Eterno by Perdomo | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 54 “Robusto”
Body: Medium
Price: $4.00


NOTICE: I review cigars first thing in the morning when my palate is fresh and unencumbered by any previous cigars. What I taste may differ from what you taste if this is your 6th cigar in a row. Since I am retired, I chain smoke all day long and must cleanse my palate prior to lighting up each new cigar. Methods for cleansing a palate are different for everyone. I like to use fresh fruit or yogurt.

This is a house brand from BCP and blended by Perdomo Cigars.

“A bit sweeter and creamier than its Connecticut-wrapped counterpart, our exclusive Eterno Maduro by Perdomo is hand crafted from aged Cuban-seed filler tobaccos and dark and hearty Nicaraguan wrapper leaves for a unique and satisfying smoke with Perdomo’s signature clean burn and smokability. Medium in body, full in flavor, and rich with peppery spice, Eterno Maduro is a robust smoke with smooth taste and timeless classic appeal.”

I’ve been fortunate to become friends with Jason Harding of In the process, he has sent me some excellent house brands. And one not so good. LOL.

But he seems to know what I like and the cunning little fox only sends me cigars I will go gaga over, and thereby serve up a good review.

I smoked this stick yesterday and was very impressed.

Like a lot of manufacturers, Perdomo makes a fortune by making cigars for other brands. Some are good and some ain’t so good.
But what we have today, ladies and germs, is a very good example of what Perdomo is best at.

The oily Nicaraguan wrapper is the color of the darkest Arabica coffee beans. Jason sent me a 5 pack and in all five, the seams are visible. There are a lot of small veins. The stick feels like there is a bit of tooth. And the cap is impeccable on one stick and sloppy on the other.

The cigar band is simple and classy. It is the perfect color accompaniment to the color of the cigar’s wrapper.

I clip the cap and find aromas of very strong spice, extremely dark cocoa, black coffee, a rich earthiness, maple syrup covered waffles, cedar, leather, and wood.
Time to light up.

Instant glob of black pepper. And then a massive dose of chocolate, which will dominate the cigar’s flavor profile.
The draw is great. And the char line is razor sharp.

Sweetness appears. The spice moves to the front of the mouth and attacks the tip of the tongue and my eyeballs as I chomp and type. I must stop writing and use a Kleenex to wipe the tears from my eyes.

The cigar is extremely rich and flavorful from the natural tobacco element. The cigar is thick and chewy and dense.

This is the third stick I’ve smoked and the cigar is very consistent in all manners of critique and praise.

The chocolate is going bonzo crazy. It is like the darkest chocolate mousse you’ve tasted. Like a gooey chocolate syrup. And like powdered chocolate dusted on it all.

There is a slight maple wood component that offsets the immense Attack of the Cocoa People.

The chocolate is so impressive that it puts to shame the DE/Patel chocolate/coffee candy bar cigars. I forget their names. Strictly a chick cigar. The Eterno does it without the treacle-like sweetness that makes most cigar smokers gag.

I’m a little more than half an inch in and the burn line is superb. And due to the jam packed shaft, it is a slow burner.
I’m smoking this cigar with only a week’s humidor time.

Naturally, I grab a Diet Coke to bring on the childhood NYC egg cream experience. Real seltzer water, special chocolate syrup, and milk over ice. Nothing like it in the summer.

I near the end of the first third and the flavors spread out. Here they are, in order: Cocoa, chocolate, cocoa, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, earthiness, sweetness, creaminess, maple wood, waffles, spice, and leather.

Once again, I refer you to “The Katman’s List of 60 Excellent Cigars in the $5.00-$6.00 Range.”

Perdomo and BCP have proven once more that a stick need not cost a kidney to be an excellent cigar. $4.00. To be honest, when I saw the price list on the BCP page, I groaned. Oh no. What has Jason done to me? Because he knows that if I don’t like it, I will say so. This is an excellent young man that is heads and tails above many cigar insiders much older than he. He recognizes that the truth will out. And I ain’t selling my soul for $20.00 worth of a 5 pack.

By far, this is the most chocolate laden cigar I have ever tasted that is not infused.

