Dante by Dante Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.00



Dante is a cigar I only learned about while window shopping at the Cigar Federation Store. According to the Dante web site, they have only two B & M’s that carry their cigars and only CF carries them online.

This is what they had to say about the owner of Dante Cigars:
“Michael Huff is a 10 year veteran of the retail tobacco industry in the DC Metro area and Vice President of M Tabacos Inc.”

The stick comes in six sizes: 4 x 44, 4.25 x 52, 5 x 50, 5.5 x 60, 6.5 x 52, and 5.5 x 46.

Also from the Dante web site:
“Hidden amidst the dangerous shadows of the Underworld, buried deep in its smokiest corner, lay a cigar so tempting it aroused the Wicked One’s envy: Dante. After years of perilous searching, we managed to retrieve this devilishly delicious smoke and now introduce it to you. A reimagination of its turn-of-the-century namesake, Dante balances strength, spice, and sweetness . . . with a diabolical twist. Hand made by master rollers in Miami using the finest Aganorsa leaf, Dante reflects the pinnacle of premium boutique cigars. We made a deal with the devil so you wouldn’t have to. Smoke a Dante and set your senses ablaze!”

From Cigar Federation:
“Dante Cigars hit the scene in 2013 and their initial release was met with great reviews. Consumers, retailers and cigar reviewers all agree that Dante is a winner. Their first cigar features a San Andreas wrapper along with filler and binder tobaccos from Nicaragua. It offers full strength and a peppery profile. With more blends coming in the near future, Dante Cigars is on the rise.”

Let’s examine the cigar….I love the mottled dark coffee bean wrapper. Oily and smooth here and sandy there. The cigars are packed solid. The seams are nearly invisible but certainly tight. There are loads of small veins. It appears to have an impeccably presented triple cap.

I love the simple cigar band. The company name in red, black and gold.

I clip the cap and find aromas of dark bittersweet cocoa, spice, cinnamon, ginger, and peach brandy along the shaft.
Time to light up.

The red pepper hits me smack dab in the puss. There is a meaty quality. The draw is perfect and smoke pours from this small cigar like a house afire.

Creaminess shows up very early. Along with the flavor of a Slim Jim. Original style. There is a combination of spices that wallops me and I can’t place them. I will. By the first half inch, it is a bona fide flavor bomb.

Those elusive flavors…They cause me to salivate like I’m about to eat something really good. It is more than meaty in the traditional sense, it tastes like a steak…oozing juices. This is a first.

The spiciness is riding the rails knocking railroad signs off their foundation with each swing or puff.

The body starts out at classic medium. Man, I’m digging this cigar. I just love being surprised by a new blend in my life. Especially, when the cigar is given a few days rest and is rip roaring ready to go.

Like most good boutique cigars, it is not cheap and it is not expensive. Based on the experience I am enjoying it is worth every cent of the $8 per stick.

Here are the flavors as the first third comes to an end: Red pepper, creaminess, sweetness, fruit, meat, a bit salty, and cinnamon.

The char line has a slight wiggle to it but well within the confines of acceptable.

I have many more unusual and rare boutique blends on their way to me from CF and arriving today. I look forward to this. So far, anything I’ve reviewed has been very good. Except for one blend. But not this Dante.

The Dante is a magnificent cigar. I like spicy cigars and this blend is shoveling out huge ladles of it.

While I tend to stick to robustos, I definitely intend to buy more of these cigars; but in the Toro size. That brings the unit price up to $9. The Gordo, 5.5 x 60 is $10. I know what you’re thinking: Price. Yeah, it’s not cheap. And I do think my robusto is worth $8. This is a unique exceptional blend. Not an ordinary high premium. But I must have more.

As I near the halfway point, the cigar becomes heavy with complexity. Everything settles down and the nuance and character of the cigar become more apparent. The balance is now on the money.

The last third begins. The cigar band comes off sweetly.

The flavor profile is on cruise control now. Everything in the right order. The spiciness has ratcheted down a bit but still potent.

There have been zero construction issues and the char line is spot on.

A bit of caramel joins the fray…giving the sweetness more sway within the flavor profile. Also, cocoa (which was barely noticeable) makes a sweeping motion over my palate. The cigar becomes closer to a Nic puro flavor style now. But that steak flavor is still very much in the forefront. And it is just that; steak. Not a fire cured flavor or smoky flavor. Good ol’ restaurant quality steakhouse steak.

The creaminess has a twofold function. The first is what you think creaminess should taste like in a good cigar. The second is that it provides a buttery flavor like how some restaurants cook their steaks. In a pound of butter.

The packing of so much tobacco in this cigar has allowed for a very long, smooth smoke. As the last third began, I had invested almost an hour into it.

The strength has hit medium/full. And a bit of nicotine shows itself.

This is one of the most flavorful and delicious cigars I’ve had in a very long time.

As the cigar nears completion, here are the flavors: Meaty, creaminess, spice, cocoa, caramel, sweetness, cinnamon, buttery, and oak.

The last 1-1/2” sees the cigar hit the full bodied strength and the nicotine, while potent, is not cause for making out your will.

I can’t recommend this cigar highly enough. This blend is a real gem. And I tip my hat to Michael Huff for a brilliant cigar.
You can go straight to the Cigar Federation Store and purchase these cigars. If you become a member (Free Membership), you are entitled to a 10% discount on purchases over $75 and free shipping.




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  1. I didn’t say I want the corona. I want the bigger toro.

  2. Simple reason. This cigar is so good, I want more than a robusto. I want a Toro.

  3. Katman
    NewHavana Cigars carries these cigars as well. I believe they started carrying them well before Cigar Federation.
    Great Review!