Black Ops Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $5.00 MSRP

Black Ops cigars are made by Gurkha owner Kaizad Hansotia

Normally, I don’t review house brands made by Gurkha. But a friend sent me a 12 pack with 4 each of their three blends: Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro.

The sticks are OK in the construction department. Seams are tight. But lots of veins, big and small. The wrapper is so dark that it looks like it was dyed…sort of Elvis black. And it feels very smooth.

I clip the cap and find aromas of sweetness and cocoa.
Time to light up.

First thing to hit me is the spiciness. And then the draw; which is very good. The cigar has intermittent soft spots. Not a good sign.

I V cut the cap and within a couple minutes, the whole thing falls off. LOL.
The char line is wavy.

There is a bit of a bitterness covering a cocoa flavor. And the strength is medium body.

I smoke so many cigars that if I don’t get an inkling that the cigar is going to be decent within the first half inch, I toss it. I’m at the half inch mark and my gut is telling me something.

The ridiculous cigar band is made to attract young newbie cigar smokers in their 20’s. All flash and dazzle. No substance; yet.

The only flavor I can glean is some earthiness and cocoa and spiciness. I begin to get some sweetness as the first third ends.
It is at this point that I begin to taste what seems to be a normal cigar under the cheapness.

The Connecticut wrapped cigars and the Habano wrapped cigars look identical. And Gurkha went cheap and used the same band for all three blends. So I need bright sunlight to tell which is which. As the colors are not consistent, this is harder than it seems.

The bitterness goes away.

I read on one of the cigar forums that some guy got a 5 pack of robustos for $7. Sounds about right.

If this cigar is supposed to be some homage to our fighting men and women, well…Gurkha should be ashamed of themselves. If you do something like this, make a really good cigar.

The cap is a real mess and I have to clip a chunk away.

Some creaminess appears in the smallest of doses.

If this cigar is meant to taste good, I’m afraid that the closest it will come is if you marinate it in your humidor for a month or two. But don’t have any unreasonable expectations.

The char line is a mess but it keeps falling off and I don’t care how it looks. This is a cheap cigar. And of course, CI and are really using their PR machine full bore on these idiotic sticks.

Here are some customer reviews from CI:
“This Is A Stick That Reminds You How A Cigar Should Be. I Got The Notes Of Coffee, And Pepper; While The Burn Was Perfect, And The Draw Easy. I Saw These On The Cover And Thought How Badass They Looked. I Bought ‘Em And I’m Not Dissappointed One Bit! The Lighter Is Cool Too.”

And this one:
“just got my shipment here and lit one asap. this is the first real cigar ive smoked since swishers and let me tell you, you wont be disspleased. you get the notes of coffee and pepper and it’s smooth as smooth. I’ll have to restock soon.”

Or this one:
“I guess that’s why Gurkha is one of my favorite brands. The band is also pretty cool too.”

And this one sums it up beautifully:
“I bought a 20 bundle on the advice of a friend. Smoked one right away and was not too thrilled. Let the rest of them soak in 72% humidity in my aging humidor for several months. Lit one up today and put it down before I was half finished. Very boring, ho-hum smoke for a maduro. Not much flavor and no complexity. Transferred the rest to my public humidor for guests to take at will. Will not buy again.”

I’ve forced myself to get to the halfway point. The strongest flavor is cocoa. Some creaminess. And sweetness. No honey.
And here comes the bitterness once again.

Here is a question for you. Who the hell decides on these blends to sell? Honest to God, the stupid cigar band is doing all the work.

I can’t take it anymore. Thank goodness I didn’t buy these. My friend paid $2 each for the 12 count sampler. He paid too much.


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  1. But the bundle comes with a really nice, stitched military strap! I wear it as a headband when I do my obligatory Rambo poses. That alone is worth the price of the cigars. As for the actual flavor of the sticks . . . did I mention how cool the strap is?