Temporary Sabbatical Called on Account of Weather

This crazy weather is forcing me to stop reviewing until the frigid temps, of well below zero, improve in Wisconsin.

Our house is an old, big, two story with a basement. In the morning, it is barely 45-50 degrees…I’ve thrown blankets over the humidors and that hasn’t helped. The air is just too dry and cold. I’ve lived in Chicago, and Milwaukee, for 9 years now and this is, by far, the worst and coldest winter I’ve experienced.

The “cold” prediction looks better for the end of next week. And cross my fingers, make it so.

I don’t want to take photo after photo of cigars with wrappers that are falling apart as they are smoked.

Addendum 1-31-2014: Weather is getting better. We are now into single and double digit positive degrees. I have discovered a simple way to keep the dryness out of my humidors. And I am getting them ready for several good sized shipments of cigars from both manufacturers, online stores, followers and my wallet. So there will be plenty to review starting next week. In the meanwhile, my humidors are healing. Thanks for your support and I hope wherever you are, you’re staying warm.

I am using the time to take naps and just take it easy….


4 replies

  1. Your weather should get better soon. After all, Winter isn’t endless, is it? I look forward to your reviews.

  2. It’s nasty out there and hopefully you’ll get a break soon…Interestingly we have been 5-10 degrees higher than normal because the jet stream is further north this year and delivering our bad weather to you…Are you still able to smoke ? Take care and stay well this winter !!!

  3. Lamentations. If Sir Winston Churchill could puff away under the Nazi blitzkrieg, I thought surely the Katman would persevere. Now nothing to buoyant my spirits through this miserable winter. Oh, the humanity.

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