But it isn’t just that. The earthiness is really dark and foreboding. The cigar came out of the gate at classic medium body. But it is going higher. I pass the beginning of the second third and near the halfway point and the cigar is definitely medium/full bodied.

The char line remains near dead nuts.

This reminds me of a good Illusione cigar. In fact, what it reminds me of is the La Grande Classe from Dion Giolito. It is that Illusione intensity.

I am at the halfway point. If the cigar tastes this good after a week, it will be a most excellent cigar in a couple months. I intend to buy a box. Too good a deal to pass up.

The only fault of this cigar is that there really isn’t any complexity. But that will come with some serious humidor time.
The last third sees the flavors roll out nice and smooth. The balance is excellent. The spiciness has moved to the back of the bus. And while cocoa is by far the excelling flavor, coffee, sweetness, maple wood, leather and earthiness aren’t really that far behind.

The cigar band comes off cleanly and I let out a laugh when I see an advertisement on the back side:

As I have no pride, I must eat my words as the last third begins to see some complexity. The flavors are intense but subdued. If that makes any sense. Instead of big, bold individual flavors, they are now working as a team with perfect balance. The spiciness is almost completely gone.

The chocolate is not as strong and as such; allows the other flavors to take part in the high school dance. It has a very long finish now.

As far as the construction goes, it is a well-executed stick. No touch ups are required. The wrapper holds up like a champ. And the cap is good except for my slobber from chomping.

The strength is still at medium/full.

This is the section of the cigar where one sits back and just enjoys. What a mazel.

Some nicotine begins to show itself but is not overwhelming. No blurred vision yet.

I take a swig of my Diet Coke and all those wonderful flavors go rushing against my palate refreshing the intensity of the profile.

By the end of the cigar, it is closer to full bodied than medium. Again, humidor time will mellow this.

The flavors, in order: Cocoa, creaminess, coffee, sweetness, maple wood, earthiness, leather and spice.

Once word of mouth gets out on this stick, BCP is going to find that this will be a very good selling cigar. And my analogy to an Illusione stick remains the same. Now don’t buy these expecting an inexpensive Giolito creation. It isn’t. But I needed to give you a reference point.

The nicotine in the last couple of inches is very strong. I’m swooning.

I want to thank once more for sending me samples on their new house brand. It’s a winner.


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7 replies

  1. In case your readers want to know, the “special chocolate syrup’ in your original NY egg cream experience was the Fox’s U-Bet brand. No other will do!

  2. Hi Patrick,
    After I wrote the review, Jason of BCP emailed me: “Very nice, when I first sampled the (Eterno) maduro my “Katman alarm” rang off immediately. Thanks for the kind words as always, glad you enjoyed it.”
    I know what you mean about Perdomo. It is pretty much hit or miss. They are not known for high premium cigars. Like Torano, their market is the $4-$6 cigar. But this stick is different. I didn’t give it very long before I reviewed it because the potential was enormous. So after I get my box, I am going to let them rest a while…if I can.

  3. I bought some too, Patrick.
    It is driving me nuts watching them just sit in my “New Cigars” humidor. Totally off limits.
    I’ve got a few others just waiting and giving me hemorrhoids.
    Be patient, my son. Rabbi Kohn orders you.

  4. You want another great tip, Patrick: Fernando Leon Family Reserve Corona Gorda by La Aurora
    I got a box of 20 – 6 x 47’s for $85 on
    No one ever bids on them. They have them now in the size I mentioned plus a big tree trunk with a 58 ring gauge. No bueno.
    I’m on my last ones that I won about 3 months ago. Less than a month of humidor time and these are the most delicious cigars ever with a nice medium/full body.
    Outrageously good.
    Here is the link. Only a day or so til auction is over:
    And if you look around, the cheapest you can find these is in the $160.00 range or more. So getting them at half price ain’t bad, brother. And you will thank your Uncle Katman.

  5. Patrick,
    I just did the math on this. I lose all track of time being retired. I wrote this review on March 10. I had given the cigars 5 days rest.
    I still have a couple left from the 5 pack BCP sent me and I am smoking one right now. It is a MONSTER.
    That makes it just over two weeks. Not a month.
    Forget what I said. Two weeks does the trick. In fact, 5 days was pretty damn good but two weeks turns the stick into a food group all its own.