Inferno by Oliva | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaragua Ligero
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Full
Price: $6.20


These sticks appear to be very popular so I thought I should add them to my catalog of reviews.

This is a Nic puro blend. And are made by Oliva Cigars.
You don’t need any more background info. So off we go.

Construction is good but appearances vary from stick to stick. The coffee bean colored wrapper is mottled. Most seams are invisible. There is a whole bunch of veins, some small, some very large. The double cap is well done on all of them. And the wrapper is oily and sandy to the touch.

I clip the cap and find aromas of cocoa, earthiness, spice, sweetness, cinnamon, peach jam along the shaft and the foot, and raspberry jam at the clipped cap.
Time to light up.

The ligero filler wastes no time in spewing out hot red pepper. The pepper isn’t that strong as to hide the other flavors of cocoa and coffee. The strength is medium bodied right away. Sweetness shows up and completes the start of the stick.

The spice continues to climb. It’s not exactly like a Garcia Blast because it starts strong but continues to build slowly.

The nice thing about these cigars is that they don’t take long to be ready to smoke. I’ve had mine for a couple weeks or so. Longer humidor time will probably mellow out the pepper.

Then more flavors to the fray: wood, leather, cedar, and orange citrus.

The char line is spot on…so far. The draw is good but does not put out a lot of smoke.

At the 1” mark, some creaminess joins the party. The Nic puro puts out a very typical list of flavors. And so far, the stick is complying.

The sweet citrus is a really important flavor to this blend. It lifts it from the mundane stereotypical Nic flavor profile.
I take a swig of water and that citrus now borders on a thin line between orange and tangerine. Unusual, but nice.

The first third ends and I get some nuttiness in the blend. Most probably hazelnut because of the sweetness. While the citrus continues to become bolder, a taste of vanilla bean enters. Which is a prelude to some creaminess.

As I venture into the second third, the cocoa and coffee get stronger. The strength of the cigar remains at medium bodied.
I approach the midway point and the strength becomes medium/full. It is here that the flavors become subtle. Not as splendid as the first third. They become more background flavors to the sweetness and citrus. The spice has relented and is no longer uber strong.

So now we are on cruise control.

It just dawned on me that this is a house brand from Famous Smoke. No one else carries them. And in that research, I discovered they currently have a sale on the box of 20 robustos for only $65. Since all the different sized cigars are on sale at the box level, I have no idea what they normally go for. But at $65, the stick is only a bit over $3. Half the price of the retail price posted above.

Ahhh…but the sale ends on Feb. 15. So if you’re interested, you might want to pull the trigger. But for all I know, the regular price is only $5 more. I will have to check back. I should add that these Inferno cigars were gifted to me. And not by Famous.
Note: After publishing the review, I took a look at a Famous catalog and the savings is $10 over their normal retail. That’s a good deal.

As I get past the halfway point, the flavors become bolder. So here is the order: Sweetness, citrus, cocoa, coffee, spice, nuts, creaminess, vanilla, wood, and leather.

Another swig of water and it is most definitely tangerine. This is a first for me.

The cigar is inching towards being a Nic puro flavor bomb. With each puff, the flavor profile becomes even more potent.
I take a swig of water after each puff because I am hooked on the tangerine element.

The last third begins and Houston, we have a flavor bomb. Yet, the cigar doesn’t reach any sort of complexity. It is merely one flavor pile upon the other. Which in this case, is fine with me. This is a great knock around stick. One you can give your moocher friends that won’t break your bank. I checked and the prices are about half of the retail.
The last third sees the cocoa and coffee rise to the occasion. The citrus is so strong, along with the sweetness, it is like blocking out the sun. Creaminess makes a quantum leap as well.

Another swig and not only does the tangerine shine, but the cocoa, creaminess, and coffee offset the tartness.

I like this cigar a lot. Nothing earth shattering. Just a good solid smoke. I will probably take advantage of the special and get a box. I just hope that on Feb.16, I am not frustrated when I see that the sale price was only a few bucks cheaper than the retail. No matter. It’s a good stick and one I would like to have in my rotation.

The cigar band comes off without a hitch.

The cigar finishes out very flavorful, full bodied, and gratifying. I recommend this cigar for what it is: A very pleasant, inexpensive, flavor intensive cigar. Hurry if you want to save some dough.

And now for something completely different:

The hard core punk band was rehearsing at my studio. We had a detached building where we rented out a room with a P.A. and time. About $12 an hour.

This band liked to record straight to two track. No mixing, no producing. And songs that lasted 20 seconds. Back in 1981, we had a 16 track board. And a giant recording reel to reel device that used 3” wide tape. Very expensive. But this punk band was on the cheap so it was getting the settings right on the board and then record straight to a standard ¼” reel to reel. There was no going back to fix anything. It was what it was.

They saw recording as a party and it was an event that drew a big crowd of their fans. It became a sea of tri colored spike hair dos. My partner and I weren’t crazy about all of this as we only charged them $25 an hour. And this was a place of business, not a night club.

I was scared shitless of them because they were tweakers. They always insisted on recording Sunday mornings around 9am. They were up all night, or for days, so they were really belligerent. We usually brought in a few fellas as security so they didn’t steal anything.

I always carried a .38 revolver in my waist band.

This one night they rehearsed in the adjacent building. They actually advertised it as a huge party and printed flyers. They didn’t tell us that. We only charged around $10 an hour for rehearsals. We provided a P.A. but it was cheap. Bands would regularly ruin them and so we stopped putting good gear in that room.

We had a lovely lounge and a big room for playing. The place filled up with weirdos quickly. There must have been close to a hundred of them. They drank heavily while the band played; and while the band trashed our studio.

So the idiot followers started trashing the lounge. People puked on the couches. They peed on the walls, inside and out.
Enough. I called 911.

Told them what was going on and in 2 minutes flat, at least 8 cruisers came to our rescue driving, and squealing to a stop like it was an action film. Their cars splayed everywhere in the street, blocking it. There were some really big cops and I stood next to one with the dog the whole time. I was very clean cut back then. No long hair, no tattoos covering my body, etc.
They rousted everyone and threw them on the floor. The ones that escaped through the front and back doors were met with loads of cops, who covered all the entrances, throwing them to the ground. So many people were arrested that a paddy wagon was called in to pack them in.

The place was a disaster and the band leader, while in hand cuffs, screamed at me he wanted a refund. All the cops laughed, even the dog I think. I never told the cops I had a piece hidden in my jeans.

My partner and I stood surveying the disaster zone wondering how the hell were we going to clean this up? It took two days and a lot of friends.

A week later, the band showed up to book recording time. I slammed the door in their faces while pointing a gun at them and told them never to come back. Even through the thick haze of drugs, a gun was something they understood.


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2 replies

  1. I have picked these up on their auction site in toro a few times for under $40. I used to really enjoy them but I think I have burnt myself out on them.

  2. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life. I must be the only one.
    My wife smokes cigs. And for the life of me, I cannot understand how someone can smoke the same taste over and over and over without getting bored.
    That’s why it so important to have a nice rotation of cigars. And when I don’t, I go into a funk. I might have 3 different boxes of great cigars but I get bored; especially since I am a cigar chain smoker.
    Being retired has its perks. I smoke a lot during the day but my palate gets burned out mid afternoon…so I take an old man’s nap around 3pm, slumber for an hour or so and am refreshed, have a nibble of something…and off to the races we go.
    Thanks for your comment.

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