La Zona Factory Selects by Espinosa | Katman Alert!


I was perusing through and found something I’ve never heard of: La Zona Factory Selects by Espinosa
Am I the last to know?

He only makes them for Famous Smoke. A bundle of 20 goes for around $50 on the Famous site.

I got the torpedoes (6.12 x 52 & called Bullets) for half that on
They had only one bundle up for sale. And no one bid against me. I’m now converted. I’ve gotten some killer deals on this Famous auction site.

For $23.00, I got the following:
1 601 La Bomba Napalm Natural (5 x 52)
1 AB Nica Puro Robusto Natural (5 x 50)
1 Antano 1970 Alisado Dark Natural (6 x 52)
1 CAO Brazilia Gol ! Maduro (5 x 56)
1 Cubao No. 4 Natural (4 7/8 x 50)
1 Cusano LXI Sun Grown Robusto Natural (5 x 50)
1 Humo Jaguar Robusto Maduro (5 x 52)
1 Montecristo Platinum Robusto Natural (5 x 50)
1 Oliva Cain 550 Habano Natural (5 3/4 x 50)
1 RP Xtreme Sumatra Robusto Natural (5 x 50)
And no one bid against me.

Anyway, I guess these sticks are seconds of the La Zona blend.
I’m a big fan of Espinosa so how bad could they be?
Or the better question is: How great are they?

So keep an eye open, or better yet, give them your email and they will let you know when they are available. Nice tool.

I just thought I would let my lovely readers know about this mysterious deal.
And Wally Guse, these are medium sticks…perfect for you, my lad.
I believe they come in 3 sizes.



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9 replies

  1. I’ll check these guys out…Thanks Katman !

  2. The man puts out good stuff. I hope he doesn’t disappoint by falling into league with the other manufacturers looking to make a fast buck by selling crap.

  3. The only problem I have with their auction site is shipping cost. $9 s/h for a five pack??? Cigarbid is about $6.

  4. I don’t understand. I’ve made three purchases over the last 6 weeks and each time, the entire shipping price was $5.99.
    In fact, early this month, I won $263 worth of cigars and it was only $5.99.
    Are we talking about the same place?
    I won 14 samplers and 5 packs
    From Famous:
    SUBTOTAL: $263.00
    SHIPPING: $5.99
    SALES TAX: $0.00
    GRAND TOTAL: $273.99

  5. This was my bid purchase from the auctioneer site:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won the following on
    The Padron Sampler No. 88
    Sub-total 23.00
    Shipping 8.99
    TOTAL 31.99

  6. The auctioneer site does not allow for the $5 economy ground shipping! What the $*&@!

  7. Okay, I had initially set up my account with them and never bothered to check the economy shipping rate. So my account automatically set for $8.99 and would not even show $5.99 rate when I logged back in. Had to call them to set it right. I’m an idiot. All that Harvard tuition paid and I get schooled by the Katman ;(

  8. You’re in good idiocy company, pardner.
    As Wally said, Ahhh…the Golden Years…

  9. I have been hitting that site hard for the last couple months. I like it when everyone else bids each other up on cigarbid. So let’s talk about this too much :).

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