El Cedro Cigars 14k | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Dominican
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 5.25 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.00


Another gem from the Cigar Federation Store.

From Cigar Federation:
“El Cedro is the hottest new cigar to come out of the Kelner Boutique Factory (KBF). This beautifully constructed cigar uses largely Dominican tobaccos with a splash of Nicaraguan ligero in the filler. As usual, the construction of the 14k is flawless, due to the watchful eye of Henke Kelner.

“The El Cedro 14k presents notes of honey, cinnamon, cedar, cashews, vanilla sweetness, and grass. Also, we believe most Habanos fans will find the El Cedro 14k similar to many classic Habanos blends.

“Don’t believe me? Then buy the El Cedro 14k and tell us we are wrong! If you purchase the 14k, it will be from us, because we are the only online cigar store on the interwebs (That’s a joke) currently carrying the El Cedro 14k.”

From El Cedro web site:
“Anwar Elboustani experienced what he calls “love at first smoke” while stationed in Iraq with the U.S. Navy. In early 2013, nearly ten years later, Elboustani founded El Cedro Cigars, a new boutique brand inspired by the men and women of America’s armed services.”
“Elboustani served as a translator for the U.S. Navy in Iraq.”

Take a wild guess what El Cedro means? “The Cedar.” Not exactly original but to the point. Their web site displays a whole history of the beginnings of cedar. (Yawn).
This is what the owner, Anwar Elboustani, said about his own cigar: “I chose the cedar tree because to me, it embodies eternity. I want ‘The Cedar’ to memorialize those who have fallen for the freedom that every American enjoys…”

A little bit of a stretch if you ask me. And yes, I know no one is asking me. How he turned the word “cedar” into American freedom is beyond my grasp.

The cigar comes in two sizes only
Corona Gorda: 5.5 x 46
Robusto: 5.5 x 50

This is a rustic looking cigar. Exposed seams. Lots of veins. A little bumpy here and there. Feels like it could use a bit more tobacco. Feels fragile. A sloppy double or triple cap. Sort of a mess really. It has a nice light brown wrapper with a bit of oil and some tooth.

And that damn gold lettering on white background caps drive me friggin nuts to photograph. If it is in direct sunlight, the whole cap washes away.

I clip the cap and find aromas of a very nice floral element, strong cedar (Natch), sweetness, and very fruity. Like me.
Time to light up.

Immediately, some nice sweetness, caramel, and cedar gently caress my palate. (I should write Letters to Penthouse.)
There seems to be compendium of fruity flavors. It is unknown which at the moment. Black pepper slowly creeps up on me.

The strength is surprisingly mild for a stick billed as medium/full.

The char line begins to make a run for it and I correct it. Minor; but still…

The fruitiness reminds of summer fruits. And melon.

The draw is just fine thank you. Blinding the hell out of me for that matter.

That damn run away V burn on the side of the cigar just doesn’t want to be tamed. I’ve smoked three and this is the first one to have burn issues. I swear I’m cursed.

At the 1” mark, the cigar is whipped into shape. The strength moves to medium bodied. And flavors become bolder. And thankfully, the char line has bowed to my furrowed brow.

Creaminess appears. And the black turns to red pepper and gets serious about it. Tingling tongue.

Here are the flavors: Sweetness, spice, cedar, creaminess, caramel, fruit, and nutty.

I haven’t written a story about rock n roll debauchery for a while. The time is nigh. (But later).

I am really digging this stick. It is the first of the four I’ve smoked first thing in the morning when my palate was fresh. Much better this way as the flavor profile is sort of delicate and subtle.

No major changes as the cigar moves to the second third.

This isn’t a power house cigar like many of the recently reviewed cigars were. Many of those were flavor bombs very early in the cigar.

This blend is different. It is blended for the experienced smoker with a discerning palate. If you don’t really pay attention, you will miss out on a lot. It is all about finesse and nuance. Which is OK. Not every cigar is supposed to be the same. Duh.

This is a nice change up. Delicate flavors that are complex and subtle.

