Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Nicaraguan | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 56 “556-Box Pressed”
Body: Medium
Price: $7.62


I’ve recently reviewed the Dominican version of this cigar.

From the Nat Sherman web site:
“The Nat Sherman Timeless Collection (Nicaragua – Plasencia Cigars S.A.) is a wonderfully medium-bodied Nicaraguan puro. Box-pressed in boxes of 21, these cigars offer classic flavors of coffee, cocoa and chocolate, common characteristics in Nicaraguan cigars, as well as a touch of earthiness and a light spice. Creamy and rich, this version of Timeless Collection is a unique expression of a Nicaraguan puro and one you’re sure to love.”

The stick made its debut at the 2012 IPCPR trade show.

The construction is near flawless. A crisp box press. A beautiful dark coffee bean wrapper with some mottling. Invisible seams. Small veins. And a perfect triple cap. The wrapper is very smooth.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, cocoa, cedar, fruit, and wood.
Time to light up.

Very woody. Draw is good. A spicy element appears but is mild. There isn’t a burst of flavors like some of the cigars I’ve reviewed lately. Those flavor bombs can really spoil you.

This is a refined cigar. Rich with the taste of good tobacco. Some creaminess appears at the 1” mark. And sweetness joins the pack.

At that same point, the spiciness lurches forward in the form of red pepper and becomes very strong. I guess the first inch was lighting the fuse.

There is a nice cocoa flavor. And sweetness enters the picture to complement the cocoa and creaminess.

As this is a Nic puro, I am expecting a certain amount of knowns.

The second third begins without much change. It is an easy going cigar. It appears that it needed the first third to get around to being kicked in the ass. I can taste a bevy of subtle flavors: Wood, creaminess, spice, sweetness, cocoa, earthiness, rich tobacco, and fruit.

This is a good cigar but doesn’t take off early. It is a slow builder. I guess for the price, it’s OK.

While the Dominican was more potent in the flavor department, this stick is more old school. A couple more months of humidor time may change that…and it may not.

I am at the halfway point and I really like this cigar now. You have to adjust to its mellow approach. It is nicely balanced. But not complex. And the finish is short.

You should take a look at the NS Timeless Collection Dominican review. It is a totally different cigar.

The last third begins and flavors become a bit more powerful. The finish finally becomes longer. This is such a subtle cigar overall. If I had my druthers, I would have to go with the Dominican. But if you like rich tobacco and subtle flavors this cigar is for you.

Time for the cigar band to come off. It gives me a bit of a struggle as there is too much glue on part of it and I use a sharp knife to remove it. But no damage to the wrapper.

I would describe this cigar as “sweet or nonchalant.” A cruiser. No assault to the palate.

The strength has been medium bodied the entire smoke. I just finished a review of the Herrera Esteli by Drew Estate and it was so strong I had to walk it off for a while.

I just now taste the coffee component the press release stated. Mild but tasty.

The cigar goes out like a lamb. It has a nice flavor profile but it is not my style. I like a cigar with oomph and boldness.

And now for something completely different:

We were at Sunset Gower Recording Studio in Hollywood. Legendary Hall of Fame drummer, Hal Blaine, was our percussionist. He was a member of the infamous “L.A. Wrecking Crew.”
On the first night, there was huge expectations and excitement that I would finally meet one of my rock n roll heroes. He played with just about everyone in the 1960’s and has at least 50 Number 1 hits under his belt. He played on recordings from the Beach Boys to Elvis to Sinatra to the Beatles.

The cartage company came and set up his kit. I wondered at this simple marvel. Ringo Starr copied his drum kit from what Hal played. In fact, Hal played on several Beatles songs.

Hal is a genial, down to earth man. Kind to a fault. As we fiddled around with our instruments before going into record mode, Hal interrupted us.

He motioned us over. He reached into his stick bag and brought out some drum charts…written a long time ago. He handed them to us to peruse. At the same time we realized what we had in our hands, he told us these were the drum charts that Paul Simon wrote for him for the song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” We stood there stunned. He said he carried the charts with him for good luck.

Playing with Hal is like playing with a metronome. The man has perfect timing…not something rock musicians are known for. But I always had a good sense of time so I wasn’t swallowed up in frustration. He kept us on track throughout the songs.

Most studios use a click track for drummers in their head phones. Basically, it is a metronome for them to follow. I’ve seen hundreds of drummers throw their sticks in frustration trying to play in time.

He also had a keen ear for exactly what the song needed. There was never a balls forward type of approach. He is a listener. He is a genius.

My mentorship with Hal lasted only a few years. He moved up north after his divorce and finally retired. I didn’t keep in touch with him. I knew it would probably be fruitless since this man was friend to a million people in the music industry.
I can only find one photo of him and me together at my studio. He would play on any project I asked. And he would only ask for a ridiculous $200 cash because he knew I didn’t have the type of money he got. And he was already a millionaire many times over.

But I will always cherish my time with him. And I have all the recordings in which I played bass alongside the great Hal Blaine.

To be continued….


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  1. I like the Nat Sherman because of the subtle flavor profiles and flawless construction…Been smoking Sherman’s for years and have never been disappointed…Good burn and no golf course issues that prevent Tiger Wally from going low…Nice review Katman !