The Katman on Myspace and His Music | Press Release

I reactivated my old Myspace page.
I’m mainly interested because of the 9 songs on my page.
You can listen to an old bootleg Curved Air song.
You can listen to the Eddie Munster “Whatever Happened to Eddie” single.
You can listen to the horrific B side to that single.
And you can listen to some cool blues tunes I played on in 2009 with the band “Shakey Ground.” A total of 5 but I think there are a few missing.
These will show what a great bass I own. So it is imperative you listen to this music with good head phones on so you can hear the bass.
This recording was done via a mobile music mix van while we played in the basement. It was all done in one take.
No overdubs.
One song right after the other. We were done in 30 minutes. So it is a little rough in places.
But give it a listen. And check out some of the photos. I was a lot heavier back then. And yes, that is a cigar in my mouth.
Here is the link:

me bassist


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