La Aurora Barrel Aged | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Dominican Corojo
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 5.50 x 43 “Corona”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $6.00


This blend was designed by everyone’s friend, Jose Blanco. The cigar debuted at the 2007 IPCPR trade show. This is the first La Aurora cigar to be blended with total barrel aged tobacco.

Blanco decided to place the leaves into sealed oak barrels, for one year, that once contained Dominican rum. The total aging of the cigars is 4-5 years.

It was rated 91 in Cigar Aficionado and voted as one of the Top 25 Cigars of the Year in the same magazine.

From Cigar Aficionado:
“The barrels don’t impart rum flavor, but they help the tobacco ferment faster than it would if left in traditional bales. Aurora has aged filler tobacco in barrels before, but this is the first time it has aged all the tobacco for a cigar in a barrel. The Belicoso, the best of the line, has a heavy, rich, woody flavor with a touch of mocha on the palate. It’s one of the company’s top cigars since its landmark 100 Años, released in 2003.
“A dark and attractive vitola with an even draw that produces a heavy, thick smoke rich with woody, toasty flavors that hint of mocha and coffee bean.”

The dark wrapper is a result of the Corojo leaves undergoing a lot of fermentation processes to produce a maduro color.

The little corona shimmers in the light from the oiliness. It has a bit of tooth. Lots of veins visible…but seams are visible too. Some veins are huge for such a small cigar. The dark wrapper is just gorgeous. And the cap is fine.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, cinnamon, ginger, dried fruit, and cocoa.
Time to light up. (Note: This should be a quick review due to the size of the stick)

I get an immediate sweetness paired with spiciness. Creaminess appears right away as well. The draw is spot on. The cigar is nearly a flavor bomb within the first two minutes.

Smoke pours from this little guy like a house afire. Just as the PR instructs, there is no flavor of liquor. But the wood flavor is impressively strong.

The char line is behaving itself. And then the spice, which is red pepper, really takes off.

The cigar has a long finish quickly into the smoke. I’m not sure, but I think the cigar may be on its way out. Everyone is having specials. I got mine from…for a change.

The strength hits medium pretty quickly.

You can really taste the aging on this stick. It’s a hearty flavor.

I am approaching the second third already and here is the list of flavors: spice, sweetness, cocoa, rich tobacco, and wood.
The stick now has a yellow cake flavor. A leather component becomes very strong.

The second third begins with not much change. The creaminess gets in front of the others except the sweetness.
A touch of caramel enters stage right.

None of the flavors are very strong. Sort of dormant now. Everything is still in play but softer. There is a little bit of harshness.

I hit the halfway point and everything changes. Flavors are bold. The harshness disappears. The stick hits flavor bomb status.
Meanwhile, the char line is dead nuts.

The last third starts with a real bang. So flavorful.

The body remains at medium. No nicotine. I have a couple inches to go.

The cigar finishes with a flourish. Very tasty from excellent blending. The strength moves to medium/full but still no nicotine.
Jose Blanco…job well done.

And now for something completely different:

My first marriage was a disaster. We were both 21. And stupid. But I was head over heels. I still remember how she would look at me. She has these gorgeous blue/green eyes that sparkled. It just killed me.

I was in my favorite band of all time back then. We called ourselves Homegrown. Remember, this was 1971. Five of us and we were killer musicians…and all great friends which I haven’t experience since.

We did covers. But our forte was Led Zep and Cream. We had a singer that could hit every note that Robert Plant sang.

Teri and her sisters (both twins and about 7 years or so younger than us) would come to our gigs. I would stare at Teri while I played and played some real clams because I was distracted.

They were a great cheering section. They would watch me play, exclusively, the whole night. They loved my bass playing and told me so. I was young and sucked up all that love.

At the time, I was playing a Hofner bass. Just like Paul McCartney. Bought it when I was 15 in a pawn shop.

But I was into Jack Bruce of Cream in 1971 big time. And I wanted his Gibson EBO bass. A short scale bass that allowed my small hands to really swivel.

But we couldn’t afford it. I think it was around $400 back then. A lot. Teri encouraged me to get the bass and we signed a loan to get it.

When we divorced, there was maybe a couple hundred bucks left on the loan and I skipped on it. My life had crumbled. I didn’t care.

10 years later, Teri got a notice about that loan and she was steaming mad because she was a co-signer. She got a hold of me through an old art form called writing a letter. Man, she was mad.

I wrote back and told her about my new band, The Attitude and invited her to our gig at the Troubador in West Hollywood. She came and shocked the shit out of me.

I remember that before we were married we drove up to Hollywood, on Christmas day, to see the movie, “Love Story.” I almost gagged. But she loved it and cried at the end. I cried because I paid for the tickets.

It was the first time I lived away from home. I was in college and working. So naturally, I lived at home. Sex was a hardship and I got so embarrassed if I stayed at her folk’s home overnight. I don’t think they cared for that.

We got a nice little one bedroom apartment. Next thing I knew, we were having sex without worrying about being caught. Great feeling.

Once, we were at her folks’ home and in bed in the afternoon because no one was home. The twins lived at home as well and they were also gone.

All of a sudden, I heard a car drive into the drive way. Shit! I was naked. So I grabbed my clothes and hid in the closet which had louvered double doors. I stood there and listened to Teri and her sisters talking for the longest time. I dare not breathe.

It seemed forever and when they left Teri’s room, I heard: “Good-bye Phil.”
How humiliating. I was hiding in a closet. One bedroom apartments are much better.

I wrote this so I could put something on the record. About our short one year marriage. I got an email from Teri and within the body of the letter were the words every divorced man wants to hear:
“…However I was the one during our marriage that caused our bad times. You were the good one, I was the crazy one. I look forward to what I hope is our continued friendship.”
There…it’s on the record.


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  1. This is my favorite cigar in my short cigar experience. I would love to get some suggestions on other cigars similar to this one.