La Flor Dominicana 2013 Event Cigar | Cigar Review

Wrapper: LFD Secret
Binder: LFD Secret
Filler: LFD Secret
Size: 6.5 x 44 “Lonsdale”
Body: Full
Price: Unknown as they are given out, or sold, at LFD Events only.


Thanks to Vanessa Arosemena-Quijano of La Flor Dominicana for putting me on their reviewer’s list and starting me of with the 2013 LFD “Mystery Cigar.”

“They are limited to stores that host La Flor Dominicana events. This blend eventually will be replaced with our 2014 Mystery Event Blend. See attached for more information about it but this cigar is from last year. We are still using them until the new blend is released. Let me know if you might have any further questions.”
Vanessa Arosemena-Quijano
Office Manager and International Sales

As it is only March, it is most probable that these sticks are still being given out at the LFD Events. Vanessa doesn’t tell me the price point for a 5 pack if you don’t choose to buy a box and get them free.

“Coral Gables, FL, Feb. 11, 2013:
“La Flor Dominicana is proud to unveil its new event program for 2013. Known officially as the “Mystery Event,” it centers on an unreleased cigar called the “Mystery Cigar.”
“The Mystery Cigar is a 6.5 x 44 (Lonsdale) Maduro. The cigar will only be seen at select La Flor Dominicana Retailer Events throughout the country. The makeup of the cigar will remain a secret, although you can be certain there is a bit of Dominican Ligero from our farm in La Canela.

“Consumers who come to the event can get a 5 pack of the Mystery Cigars when they buy a box of La Flor Dominicana cigars at the event. Retailers will also have a limited quantity of Mystery Cigars on hand during the LFD Events for purchase.
“Another exciting part of our new promotion allows box buyers to have an opportunity to win a trip to our factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic.

“Where they get to go behind the scenes and see how cigars are made.

“Depending on the success of our new Mystery Cigar Event, it will also be coming in 2014. Of course, the natural question about this event is “Will this year’s Mystery Cigar go into production? And of course, the answer is that depends on feedback from the smokers. We love the new cigar a lot but we would love to get consumer feedback as we test this cigar around the nation.

“La Flor Dominicana is a premium cigar manufacturer of the highest order. We take care to produce only the finest hand rolled, premium cigars and are proud to use tobaccos from our own farms. We are very proud of our vertical integration and are dedicated to providing the consumer with only the finest premium products. To learn more about our company and brand, please check out our web site at and follow us on Twitter @LFDCigars to learn about all the latest happenings in our company.”

Construction is everything you expect from an LFD. Tight seams. Lots of small veins. A very dark coffee bean colored wrapper with occasional mottling. A beautiful triple cap. Slick as snot on the touch. (Made me gag typing that). And the standard LFD cigar band. And a small pigtail atop like a cherry.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, ginger, cedar, cream, cocoa, and leather.
Time to light up.

I’ve had the samples that Vanessa sent me a little over a month.

It starts out with a bang. A huge dollop of red pepper. Sweetness, toast, cream, leather, and lots of earthiness.

I tried my first last night after a day of chain smoking my babies and went all Lady Gaga over it. So it should show me some flavors I didn’t taste at the end of a crispy palate.

The draw is spot on. The char line is a little wavy but no corrections needed. Within the first ¾”, it is hitting on all 8 cylinders.

The strength is a tad bit over medium body at this point so it should be kicking my ass before we are done. And done means another 6”. (I know what you dirty minded smokers were thinking.)

The ash is a mixture of gray and white and black. Like me after staying up past 10pm. Yeah…I live on the wild side…for an alta cocker.
More than an inch in, we get some creaminess and potent chocolate. Egg Cream time. I tried Cherry Coke Zero this week for the first time. Dead on black cherry flavor for the first cherry flavored cola I’ve ever tasted. So today, we add that twist to the egg cream.

The lancero causes a real intensity to the flavor profile. Caramel shows up. I think this is mostly Dominican leaves. Not a far stretch to guess considering the normal LFD leaf stats. But there must be some Nicaraguan or Ecuadorian leaves in there somewhere due to the flavors I am being pelted with.

OK. As the second third begins, we have a flavor bomb.

Here are the flavors: Spice, creaminess, cocoa, caramel, black cherry, cedar, leather, and toast. I think there is some dried fruit in there as well.

With each puff, the flavors intensify to the point that I am screaming laughter. What a great cigar. And it pains me to think they may never produce this cigar in regular production. And since I’ve not received a press release from LFD about the new “Mystery Cigar of 2014,” I must assume that this is still the cigar they are giving away at events.

Clearly, buy a box of LFD cigars and get your 5 pack of these. If you don’t buy a box, still…buy a couple of these 5 packs. This is one hellacious cigar. The test of its quality was me smoking it last night and pretty much tasting all the flavors I am tasting this morning.

Halfway point and the cigar is so delicious, I want to eat it. Flavors have not changed, only their intensity. One thing has changed; the reduction of red pepper to a middle ground allowing the intensity of the multi-layered flavors to shine.

If I had to guess, I would say this is an $8 stick. $40 for a 5 pack is not out of line.

A small wrapper seam comes loose just below the cigar band so I use my Kingpin glue and fix it. But beside this slight transgression, the cigar’s structural being is behaving admirably. No loose tobacco at the cap. Char line doesn’t need touch ups. And the burn is great.

The cigar becomes very complex. The balance is perfect. And it has a very long finish.

The last third just explodes with flavor. Again, no changes. Just a magnificent cigar.
It is here that the strength moves to medium/full. And I get a bit of nicotine kick.

I pick up a new flavor: Citrus. The tartness is a nice offset to all of the sweetness.

This has to be one of the best LFD blends I’ve smoked. And the good news for me is that I have three left.
This is a blend that you don’t want to end.

I think everyone should keep an eye out for the next LFD event in your neck of the woods so you can glom on to some 5 packs of these sticks.

When the 2014 blend is released, I’m sure Vanessa will send me some samples. I can’t wait.

Vanessa, thanks again.

And now for something completely different:

I joined the Cigar Federation this week. And boy, am I glad I did. Plus it is an all-purpose site with a store, forums, reviews by the administrators and members, contests, a chat show, and just about everything else you want in an all-purpose place for smokers.

They did some promotion on a new boutique cigar called Total Flame Cigars. They had a contest prior to the chat with the director of operations last night and prior to that they allowed members to pose questions. Eight people were chosen at the end of the hour interview to win an eight count sampler of their cigars. I won!! Yeah, baby. I never win anything.

I will be sure to review the cigars when I get them. They come in four blends: Bright Line, Dark Line, Nicaragua, and FTW. It is all motorcycle themed.
Here is their web site:

Another cool thing is that a lot of great reviewers are members as well. I won’t say who.

And the moderators were so cool that they allowed me to post three of my reviews.
I highly recommend joining. It is the first cigar forum that doesn’t treat newbies like some strange two headed farm animal.

They have a nice store that sells nothing but the best 34 boutique brands around. And you get a member discount if you join up. I am waiting on my social security next month to go hog wild.

The moderators, and owners of the site, are great people. They are warm and funny. And not the totalitarian Napoleonic types found on so many cigar forums.

And I applaud Cf for also having their chats beamed to Armed Forces Radio. Kudos.

If you want to have a complete cigar experience, you must join Cigar Federation. It is simple and free.



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