PDR AFR-75 Edición Limitada | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo ’98, Connecticut Broadleaf, Dominican
Size: 5 x 56 “Sublime”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $14.75




This cigar made its debut at the 2013 IPCPR trade show and released shortly thereafter. It was one of two different blends. The other blend is the A. Flores Gran Reserva.

The name of the cigar refers to Abe Flores Rosario and the 75 is the year Abe was born.

The cigar is very limited and only 500 boxes per size were produced in three sizes:
Sublime: 5 x 56
Edmundo: 6 x 58
Immenso: 7 x 60

This is a beautifully constructed cigar. A dark chocolate brown wrapper with invisible seams and very few veins. It is closer to a matte finish on the wrapper than an oily one. Although, in the light, oil can be seen. It is very smooth to the touch but shows up toothy in the photos. The cigars have a fan tail cap.

The cigar band is simple but classy.

I clip the cap and find aromas of bittersweet cocoa, spice, gingerbread, chocolate pudding on the shaft, earthiness, sweetness, and a bit of fruitiness.
Time to light up.

Very chocolaty. Very sweet. Lots of earthiness and leather. Spice begins to build. Floral notes present themselves. And black cherry.

The cocoa is actually growing stronger than the spiciness. I see a Diet Coke in my NYC egg cream future.

I am ¾” into the cigar and it is blazing away at the flavors. This ain’t your Daddy’s PDR.

The spice shifts from black to red pepper as my tongue drops from my mouth; numb.
The draw is perfect. The char line is spot on.

This flavor profile is all about the changes that the chocolate goes through. It is melted chocolate one moment, hot cocoa the next, then cocoa baking powder, and then the deepest 100% Cacao chocolate. Really very cool.

The sweetness gives the cocoa analogies a real oomph. A natural tobacco sweetness plus that sticky black cherry flavor really complement each other.

A little over an inch in, we have some creaminess…turning the chocolate bar into hot cocoa. A swig of water intensifies the flavors.

I begin the second third and the red pepper stampedes out of the gate. But the cocoa is so strong, it makes the spice a secondary flavor. You don’t need to buy chocolate infused cigars, you can buy this cigar. Of course, the price point is pretty stiff.

I bought a 5 pack, of all places, on Cigar Monster. The place where most old Famous house brand cigars go to die. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a 5 pack going for $55.00. That’s $11.00 each instead of $15.00. I saved $25.00!

I snagged it up immediately and due to the fact it is an upscale, high premium, its presence went mostly unnoticed. Now if it was a 5 pack of Undercrown, it would have been sold out.

Here are the flavors: Chocolate, creaminess, spice, black cherry, earthiness, and nuts. This blend is a triumph for Abe Flores. Man, this guy can blend.

I am at the halfway mark and the cigar is a huge flavor bomb. But with only a few select flavors of cocoa, sweetness, creaminess, black cherry, earth and nuts. This allows each flavor to be incredibly expansive. It is one of the most delicious cigars I’ve had in a long time.

Yeah, it’s expensive but I would definitely buy more. There are online stores that allow you to buy a single. Buy a couple if you are on a tight budget. Keep an eye out on Cigar Monster and save yourself some dough.

The last third seems to come too soon. I am so enjoying this stick that the passage of time seems to be going too quickly.

It is here that there is a flavor explosion of atomic proportions. The creaminess moves to the front barely edging out the cocoa.

I should add that the construction of this cigar is superb. Not a single problem. I’ve not needed a single touch up. And the cap, even with my chomping, has not required any clipping. The seams and wrapper are magnificently in place throughout.

I just checked cigarauctioneer.com and the Monster Mash Up and no AFR-75’s to be seen. Keep checking.

The first third was medium bodied. The second third was medium/full. And in the last couple of inches, it becomes full bodied. The nicotine kick arrives. It’s not too bad and I slow down. I want to finish this cigar.

