Kristoff Ligero Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Cuban Seed Dominican
Filler: Cuban Seed Dominican, Cuban Seed Honduran
Size: 5.5 x 54 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.00 by the box




Kristoff Cigars has been around since 2005. Since then, Glen Case has developed 13 different blends under the Kristoff brand: Original Criollo, Kristoff Ligero, Kristoff Sumatra, Corojo Limitada, GC Signature Series, Galerones Series, Kristania, Brittania Reserva, Cuban Selection, Premium Selection and It’s a Boy/It’s a Girl. Three of these blends have an addition of maduro to complete the 13 blends.

The Ligero Maduro comes in 7 sizes:
Churchill – 7 x 50
Torpedo – 6.25 x 52
Robusto – 5.5 x 54
Matador – 6.5 x 56
Lancero – 7.5 x 40
Short Robusto – 4 x 54
Corona – 5 x 44

The Ligero Maduro received a 90 rating by Cigar Snob Magazine.

This is a beautiful cigar and I rarely, if ever, say that. The wrapper is a dark coffee brown with even darker mottling. The mottling brings out both small and large veins making the whole thing appear to be artwork. The closed foot and the curly pig tail cap are like cherries at both ends of the stick. Oil just oozes from this stick. It is snowing and very overcast so I pray to the Cosmic Muffin I can do justice to the cigar’s photos.

And lastly, the double cigar band enhances the beauty of the cigar. A dark brown that is close in hue to the wrapper. And simple white lettering, except for the gold lettering above the Kristoff name, that says: “Elite Cuban Taste”. There are tiny circular symbols on the main band that I can’t make out.

I always feel it is a crime to remove such alluring, well-made pig tail caps.

I clip the cap, with the precision of a Jewish Moil clipping off the foreskin of a poor defenseless little Jewish baby, and find aromas of the darkest of darkest bittersweet cocoa, sweetness, strong wood, floral notes, and delectable black cherries.
Time to light up.

I’m not crazy about closed footsies.. I toast the foot properly, which can take several minutes, especially on a big ring gauge. With the closed foot, it is very laborious to get it right. Does the image made by the folded leaves remind you of anything?
Maybe I should contact the Vatican and have them send someone here to authenticate.

OK…to the flavors: spice, wood, cocoa, sweetness, caramel, and espresso. Not bad, baby.

The strength is immediately classic medium body. The cigar is brimming with big flavors and then there are flavors waiting off stage, pawing their feet like a horse, waiting to come in and show off.

Damn. This is one delicious cigar and I haven’t gotten past the 1” mark. Smoke pours from the depleted foot but not effusively so I can’t type with the cigar in my mouth. Makes me feel like Studs Terkel.

The char line needs a touch up. Nothing major.

Flavors are just swimming up and down the pool. Here they are in descending order: Sweetness, dark cocoa, spice, espresso, caramel, black cherry, and rich tobacco. And yet, I don’t consider it meeting flavor bomb status. I think that’s coming. Right now, it is a mish mosh of wonderful flavors but no complexity. Of course, the fact I am only halfway through the first third might have that impact.

The ash is gray/white with black flecks.

The price point. Worth every dime of the $8. I don’t mind paying more than I can afford as long as it is a superb cigar. Like a fine meal with your wife that costs upwards of $200. If it was great, who cares about the price? Am I right or am I right?

I am getting some minor cracks in the wrapper. This damn Wisconsin cold. It is currently -13° at 9:30am. Going up to -1° by this afternoon. The house is cold. We keep the thermostat at 70°, which costs us an arm and a leg, and the house still feels like an ice box. The problem is that it is a big two story…with a basement. Even the mice in my man cave are wearing sweaters.

The second third begins and the flavors coalesce. They are not bandying about any longer. They are coming together in a very complex mode. Creaminess enters for the first time bringing with it a stronger cocoa and sweetness.

I pass the second third and hit the halfway point. Flavors are changing in their order: Spice, creaminess, cocoa, coffee, black cherry, sweetness, caramel, rich tobacco.

The strength hits medium/full. And the nicotine kicks in.

I stumble out of my chair and get an Atkins shake from the fridge to ward off the nicotine.

The wrapper is really taking a hit from the cold.

I remove the secondary band and there is too much glue and I cut it off making a mess of the wrapper.

Any other cigar, I would probably get discouraged and dump it. But this is such a great tasting cigar…well, screw it. Onward Christian soldiers. Or Jewish Mossad in my case.

The last third earns it official flavor bomb status. Plus, the cigar becomes very complex. This is a blend for the sophisticated palate. Not for newbies.

The tobacco becomes the star of the picture. While the other flavors are subservient to it. But in a good way swirling around and taking turns for second place. At the moment, creaminess is that flavor.

The sweetness and the caramel are right behind with the black cherry right behind.

I want to thank Garland and Atlantic Cigars for this wonderful stick.

The dark chocolate moves to first place. It seems to be a horse race.

I’m disappointed that the wrapper is so focakte (Yiddish word for screwed up). But the cigar’s flavor profile is running on all cylinders and I’m not giving up. I’m sure that nicer weather would have prevented this from happening.

The main cigar band comes off. This one is much easier on the wrapper.

The cigar finishes out well balanced, rich, with a mighty long finish and smooth. The nicotine has eased up a bit. But the strength hits full body.

I highly recommend this cigar in spite of the wrapper issues. Factors beyond my control caused the issue.

The Atlantic Cigar VIP Club makes a huge difference in price but I’m not allowed to tell you how much. I can tell you it is a really big difference and worth joining for a paltry $60 per year. If you email me, I will tell you how big the savings are. Just go to the “How to Reach Me” on the home page to get my email.



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