Emilio Serie H Sumatra | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Sumatran
Binder: Honduran Connecticut
Filler: Honduran (Jamastran), Costa Rican
Size: 5.5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium
Price: $6.81 MSRP


NOTICE: I review cigars first thing in the morning when my palate is fresh and unencumbered by any previous cigars. What I taste may differ from what you taste if this is your 6th cigar in a row. Since I am retired, I chain smoke all day long and must cleanse my palate prior to lighting up each new cigar. Methods for cleansing a palate is different for everyone. I like to use fresh fruit or yogurt.

I’ve never tried this cigar. I did recently review the La Musa Mousa by Emilio Cigars and found it to be an excellent cigar.
The Emilio line is a perfect example of a good boutique brand. And ever expanding.

Construction is very good. From its oily caramel colored wrapper and the slick feel to the firmness of the stick. The cap looks like a triple but is so expertly crafted, it is hard to be sure. The cigar band is simple and to the point.

I clip the cap and find aromas of sweetness, caramel, spice and wood.
Time to light up.

Sweet and earthy. Some floral notes. There is also a touch of cedar. With a bit of citrus.
Underneath that, is just a small amount of black pepper.

The strength starts out at medium body. The char line is a bit wavy but I’m hoping it self-corrects.

I just reviewed the EP Carrillo Edición Limitada 2013 and it was a magnificent power house so tamping down to a nice medium body is just the ticket.

The spice turns from black to red pepper. And it becomes stronger.

So far, this is a nice easy going cigar. Nothing spectacular or even special about it but I can tell that the quality is good.
I get some espresso notes. Alongside some baking spices. The flavor profile becomes leathery.
The sweetness has died down a little.

The char line continues to be wavy but acceptable. I hate doing touch ups. I am certain that continuous torching of the foot has a serious effect on the flavor profile.

The draw is excellent as smoke fills the room.

The cap turns out not to be a triple cap and is disintegrating before my eyes.

The second third begins with little change. At this point in the cigar, I’d have to say that this cigar is a little overpriced. It is more a $5 stick than a $7 stick.

The ash is very flaky and fragile.

I expected more from this stick. It is like a thousand other inexpensive cigars. I have the Maduro version and hope it is more flavorful. I will review that stick in a few days.

I got a 10 count box of JDN Cuatro Cinco and tried one too early. Even too early, it was a phenomenal cigar. I can’t wait to review it.

I am very selective about the cigars I smoke. I have the time so I research the shit out of possibilities for new sticks…and even old ones. So I have become accustomed to smoking very satisfying sticks. And like my list of 60 excellent cigars in the $5-$6 range proves that price doesn’t make the stick.

I’ve passed the second third and moving in on the halfway point.
The strength has moved down to mild/medium body.

I’m still waiting for the flavors to wow me but this stick is pretty devoid of any WOW power.

I don’t look at this as a bad cigar, just another cigar to put on my list of cigars not to buy again.

It’s at moments like this that I am glad that Emilio Cigars has ignored my requests for being put on their reviewer’s list. There is always a nagging need to please when supplied cigars by the manufacturer. And in my experience, an honest review usually burns the bridges. So I open my own wallet and feel no pain in telling the truth.

The last third begins and once more, no changes. Just sort of a blah experience.

But this is the perfect cigar for newbies or even smokers who only like mild bodied cigars. Although, mild doesn’t mean flavorless.

Davidoff cranks out mild bodied cigars and some are extremely flavorful.
With a couple inches to go, the cigar surprises me. Flavors!

Here they are: Sweetness, creaminess, caramel, and nuttiness. The pepper is gone. The wood is gone. The baking spices are gone.

The new flavors are not bold, but nuanced. For a cigar that seemed nicely packed with tobacco, it has burned very quickly. It has taken me only 40 minutes to get to the last couple inches.

This isn’t a bad cigar, just not my style. Construction was good overall. The clipped messy cap solved that problem. The burn line never needed correction as it solved the issue all by itself.

As the cigar comes to a close, it is smooth and flavorful from the short list I outlined earlier. A little late in my book.

And now for something completely different:

The very moment I knew that rock n roll was my calling….

I was 17 in 1967. My first band was called (which began in 1966) the “Southern California Exposition and Musical Aggregation Band.” Remember, it was the 60’s.

We later changed it to “Renaissance Faire.” The drummer was bummed because his older brother was a graphic artist and had magically gotten the band’s old name on the drum head in a very San Francisco Hippie psychedelic style.

There were 4 of us. Drummer, guitarist, lead vocalist, and me on bass. The vocalist was a so called enemy because he went to Lakewood High while we 3 went to Millikan High. But making music together clinched the bond and overrode stupid high school B.S.

I remember this as vividly as I remember the first time I had sex. (I was 49.)

We were rehearsing at the Jewish Community Center (which we played for pay often) and we were waiting on the guitarist. The JCC let us use their utility room to practice for free. It was November of 1967.

He came in, almost at a run. He had an album in his hands and he was screaming out in joy. The album was by Cream…and it was called “Disraeli Gears.” It had been released that week. “Sunshine of Your Love” was being played every hour on every radio station in L.A.

“There is a song we gotta’ learn for the gig tonight.” So we set off on learning that single release. The gig that night was the first time we were hired to play for a college dance. It seemed very important to us. Very prestigious.

We practiced and hacked away at that song until it was perfection.

We got to the gig and they had converted the gymnasium into Shea Stadium. It was huge. It was CSULB. And they had a stage! It stood 3’-0 above the floor. WOW! At the JCC, we had to set up on the floor.

We took the stage at 9pm and played our hearts out with the tunes of the day. Everything the Real Don Steele played on KHJ radio.

About 6 songs in, we played “Sunshine of Your Love.” The crowd, of around 150 kids, went nuts, bonkers, crackers, and grooved like crazy.

Girls rushed the stage and grabbed at my ankles, which freaked me out, as I took a couple steps back. I had never experienced this before. The girls’ eyes were as big as saucers and they had lust in them.

Whoa! What was going on here? I’m this skinny Jewish kid with a bass and probably 3-4 years their junior and they threw raw sexuality at me like I was Paul McCartney. (I did play the famous Hofner bass that McCartney did).

Throughout the four sets we played that night, we must have played that same song 6-7 times. Each time brought the same reaction from the girls and the place went Looney Tunes.

That night. That day. That evening. Those minutes. I knew then that I would pursue my dream that was born that night.. to play rock n roll for a living.

By the third time we played that song, I teased the girls by letting them grab me. They fondled my ankles and calves and I would turn around and show them my backside and they screamed.

Like the end of every gig the band played, we ended up at Taco Bell, eating our weight in tacos at 19 cents each. And we would slap ourselves on the back, telling ourselves what a great band we were.

That night, we barely spoke. Contact was made by eyes only. Shock and Awe. We sat their quietly as we downed our meals.

Our next gig was the following month at the Jewish Community Center and the phase had cruelly ended. The girls didn’t scream. The crowd did not go nuts. The gusto of playing that song was gone.

But during the next few years, I made a serious plan that came to fruition. Living in England and playing in Curved Air.




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