I don’t retrohale much because of nicotine. I am a total wimp. If I do it, it is strictly during the start of the cigar experience. I am super sensitive to the evil substance.

The cigar band comes off like a dream. I love it when the blender makes sure that there isn’t too much glue on the band. That’s real quality control.

This blend made chocolate its star. The spiciness has moved to the background. The sweetness is somewhere in the middle along with the creaminess. And the black cherry and nuts are floating around.

In the last 1-1/2”, pepper returns and makes my eyes water. The flavors make one last comeback.

Hell, yes, I recommend this cigar knowing full well most of us can’t afford it. But it is a limited production cigar of only 10,000. It is only the price that will keep it alive a bit longer than normal. But soon, it will be gone. You have to try a couple.

And now for something completely different:
What the hell haven’t I told you?
I’m running out of life shit.
Do I hear a collective “Yea!” in the background?
How about a drug story in Amsterdam?


We had flown into Amsterdam as the first country on our trip. No tour. Just us on our own exploring Europe.

We quickly discovered the Paradiso Club. The government run hashish club in which it cost 5 Guilders to join ($1.00).

Inside was paradise…pun intended. It was a multi-level building of mammoth proportions.

The basement was a small bar where a guy sat in an old overstuffed chair with a blackboard behind him. He wrote all the names of the hash being sold with their prices. They only sold personal stash quantities. You couldn’t go in and buy a pound of it.

So on our first trip, we bought every type of hash he had. Then we made our way upstairs to the head shop and bought a pipe.

For some reasons, Europeans smoked their hash mixed with cigarette tobacco like a blunt. As both Skip and I had never smoked a cigarette in our lives, we chose the pipe method. Plus we had our squeezes with us. And they didn’t smoke cigs either.

We strolled through the club going from one floor to the next listening to live music. Each floor had a different style of band. We drank big beers, smoked our hash and had a most wonderful time.



Now the hash we could get our hands on in So Cal was old and stale. Here in Amsterdam, it came right of the donkeys’ backs. We were actually shocked at how good it was. It had flavor. It had strength. And it knocked us on our asses. We stayed until the club closed at 5am. We stumbled back to the hotel and slept most of the day.

A couple days later, we learned that the club closes on Tuesdays. A huge crowd milled around the building hoping it would open. No such luck.

So thugs used the opportunity to sell fake hash to the tourists. We were amongst the suckers.

We took our boot polish back to the hotel and lit up. It wouldn’t go out. A 1” flame emitted from the rock and would not go out. Skip kept puffing hoping it was a fluke. I puffed a couple times and got an immediate headache. I kept telling Skip to stop smoking it or he was going to get sick. He finally relented and we were pissed off.

We had made a buddy while we were in Amsterdam. His name was Ule. He was visiting from Germany. He was in on the deal with us and was extra pissed off.

He told us we would go back to the thug and demand our money back. We said it did not sound like a good idea. After all, it only cost us a few bucks. Let it go.

Ule dragged us back to the Paradiso on the next Tuesday and the same guy selling fake hash was there. That took some balls.

This guy had a huge knife scar that ran across his face. And one on his neck. This was not a guy to be trifled with.

But Ule asked for our money back and the guy told us to get lost. Ule would not give up as we tried to pull him away.
Almost 5 minutes passed and the thug pulled out a knife and told us for the last time to scram.

Ule wouldn’t move and got a knife plunged into his stomach. He crumpled to the ground. We lifted him and found a nearby hospital. Ule spent a week there. The cops interviewed him but told him how stupid he was. They were right.

So for the next 2-1/2 years, I made sure not to buy hash on the street in front of the Paradiso.

This is an authentic Curved Air/Paradiso poster I’ve had since 1975:



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  1. Always enjoy your reviews. You paint a picture and do a great job of detailing the nuances of the cigars you review. Appreciate it when you call a dud a dud… Carry on my friend…..

  2. Forgot to say, I plan on picking up some of these real soon!! How could I not after that review… ; )