Creaminess moves to the front of the pack. Otherwise, no change to the lineup of flavors or strength.

I am at the halfway mark and this is one cool son of a bitch cigar. The creaminess and sweetness are to die for. A very long chewy finish. The cedar really adds to the profile now.

This is a cigar you savor. This is a cigar you should smoke by yourself while watching TV and with your favorite libation. The cigar demands your undivided attention.

The strength rests at classic medium body. Not a hint of nicotine.

It is a conundrum as to whether it should be called a flavor bomb or not. It is not one in the conventional sense. It doesn’t blast flavors past your head like laser beams. But it is discreetly filling your palate to the brim.

I only counted a couple online stores that carry this brand. I got mine from the Cigar Federation Store. Good price. And I got a discount because I was a member. And free shipping because I spent over $75. It is the place to find the most obscure boutique brands. Period. And some not so obscure boutique brands. This is my eighth review of a batch of 5 packs I bought from them. Five to go, I think.

The char line had a rocky start but after the first inch performed like a champ. Nearly dead nuts the rest of the time. No further touch ups were required. And no cracking wrappers. Or problems with the cap.

Here we go with the flavor profile: Creaminess, caramel, sweetness, cedar, fruit, nuts, toast, melon, and leather.

The last third is all about finesse and complexity. I feel it in my gut. The strength is about to make its move.

Usually, a medium/full bodied smoke starts at medium. But this blend started at the mildest of mild. And slowly built. I like that. Nice change. When you write a review every single day of your life, it is sometimes tiring to write the same thing over and over. It becomes difficult to find new ways to describe the same thing over and over.

Thank God for a good imagination and a lot of drugs when I was young.

The last third is the tootsie roll in the center of a Tootsie Pop. It is the creamy center of a chocolate truffle.

And, in fact, out of nowhere, comes some chocolate flavor. It is right up there with the creaminess. I had wondered why there was no cocoa. Since this is very close to being a Dominican puro, I thought that might be the reason. Again, a nice surprise.

The price point. No. It is not cheap. But it is also not a $10 stick either. It is a boutique blend and a couple bucks more per stick is normal. And worth it.

Only one brand that I bought from Cigar Federation was not worth the money. And the better part of discretion keeps me from naming it. If you keep up with my reviews, you know which brand I am talking about.

The finishes out beautifully. No harshness or heat. No nicotine whatsoever. And just barely touches the hem of full body.
I would buy these again.

And now for something completely different:

I was sitting on the toilet and the two girls were having at me. I was pinned like a wild animal. I kept asking if the bathroom door was locked. All I got was mumbling sounds.
Now this was rock n roll.

We were resting in the dressing room before we went on. We headlined that night somewhere in Europe.

Two girls approached me in the bar. I invited them back to the dressing room thinking that this would never happen. They each grabbed one of my hands and we retreated to the dressing room. The rest of the band was there tuning and rehearsing on their instruments.

We went on in 15 minutes.

The band began knocking on the bathroom door laughing the whole time. They were trying to distract me. It worked. I started yelling at them to knock it off.

Meanwhile, the two girls were like pile drivers.

Then I heard our road manager tell everyone it was time and get on stage.

My custom made suede leather bell bottoms were around my ankles. You have any idea how hard it is to put those pants on when you’re sweating?

I got my happy ending and threw them off of me. I threw the bathroom door open and the dressing room was empty.

I struggled with my pants. The girls tried to help but made it worse. We never got them above my knees. I duck walked to the stage in that condition.

Darryl laughed when he saw me and made the two biggest roadies carry me to my place in front of my giant bass rig. The swung my bass guitar around my shoulders and I stood there with my pants down. They had now slipped from my knees to my ankles.

The audience of around 6000-7000 people was laughing hysterically. So was the band. It was like I was frozen in time.

I had to pull myself together…literally. I took my bass off. And I struggled with my pants. The chick singer came over to help me and the crowd cheered. It took a minute or two but we got it done.

I strapped my bass back on and then Darryl counted off our first song.

This is why I chose to play rock n roll for a living.

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