Cheaper in the Montecristo Operation Hope 4 Pack)




These stogies were blended in honor of the 75th anniversary of the year Alonso Menendez founded the Montecristo brand in Havana, Cuba.

Jose Seijas is the man behind the blending wheel on this one.

The cigar was released in at the 2009 IPCPR trade show. Supposedly, a limited production cigar, it seems to be everywhere.

I got mine by purchasing a 4 pack box called Montecristo Operation Hope 4 Pack with Slimline V Cut Cigar Sampler from I paid $24 for it. On the Famous Smoke web site, the box goes for $40. A good deal either way. The box includes some interesting blends:
1 Montecristo 75th Edmundo Natural (5.25 x 52)
1 Montecristo Classic #2 (BP) Natural (6.12 x 52)
1 Montecristo Negra Belicoso Maduro (6.12 x 52)
1 Montecristo Slimline V-Cutter Double Blade Chrome
1 Montecristo White Toro Natural (6 x 54)

I would nab one of these if you can. All of these cigars cost double digits and $24 is a damn good price.
I don’t think you will find me paying $14 for one cigar. And that’s on sale. Other prices go up to $17.

I tired the V cutter and damn near destroyed the cap. It’s a piece of junk…But it’s pretty.

The cigar is beautiful. A mosaic of veins making it look like something from Google Earth. The dark Ecuadorian wrapper is very oily with a very smooth finish. The triple cap is a bit sloppy.

The cigar band is very nice with the usual Monte logo in brown and below it on a white field are the gold letters of the blend: “75th Aniversario Desde 1935.”

There are very few reviews of this cigar. None of the A Listers decided to review it. So a B lister will do it for them.

It is a terribly dreary day and I’m sick of this weather like millions of others all over the country who write cigar reviews with shitty cameras and need sunlight.

This is a real beaut of a cigar and every detail should show but the forecast is dim for the next few weeks. I’m dying to smoke it and I only have this one.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, coffee, sweetness, nuts, and leather.
Time to light up.

The first puffs have a nice mixture of nuts and cocoa. A sweetness that turns the nut element into a pecan flavor. The draw is a bit tight. Feels like there might be a small plug above the cigar band. I use my cigar awl about 2” through the cap and all is well.

I must hijack this review for a moment and tell you that you must read my review of the Spectre by AJ Fernandez I wrote yesterday. It is by far, the most bizarre cigar I have ever smoked.

OK back to the Monte. There is a modicum of spiciness forming. A combo of black and red pepper. The flavor profile is dominated by an earthy, meaty flavor.

At the ¾” point, the cigar expands like the universe, without Pluto. There is a wonderful leather flavor and strong cedar component. The cocoa is very slim…like me.

The cigar is so jam packed that it burns verrrrryyyy slooooowwwww.

There is a fruity element about halfway through the first third. And the pecan is joined by a smooth peanut flavor. The fruit is a combo of fresh and dried. The fresh is apple. The dried is apple. Or maybe it’s the other way around…I’m not sure.

The red pepper marches on Christian soldiers to even a higher level. The earthiness has its own flavor. Smooth, dirty, full of worms, a couple pieces of kitty doo doo, and a deep balance that guides this cigar’s future. (Cue the French horns)

The body from the start has been classic medium. I enter the second third.

This is a lot of dough for one cigar. I don’t expect many of you will be buying it at this price but remember that I got a four pack of small batch blends on for only $24. I checked the background and the price for it ran from $19-$40. So be smart. It’s a nice little package and makes a great gift for a friend or your little baby girl.

The second third develops some wonder…Goddamit!…I dropped the cigar on the floor and that nice long ash that was developing went to pieces. &^$$^*(*^%$@@$*_+!!!!!!

As I was saying, the second third develops some wonderful creaminess and at the same time the cocoa gets dark; that’s how I like my women…and an espresso shows up and complements the whole schlimazel.

Godamm it, shit, fuck, piss, cunt, whore, bitch, ass wipe, douche bag.
I’m OK now. Sorry.

The halfway point is nigh. Or is that near? Or far away? I forget.

The flavors really explode at this point. Flavors, in descending order: Creaminess, cocoa, coffee, sweetness, dried fruit, nuts, leather, cedar, and a terrific earthiness.

I would like to have another please. (As I hold my empty bowl up). I would rather bid on another Hope pack than pay $14 for this stick. In fact…ooh, ooh…they have three different variations on the 4 pack right now. Instead of four cigars, one has three but adds a lighter. And the price point is spot on. Here is the link: Montecristo Operation Hope.


I hit the last third and the cigar is a flavor bomb. This stick is blasting away on 8 cylinders. What a great cigar this has become. I’m sure with a whole bunch of humidor time; this cigar will be even greater. If all I taste is potential, then the folks at Montecristo did a wonderful job…or more specifically, Jose Seijas. He has his own cigar for sale and available on CI…I think. I did review it and it was terrific.

The slow burn has caused the smoking time to be well over an hour to get to the last third. And now I want it to slow down even more.
The stick finishes out smoothly and tastefully. Go grab one of those Montecristo Operation Hope 4 Packs before they disappear.

And now for something completely different:

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    I produced a single. I wrote, produced and directed the music video. I oversaw the photography of the single’s cover. I had all the promo 8 x 10’s made. So, I got 25 back from each single sold from the very start.

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    Charlotte drove us to her home and I don’t remember a damn thing after that….
    To be continued….

    c1 (2)


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